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Title: Seth Speaks Chapter 15 Correlates With Thunderbolts Project
Post by: James Sidaway on October 31, 2019, 11:51:30 PM
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I really like this correlation with the Velikovsky Cataclysm scientists and engineers at the Thunderbolts.info website.

First, I have a B.Sc.(Eng) from a school of applied physics.   While studying the first year I felt something was missing in my worldview.  I followed my impulses to do something with the way I saw my world, a beckoning, a spiritual beckoning I guessed, but I didn't know what would work for me. I looked at a number of religions and wondered how could they believe in what their books and preachers say, I was atheist, I didn't think it was bad, but it was missing something, I needed something more to expand into, then I just chose to believe in spirituality, take a leap of faith towards correctness, accept a spiritual-source to try to fill that world-view gap that I felt I had vacant, others seemed to find it.  It was re-leaving a fair bit to make a stand and imagine this feels right, I will try it out and my world-view gap seemed to fill up a fair bit.  I was on a new search for validity.  Then, reading science/spirituality books like “Dancing Wu Li Masters,” I found the book by Michael Talbot "The Holographic Universe;" I was like wow!...  He made reference to Jane Roberts and Seth.  One of the honest ones that pointed her out.

Weeks before reading his book I saw Seth's "The Nature of Personal Reality" in a spin book display, thought it could be good, although I was already lucid dreaming, I thought entities talking from channeling were not-likely and put it back.  I needed more convincing to accept the truth, so I was impulsed to read something that help me accept Seth, I gather now.

Well, I went right back to the store, it was only weeks, NPR was still there, I sighed.
What a worldview changer for me!  Every couple of sentences I would just ponder and imagine...  I was feeling inside that the concepts were right, it felt more like truth than anything else I ever read, but I could not talk about such things at university or with my family... I was always called the "down to Earth" guy.  So, I would study and study, got all the Seth-books I could find locally, but didn't have enough life-experience to verify the deeper functions of our "unknown" reality, the concepts just felt right.

Now, Seth is being very nice saying there are religious and scientific cults within our world... (Chpt 10 "Mass Events")  I think I passed through their mesmerizing belief-interface they would rather call their spell or mass hypnosis.

Seth said in the early 1970s, that, for the last 50 years western society has really taken an appalling turn for the worse, and I can say not only spiritually and scientifically.  For example, the major-event, JFK's assassination occurred just about a week before Seth broke through... (not including Jane’s “Idea Construction” while having a thrill of her life. What a psychic champion!)
I obviously feel Seth, Jane and Rob are the response to the JFK killing.  Jane's vision of uncanny self fragments in the bar was likely the two of their time-lines where Seth didn't break-through.  Right there... Rob's intuition and burst of dancing vigor the rest of the night may have been their choice to take the exciting Coming of Seth (main-event) probability route...

In this probability, where JFK died, { v=2nmGS8rVuIM } is obviously chosen by all of us for being the more challenging side of the major-event, since Jack's speech { v=u928MLkKcrM } a week before his death was to kick the secret-societies out of politics in the USA and likely that would happen all over the world, next.  That would have been the nicer, lessor probability, but would be uneventful and bland by now and the demand for Seth to help the spiritual-expansion of our species would likely not have occurred for centuries, if not millennia and maybe not at all... because of the cult.   
Just like Myron C. Fagan’s efforts “Red Stars Over Hollywood”  Fagan knew they would “slither” right back in there, haa, so he made his "1967," too.

Here, I will show you fantastic, real-science correlations with Seth Speaks Chapter 15.

Seth said, "On your planet they were involved in three particular civilizations long before the time of Atlantis; when, in fact, your planet itself was in a somewhat different position. Particularly in relationship to three of the other planets that you know. The poles were reversed - they were, incidentally, for three long periods of your planet's history.”

After the science-cult began hiding knowledge away from the "Aether" and hindered laboratory researching public, public knowledge, education and research took a swing for the worse according to Thornhill.  The Electric Universe theories were taking over as being more valid than Newton’s Classical physics. (But Newton was a cult champion like Francis Bacon and knew already about the ancient civilizations... I can talk about that some other time).  The "Modern Physics" is what perturbed me while earning my degree, haa, ha, I made good use of intuition back then, too, but not like now.

