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Started by Deb, January 13, 2019, 01:46:52 PM

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Laurel sent this to me via Facebook and encouraged me to share it here. Basically she is looking for personal stories of synchronicity, ESP, etc. for a book she is currently writing. You can message her with your story on Facebook, or post them here and I'll either send them to her or give her a link to this topic:

Hi - I am Laurel Davies, and I have been working on a book, which many of you know-
I am telling stories of my own use of the Seth material and also stories of some of the magical and framework events that happened to me, before meeting Rob, and afterwards, along with stories about Rob, and Jane Roberts, and their lives, and Seth and and his life. It is great to think of that Energy Essence smiling at us all today- because he is most definitely there and aware.
I would like to include a chapter in my book with stories from readers of the material but I would also like to have your stories published in my book without your real or full name- although you could opt to have your first name (or your entire name-but I think that keeping your privacy would be better).
I am looking for stories of magical events that have happened for you using Seth's work- or using Jane's, or Rob's work and ideas. Dreams will also work, law of attraction events, synchronicity events, people and events who have been helped with things that you have learned, intuitions and awareness of the future- any mental event that you have had that interests you- all of these would be interesting to other people. As individuals as well as as group I think your contributions might be outstanding! You just have to decide to write a story down, and to send it to me as a message, in either of my two Facebook accounts. I will delete the message after copying it, or downloading it to a flash drive, so your story will not stay on Facebook, but will be kept private for the book. Then I will type the stories up, and include them as a chapter-or as more than one. I have no limit on how long the book will be, so I can include anything, although I have been thinking of my writing in the book adding up to around 230 pages. So your story might be one page, or two...
This type of story could be anything at all that you would like to tell-
from having your first Seth book jump off the shelf to you,
or feeling intuition about picking up the book, and finding out that it was Seth.,
or any magical story or sign that you would like to talk about.

I know that I have used Seth's work and my inner self to find jobs and apartments, to find friends' houses, and to work with magical details-creating perfect clothing and finding other things, as well as with mediumship and knowledge of the future,
and with ESP (or Inner Senses Perception).
have you also?
I imagine you laugh to have me ask that- because I know that you have.

Many of you have shared with me over the years some of your stories-would you think of sharing them again?

I have used Seth's material to create law of attraction details also. Have you? Any story that you would like to tell that is a magical event will be perfect.
I can put into the book one chapter of other readers stories, or I could add more chapters.
I am writing a book right now in James Van Praagh's writing workshop, and I am hoping to have the book finished in February; although it may take longer.
So if you are interested, and you would like one of your stories to live in the pages of a Seth sponsored book- send it to me as a message in the next month, will you?
Thanks! I will look forward to hearing from any of you, or all of you. Have a great and positive creating of reality day-may you and your soul look into the window of your day and see such happiness for yourself in this great New Year of 2019! Don't let the political world spoil such a great life as the one that you are having...
Best wishes,
Laurel Davies-Butts


Hi Deb,

Thanks for posting this, I think it's awesome.  :)


Hi Laurel,

My name is John and I have 2 "Creation" stories that you might find interesting and you are welcome to use these in your book.  I will post each one of these 2 stories separately in a following post.

I'm excited to here that you are writing this book and I'm really looking forward to purchasing a copy when you are done.



STORY 1 of 2

In May of 1983, I had somewhat of a friend/girlfriend who was in the mist of rebounding from a previous relationship and as things worked out, we ended up breaking up. Being somewhat depressed about this whole situation, I decided that I was tired of having this happen to me and I wanted something more out of life. I figured that I too was worthy of having a happy and healthy relationship with a woman in my life.

At this point, I had been a Seth reader for about 5 years and I knew all about his, "you create your reality" concepts and basically I believed that this was probably true.  I honestly believed that if you strived really hard and used a great deal of determination, you could accomplish many things; the power of positive thinking kind of thing, but I never actually tried or used Seth's ideas themselves.  As a result of this, I thought, OK, let's really give this Seth stuff an honest try. If Seth is correct about this, then I should be able to focus my attention on what I want and receive it.

