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Title: An experience of past and future selves
Post by: Deb on July 15, 2017, 11:10:51 AM
This was from Mark Hills on Facebook. It was posted and then removed by Lynda for some reason, but I had copied the text before that happened. Shared here with permission from Mark:

It has taken me 40 years to realise first hand the reality that we create our own experience....1977 I realised that there is an energy coming to me...i just knew that it was coming from a future me...How this can happen and why I had no idea and I saw for a moment the face of an older person right in front of me and I realised that this was a future me. A year or two later I met master omraam Mikael aivenhov...just bumped into him in town one day,he said that I was here for a reason. ..to save the world
,of all things.Looking at me, he saw that there was energy coming to me and said that it was coming from me. I was just 17 at the time and knew nothing.I had forgotten about knowing that energy was coming to me from a future me then..he told that I might read his books. Feeling very puzzled by the things he was saying I loudly said goodbye twice and walked away and he also said that I can be a master...I was confused to say the least. .Years later I moved to Hastings and started reading books on meditation and practising meditations and energy exercises of all sorts but mainly learning about chakras and spent years developing myself through Laya yoga and spiraling energy from the anti universe plus a few other visualising and mantrim exercises...I happened upon these marvelous books...by this this time I had forgotten all about my meeting with Master Omraam Michael Aivenhov but as reading one of these books there was a growing recognition dawning on me...then suddenly I knew who he was and the opportunity I missed in not learning things back then...it was a book by Mr Aivenhov and he mentions the incident of our meeting in the 70s...no dates,no names, no places but the realisation hit me like a brick in the face...no mistake....years later and still in Hastings I am a Reiki master and channeling healing energy to all of my past and all of my future that it is available and active in my now...whenever I am....the healing energy is dedicated for the healing of all and everyone...so what I was told by a person I thought rather strange 40 years ago is the answer to my wondering how how energy can come from a future me..If I think linear time we'll I received the energy before I sent it...impossible and I didn't send it before I received it..I realise that everything in my life has been a series of attractors...working one to the next then to the next...the next attractor is yet to make itself known, but it is there...Everything is in place it seems already but it's a journey of discovery and learning as we subject ourselves to this dimension for lessons that can only be experienced here..