Jane Roberts Died for Our Sinful Selves: A Resurrection

Started by Deb, April 16, 2022, 09:58:06 AM

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That title got a lot of raised eyebrows on FB.

I've finally had the time to listen to Virginia Bennett's presentation at the 2022 CA Seth Conference, and I really enjoyed it. She's a practicing psychologist and gets into the psyche of Jane and Rob a little bit. She analyzes Jane's health issues. She's also an amateur astrologist and has charted Jane (about 28:00). After she's done with that, she goes into the some the Rob/Nebene story and then back to Seth.

Virginia has a lot of interesting graphics in this video that I missed because I had just isolated the audio for myself. So I'll probably listen to this again. I enjoyed it that much! She's a great speaker and makes a lot of sense to me. If you want to listen to the Q&A and see other presentations, you'll find more here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdfM3nBh7qieVrGIcG18l9Q  Virginia was Day 2 Afternoon. Her presentation starts at about 1:12, Q&A is about 2:09.

BTW if you want to see the notes/book comparison of NoPR Virginia talks about, you can download it here https://sethresearchproject.com/references/ under "Comparing published and recorded material."

Here's Virginia's presentation (I isolated it to make it easier for folks).

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Although I don't always write it explicitly, it should be inferred that everything I post is "my belief", "my opinion" on that subject, at that moment.


That title though LOL

Thanks for this one! I was checking them out the other day I dont remember seeing this lady. So yep...thanks!
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