So then, I started to focus my conscious thinking on seeing myself in a wonderful relationship with a woman and having a happy life. I really did this and spent time consciously focusing on this for about 8 weeks or so. I was really determined to see if Seth's concepts would really work. I didn't figure I had anything to lose by trying it out.

In early August 1983, I went to a local "disco" establishment with a great dance floor called "Earthquake Ethel's". This was an awesome place where they had lighted disco balls, 3 dance floors, one of which was lighted, perhaps 6 large screen TV's and an awesome powerful surround sound system.  In 2018 terms, this doesn't sound like it was all that special, but in 1983, this was about as close as "state of the art" as you could get.

Every night at 8 pm, they simulated the earthquake from the 1970's movie "Earthquake" using the surround sound system while showing scenes from the movie on the big screen TV screens. During this particular night I noticed a woman and her girlfriends all walked in, grabbed some drinks and then sat down at a table near the dance floor. After a few minutes, I went over and asked this woman if she wanted to dance and she said yes.  We ended up dancing all night and to make a long story short, 8 months later we ended up getting married and here now 35 years later we are still married and very happy to be with each other.

Suffice it to say, I'm a very strong believer in Seth's concepts that you can change your world for the better by using his methods.



STORY 2 of 2

Over the years I have read many books about peoples past life regression stories. In a past life regression, a therapist will typically hypnotize a client and take them back to a time in one of their previous lives. Then, the therapist will talk to their clients about the situations that occurred in that life. In some of these past life regressions, events in a previous life will occasionally somehow correlate with events in the present life and this past life therapy is sometimes used to help clients with healing in regards to certain situations.

In early 1996, I discovered and read a book by Dolores Cannon, titled "They Walked with Jesus". This book is about various people's experiences with Jesus, which occurred during their past life regressions.  At that time, I had been a Seth reader for about 18 years and so I was well aware of what Seth had to say about reincarnation, karma, peoples past lives and Jesus. Given what Seth had to say about Jesus, I found this book very interesting.

Then, after reading this book, I discovered that Dolores had previously written another similar book called, "Jesus and the Essenes", which was also about various people's experiences with Jesus, that occurred during their past life regressions. Because I was so intrigued with this subject, I wanted to find a copy of this book and read it as well. This is where I ran into problems.

Nobody seemed to have had a copy of this book. First I looked at our local library system and discovered that nobody had a copy of it. Then I went to all the local bookstores in the area, with no luck. 

Now this was the mid 1990's. To be clear, there was no "useful" internet at the time and there also wasn't any In addition to this, there was no Barnes & Noble Bookstores at that time either. Trying to find a book that nobody had, was not an easy thing to do, but I was determined and so I kept at it and tried to figure out where I should look next.  Along the way, somebody told me that this book was no longer in circulation, which was discouraging to say the least.

After about 2 months of doing this, on March 24, 1996, after attending a service at "The Living Enrichment Center", a "New Thought" Church that we were going to at that time, I decided check out the bookstore to see if there were any new books on their bookshelves. My wife who was with me, knew that I had been looking all over for this one particular book.

As I was looking at the books, in the LEC Bookstore, to my surprise, I found one, single, new copy, of this book, "Jesus and the Essenes", sitting on a book shelf.

Suffice it to say I immediately picked it up off the shelf went over and showed it to my wife. We were both very surprised that I was able to find this book in the LEC bookstore. Then, my wife and I took this book to the bookstore teller, so that I could purchase the book and we could leave.

When I got to the teller, I explained to her how I had searched everywhere for this book and I couldn't find it anywhere. Out of curiosity, I asked her, "Where did you find it?"  After spending a moment looking for a price tag on the book, she said to me, "You know, I'm not really sure; let me go check our records." 

Then after spending probably about 5 minutes looking through their records, she came back and told me and my wife that she could find no records that anyone at LEC had ever placed any orders for this book. Furthermore, she said that she was also looking through all the records that she could find, because she was trying to figure out how much she should charge me for the book.

As it turned out, the only price on the book, was the price that was printed on its back cover, £6.95, which I believe must be in British pounds, because the book publisher, Gateway Books, was a British company. As a result of this she decided to sell it to me for $6.95, and I more than gladly paid her this price for this book.

