Registration Agreement

PLEASE READ THIS. It's pretty basic and not a lot to read, but it is IMPORTANT.


This forum was created for readers of Jane Roberts and the Seth materials and is inclusive of other writings and philosophies that are similar. Please be aware:

1. Speaking of Seth is a discussion forum where people can safely share their thoughts and opinions without criticism, judgment or attack.

Any posts that are prejudiced, bigoted, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, threatening or otherwise in violation of any International or United States Federal law are prohibited. Also, as a Seth reader, you understand that we all have personal beliefs and opinions. That doesn't make them facts and doesn't make one person right and another wrong. Keep this in mind when you are writing a post: personal attacks or criticisms of others will not be tolerated. Be tactful and respectful, it's not difficult.

Also understand that I, as Admin, cannot always predict, prevent or control what people are going to say or do and so I usually have to mitigate problems that come up after the fact.

I also cannot predict how someone is going to react or over-react to something that was said. As an adult you should know that we all have our personal triggers and sensitivities, and something a person writes may trigger a defensive reaction in one person while others don't see it as being offensive at all. If you feel you are being intentionally attacked or offended by someone or a post, please report the post or contact me directly and privately in a Personal Message.

2. Spamming will not be tolerated.

Feel free to add your website address and description in your profile. Adding links in your posts to blogs, articles, Wiki and videos related to the general theme of Speaking of Seth and for explanatory purposes is encouraged. But constantly promoting an unrelated business or product in forum posts or the personal messaging system is not acceptable and will be dealt with.

3. Politics in America these days is more polarized than ever, and in order to keep this forum unified and on track with Seth, and remain a safe and friendly place for EVERYONE that joins, I ask that you keep politics out.

4. Please note that with each post, your IP address is recorded, in the event that you need to be banned from this forum.