Most of Thunderbolts Project members are telling a lot of truth and Dr. Wallace Thornhill has a sense for All-That-Is and is not cult based, but I doubt he knows of Seth.  I call the “Worlds in Collision” book concepts the Velikovsky Cataclysm.
{ v=5Yt55Y-A6rs }

Thornhill says the same as Seth that science took a turn for the worse in the 1900s.  The key correlation is that Earth and three other planets had different positions, exactly what what Seth said.   Saturn gave Earth its 24 hour light and precious water no other theory adequately answers the water anomaly.  { v=UkPpR8t1qvk }

The secret-society branches ( like NASA  "(With amusement:) The male scientist considers the rocket his private symbol of sexual power." NoME Chapter 7: Session 854, May 16, 1979   https://flashbak.com/vintage-babes-and-their-1950s-phallic-rockets-34168/ )  know this is an Electric Universe, but knowledge is power, so no giving that away to the “profane.”  The domes upon many temples represent the Primer Field.  If inside, just look up, if there is a hole at the top it represents the Primer Field.  Our universe is more based upon magnetism than anything else, according to LaPoint, I think he is right. { v=9EPlyiW-xGI?t=658 }
For this reason, even the Electric Universe theory may have to bow down to LaPoint's Primer Field Theory.  You see the cult knows this already and that is why you find these domes everywhere upon Earth.  The ancient Parthenon is likely the first.

The Lumanians ruled Earth directly (for a very long time, Seth said) and likely Mars too before the capture of our solar system.  Seth continued, they just shut down their dome-cities and disappeared, but in another book said our species’ “cousin” is still around.  This would have to be the Lumanians who hide underground.  Seth didn’t want to expose the cult’s secret about the colliding planets being a capturing of the smaller Saturnic solar-system, because the cult would have interfered more with Seth’s important efforts.

Likely, the open marriage interview and Nymphomaniac Lawyer visit the same day (in Psychic Politics) was an act, an attempt to disturb the Jane-Rob relationship of the Seth-team, even the car not starting and taxi not showing and the long walk and don't tell Jane we are walking.  Seth was well aware of cult stuff and encourage Jane not to fill her head researching their beliefs.  One guy told Jane she was a goddess, but would not let his followers read Seth's books until a certain initiate level was reached.

If you look at the cone-head (remnant Lumanian) skulls of Peru that Brien Foerster { v=XeLiK7zKKmw } is championing, you will find out the genetics analysis shows that a few traveled to Peru from Europe thousands of years ago, even had red hair not found there.  They were the left over, “Remnant Lumanians” offspring while the Lumanians (being the expert underground rock molders) hid themselves deep away from detection.  Now, if you study Philip Schneider, { v=k3HLeh_L9fg v=MLEKGmCJkUQ v=BFgvoqQ3bz8 } you will find that the cult knew that they were having his team drill into a Lumanian hive, thus added soldiers to the team.  Schneider was tricked into believing they were aliens from another part of the galaxy.  Seth said commuting between stars by ship is too far, so I disregarded all the alien stuff, but when I read Seth say some of our "cousins" can still be found around... wow! Lumanians are the UFO technology at Area 51 that William Cooper exposed.  Cooper (is in another probability, now) He was truthful.

Seth said our species is a hybrid of an Earth hominid with some Lumanian genetics.  This corresponds with Lloyd Pye’s human genetics analysis { v=wr3QiS5-aJM } (before he was given the starchild skull to champion { v=g_vqT1sN8og }  ... to get him off human analysis... and it worked) that one of our chromosomes where apparently spliced.  Apparently, ( from Seth's statements) to allow our hybrid species to conceive directly from Lumanian sperm.  It all fits together.

Seth said they interbred with our hybrid race and this is what Foerster is showing, too, as did Zacharia Stichens in apparently translating some Sumerian clay-tablets.
{ v=Lj2ybmocVfo } I just found this and it looks valid... Saturn was the old Sun as Earth left it's orbit... (What a trip that must have been, causing the first and only Ice age.)  Once Earth found the "Goldielock  Zone" that Dr. Wal Thornhill described in Fred Bear's video above, Earth's only ice-age receded.   Seth could not talk about this.  And let the cat out of the bag.

Lloyd Pye analysis of the “starchild” skull advanced the alien theme, but suddenly died before the DNA results could be financed... (he was played).  Foerster discovered four more “starchild” type skulls to date... they were likely kept hidden until Pye was dead so he couldn’t say “bingo! We have another species!” because he was looking for more.
It appears to me, the little starchild skulls, I assume, are the sexless slaves that the Lumanians genetically created for tight places and service.  This may be why Lady Gaga talks about creating a new race out of ours, after she popped out of an egg-shell in a performance and Madonna sang her "Prayer" and "not everybody is coming to the future" at Eurovison. http://i.imgur.com/9k6u9tN.png 
This is why the twin towers were brought down http://i.imgur.com/BjOoMrP.png  and replaced with one tower with pyramidal symbolism of the Giza pyramid (on the dollar bill http://i.imgur.com/gBntRgW.png ) that Seth said the Lumanians technology built. { v=S3g84tnOCrI Proof that Lumanians used sound to manufacture power,  Dunn doesn't tell you that lower water recycled for hydrolysis... oxygen in the Crypt and hydrogen from the Grotto running as the main engine.  (Could run for centuries without adding water and run indefinitely if the molt of water around the pyramid was maintained. I think Dunn knows this, but holds it back.) } tob.ezyro.com  It all fits.