Now, here's the thing, while looking for this book, I used all of the methods that Seth tells us to use to create your reality. I focused on the book with excited emotion and with the expectation that I would find it. I also used my imagination and visualized seeing and reading this book many times. Furthermore, I kept on focusing on it, being determined that I was going to find it.

Given this then, and the interesting way that this book showed up in the LEC bookstore, do you think I created it?   I do.



Story one:
In late 2014, I was debating whether I should make a Seth discussion forum. I had just taken Rick Stack's Seth Intensive for the second time and really enjoyed the forum discussions with the other students. That is what inspired me. But I'd never had a forum before so I wasn't sure what would be involved. I also wasn't sure if anyone would sign up.

One day after going back and forth in my mind whether I should do it, I went out to take a break and run an errand. Within a couple of minutes the car I was behind at a traffic light had a sticker for Elmira College on the back. A short time later, at another traffic light, a different car had an Elmira, NY dealership sticker on the back. Yet another traffic light and an Elmira dealership name showed up on someone's license plate frame. Keep in mind I live near Denver, CO, 1500+ miles away from New York. By the third time Elmira showed up, I was laughing and had made up my mind. I had decided it was Jane giving me a go-ahead nod: to see Elmira not just once, but three different times on one short, local outing was unmistakable to me. Do it. I did.


Story two:

Back in 2005 I was learning CSS (website style sheets) on my own and had a great book that was my go-to when I had questions. I'm the "a place for everything" kind of person and I kept this book on a bookcase shelf to the left of my head with only 3 other books so I could easily grab what I needed without having to search through a bunch of titles. After a year or two the book looked well loved: tattered, dog eared, highlighted, underlined, sticky notes everywhere.

One day I reached up to grab my book and it was gone. Now, no one else that has EVER been in my house has any interest in making websites. I searched every single shelf, and every corner of the office, top to bottom. No book. I looked throughout the house just to make sure it didn't somehow end up in another room. No such luck. I had the impulse to write to the author to tell him how much I appreciated his CSS book, that it had mysteriously disappeared, and I just wanted him to know that his book was SO good that I was ordering it a second time. He told me to not reorder the CSS book, he would send me a new one for free! Moreover, when I received the package he had also included his new book on PHP, which I was also interested in learning. I had no idea he had written the PHP book. Needless to say I was thrilled. After several weeks of going without my treasured CSS book, I finally had a replacement.

This is where this story is going: When I reached up to my favorite shelf to put the new books on it—the old missing book was there, in it's regular place, in all of its tattered glory. How? Why? I have no idea. And although there's no need for it any more, I still have that old tattered book. Because of the mystery of its disappearance and reappearance weeks later. It was an unforgettable event for me.


I don't do facebook, so this is where I will put any contributions.

Copied from the synchronicity thread:

In 1982, I heard about a 6-week seminar (one evening per week) about Seth. I went to the first lecture, which was conducted by two men who had attended Jane Roberts' ESP classes (Andy Hauck and O.G. Tigerman). When I entered the room, I noticed two attractive women sitting together, and I said 'Hi' to them. They looked at one another and laughed. I took the hint and sat on the opposite side of the room. Since the lecture series was some distance away, I decided not to attend the remainder of the series.

Several weeks later, a co-worker asked me if I could meet him and his wife at a local restaurant on the weekend because he wanted me to tell his wife about Seth. He had relayed to her some of our conversations, and she was intrigued. We arranged to meet for brunch in Laguna, about 30 miles away from that lecture series. While we were discussing Seth, I looked over and saw that O.G., one of the two who had conducted that lecture was eating nearby. I said hi to him, and he remembered me. He knew that I had only gone to the first lecture, but he said that he was having a party for the attendees the following Saturday, and I was welcome to come. I did come and had a good time interacting with the other attendees. As I prepared to leave, one of those two young women walked in the door. O.G. introduced us, and we immediately hit it off. We began dating, and two years later, we were married. Even though the marriage is dissolved, we stay good friends. Our two daughters can thank Seth for their present incarnations, though I know Framework 2 pulled many other strings.