Great 'channel' :) - what is a demigod?

Started by Bora137, January 07, 2022, 02:40:44 PM

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Hi this guy is really balanced in his approach, I get a feeling of Seth when I watch his videos because he cuts through all the tradition that bogs down a lot of teaching and has pretty much killed off many religions. In this video about half way through he's talking about chaos magick and what defines this particular magick is the practice of completely investing yourself in a past belief system in order say to invoke the powers of the Norse god Thor say. What I feel about his is two things. Firstly, when Seth talks about the moment of death for a consciousness it is met initially by what it expects to be met depending or whether it believes in god, Buddha or Zeus etc. So higher entities like Seth take on these forms to make the consciousness that is departing the physical to feel it is in a familiar place during the physical death process. So in these terms any high level being can take on the form of Thor which makes chaos magick kind of discredited. On the other hand in the astral/F2 thought forms are real entities - so the Kabbalah/tree of life is a powerful totem in F2 because it has been manifested and added to over thousands of years through Hebrew religious practice. So which is a 'god' is it a thought form created from beings living in the physical or is a high level entity pretending to be a god for the comfort of the departing?

To be clear here I'm talking of magick in Seth's terms ie our thoughts create our reality both in F1 and in a more immediate sense in F2

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Enjoyable YT, thank you. And mostly right in alignment with the Seth concepts of reality creation in that consciousness creates matter and not the other way around, there's more to the universe than its manifested aspect (we're only a small part of the whole), our methods of measurement are totally inappropriate for trying to map the scale of the non-physical/non-manifested, that we are multidimensional beings experiencing different perspectives of reality at the same time, we "lower" beings have an incomplete view of true reality, and more. He's very good at simplifying these concepts in minutes!

So many are exploring these concepts and putting the information out there. Quantum physics has been setting forth these ideas for quite a while. There is an abundance of articles available online. While it seems to me that it's taking forever for humanity to make any spiritual progress (sometimes feels like we're standing still), it's things like this, Seth and others, when compared to the dogma of religions throughout history, that make me feel like we actually are making progress.

He did lose me when he started talking about identifying with various religions, and needing the ability to switch religious beliefs on the fly. It's just my stubbornness and distaste for religion that kicks in whenever it's mentioned. My brain shuts down. I need to stop doing that, lol.

Funny, when I saw the topic title I thought you meant "channel" as a person who channels and that you'd found a new one. But you meant a Youtube channel. And he does have a lot of interesting yet short videos. I'll probably listen to a few of his "Esoteric Saturdays" videos.

Thanks again!
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I agree Deb I just wish everyone could see consciousness creates matter and not the other way round. I used to think the old way, I could not see beyond my conditioning now I see it as absurd that most people think matter forms consciousness. I got to that channel because I was looking for how to 'use' the tree of Life which can sort of magnify your manifestation attempts. Anyway it turns out you have to learn quite a lot of stuff - basically re-categorise everything in the world into their correct (correct place for you, this is kind of subjective) place on the tree of life/qabala in your head as you encounter things in the world, so a house has a place as does an apple as does everything else and every concept and feeling. At some point when you're doing this (which can become an obbession) you have a realisation that everything is one. We know this but doing this practice is supposed to invest this understanding in us so we have like a revelation.

That's as much as I know so far. When I master manifestation using the ToL I'll let you know 🙏
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Quote from: Deb on January 10, 2022, 11:21:14 AMIt's just my stubbornness and distaste for religion that kicks in whenever it's mentioned. My brain shuts down. I need to stop doing that, lol.

Deb, I dont agree with this lol I think its a healthy snub. 🙂

We can.. be flexible ....I doubt you are a jerk to ppl who practice religion and you dont hate them BUT you dont choose to hang around these folks perhaps ... And I imho do not think theres anything wrong with being turned OFF to it.

Having an open mind to me, doesnt mean allowing everything in life to BE a part of your life.

I for one find it constructive and healthful to steer clear of religion in all forns. Including magicK practice.

@Bora137 I havent watched the vid yet and if I make time I will.

I used to study all this magicK "stuff" and by far SETH is the BEST reminder and message. Hands down.


MagicK is surrounded in ceremony and ritual. Find out what Seth says about that 🙂

I believe he mentions it as well in cds. (40?)

@Deb I feel the same way about religion lol as much as I do about "magicK". ♥️
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