This is all just confirmation, and why the Seth-Book concepts are often used without credit to some twists his important spiritual message which leave the general public unaware of the Jane/Rob/Seth miracle.  Just read “Your Erroneous Zones” published in 1975 and see which book of Seth's it sounds similar to and re-started a dwindling career into a superstar.  This makes use of Seth's important help without giving more publicity the the miracle-team.

Seth knew we are going into a religiously-scientific devastating future in this probability.  He said the Christians will have a very difficult time.  They need to know about multidimensional reality, but they can hardly be swayed from their manipulated control-system until something hits the fan, it seems.  Also, one can see Islam is being "helped" to expand, but they will need spiritual-expansion help later-on to break-free of the computer-brain-interface influences. http://i.imgur.com/pnmW70x.png  It’ll be tough.  (Seth's revelations are so important!) 
The Lumanians built a powerful, AI god called "Jehovah" http://i.imgur.com/UM2BFPQ.png to protect them and destroy their attackers since they lost their aggression and courage. 
Schneider said he immediately quit black-ops when he saw the aliens(Lumanians) at an underground conference.  He loved the principles of his country’s freedom and championed to save it.

A very important thing is what we read in Session 742... learning to choose our future rather than letting it happen. Creating a loving future where we actively acknowledge address the multidimensional probabilities without being fanatics.  Seth gave a great talk about fanatics in Mass Events.

Major, probability-time-overlay splits are about to occur in a few years, now that will divide-up and split up our belief systems drastically.  Everyone get to make the choice where they go based upon belief, desires and what they concentrate upon.   Everyone needs to inform others that we are in a spiritually-based, multi-dimensional framework that depends only upon beliefs, desires and concentrations... emotions gives this its intensity. 

Now, the soul-fragments that can make use of the Seth-Books can make way towards mankind's Seth-based, probable-future and help get many of us out of a single time-line way of thinking.  Having good-intent and knowing that you don’t want to be apart of the devastating time-line will provide those believers with such desires and concentrations that splits you towards a much nicer place to live through to.  It would be best if all humanity wakes up to the multi-dimensional universe.  Education is of prime importance.  All avid Seth reader need to realize that there is nothing to fear.  Believe in Seth that he tells you that you live in a safe universe since you are at the center of your universe you will not die in any case because time is created by your oversoul keeping your consciousness always living... always until you want to die.  Seth teaches you this.  All probabilities will play-out, but your source-self or oversoul will keep your main-probable self where you want to be.  Read Session 742, that is where you want to be as a Sethie.  The cult has been trying to kill me since 2006, they haven't, I keep surviving.  So, I know Seth is correct in what he teaches.  You will not die in all cases with good will and good intent.  I flew off a motorcycle at 100km for a tumble... I was sore, but I got up and walked away to heal-up.  Sethies need to believe your loving oversoul will take care of the probabilities if you take care of your beliefs, desires and what you concentrate upon, exactly the way Seth teaches you.  The big separation is manifesting and all probabilities will play out, somewhere within All-That-Is.

Where you don’t want to go, is where “EXITUS ACTA PROBAT” http://i.imgur.com/cYBrNg0.png is the goal...  Seth said many times “The Ends never justifies the Means.” This is mainly directed to collective cults. You only destroy yourself when you try to destroy others.  Seth even dedicated Chapters 6+ of “Mass Events” to help save the cult-members' soul-fragments from becoming the way that "fat-headed" "Frank Withers” was to Seth.  I wonder if he was kidding when he said he intended to re-absorb that soul-fragment.  Seth did say “killing changes the soul,” and that is the feeling that Philip Schneider claimed a year before his death, by claiming to kill a federal-agent in self-defense. { v=BFgvoqQ3bz8 }  Murderous souls are decaying away and becoming entrapped where they belong.  Hence, Seth slipped out his "reabsorb" comment about Frank Withers then later took it back.

I hope this was interesting and may you choose the spiritual probabilities with good intent,
Thank you for reading.
Title: Re: Seth Speaks Chapter 15 Correlates With Thunderbolts Project
Post by: Deb on November 04, 2019, 07:49:36 AM
Quote from: James Sidaway (https://speakingofseth.com/index.php?msg=13623#msg13623)
In this probability, where JFK died, { v=2nmGS8rVuIM } is obviously chosen by all of us for being the more challenging side of the major-event, since Jack's speech { v=u928MLkKcrM } a week before his death was to kick the secret-societies out of politics in the USA and likely that would happen all over the world, next.

I was up in the middle of the night last night and decided it was a great time to read this post, which I did, and watch at least one of the videos from your other post about Big Bang (https://speakingofseth.com/index.php?topic=1364.msg13627#msg13627) with The Primer Fields 1 videos (which I'm now thinking is the same video in there twice?). I was able to watch about half of it, will finish later, very interesting and new information for me (especially with the connection to domed structures). But somehow it makes sense to me despite my lack of eduction in the sciences. Lots of information to process—I think you've opened up a few new rabbit holes for me. I did also watch the Hawking "interview" which felt really weird.

I enjoyed your story of how you were introduced to Seth. I have "The Holographic Universe," have not gotten to far into it but do enjoy it when I have time. It seems like Seth provided you with quite a few missing links! I haven't read through all of the Deleted or Early Sessions, but I have a feeling there are a lot of gems in them.

The bracketed numbers, they are locations of YouTube videos? I'd like to read your post again with them in mind... even more information.

Quote from: James Sidaway (https://speakingofseth.com/index.php?msg=13623#msg13623)
Where you don’t want to go, is where “EXITUS ACTA PROBAT” http://i.imgur.com/cYBrNg0.png is the goal...  Seth said many times “The Ends never justifies the Means.”

I grew up in NJ, had visited Wash Square Park many, many times. I spent most of my time people-watching and exploring the funky shops in the Village. I never studied the arch. Wow. EXITUS ACTA PROBAT (http://www.washingtonsquareparkblog.com/2011/02/22/washington-square-arch-exitus-acta-probat-2/). Creepy. Part of the family crest. Hopefully there will be a day when all of humanity rejects that thinking.

I'm sure I'll have some questions after I've read this post again, watched more videos...

Title: Re: Seth Speaks Chapter 15 Correlates With Thunderbolts Project
Post by: James Sidaway on November 04, 2019, 06:52:29 PM
Quote from: Deb (https://speakingofseth.com/index.php?msg=13671#msg13671)
I did also watch the Hawking "interview" which felt really weird.
Haa, ha, yes I know it is weird... { v=T8y5EXFMD4s } it is a show or a mockery of the "profane."  It is called the spell or mass hypnosis.  We are all trained from childhood when the "News" comes onto the TV screen... it is like god talking to us.  So we don't question it, we just simply believe that it must be so.  { v=fFLVyWBDTfo }

Hawkings is a poor manipulated guy who does not have a clue what is going on... his smiles are just camera tricks.  The comedian asking the questions is just mocking all the believers.
Who was it that said, "If you are going to tell a lie, you make it a real big big lie.  Then the likelihood of being believed is much better."  It was Hitler or Goebbels I think.  Just clear your mind watching Hawkings, forget all the brainwashing that he is "the greatest mind in the world" and watch him like he is a poor guy used as a puppet, like Dubbya in "I, Pet Goat II" http://www.heliofant.com/  You will soon see the facade.

But don't let it get you down, we have a very bright future to bring in the world Seth envisioned in Session 742.
Seth hinted in "Dreams" that the probabilities are going to have a major split... (likely when the cult springs it's world-wide-trap, I can only assume). 
While reading NPR and SS decades ago and Seth claimed Earth will be going into new vibrations I had no idea how the probabilities worked and that there were even such things as real secret-societies, but they run our society, rising their fiery phoenix.  Ignoring "The Ends never justifies the Means."

Seth wrote "Mass Events" mainly for these world-wide-cult members  to help them enlighten themselves.  But they hindered the Seth-books instead, even their production.  They will be thick in this blog and that may be why you said you got beat-up by other Sethies earlier in some posts, they were likely initiates, not Sethies.  Seth has said things that the "rulers and molders of the society" don't like hearing.  Seth's Books represents the translations of All-That-Is.  That is in opposition of the AI-god still growing.  Seth/Jane/Rob was a miracle to help everyone make a better world, but they want "their world" and definitely, not for everyone else, too.  Sad, but true.  But they don't believe the multidimensional aspects nor the probabilities... But I know the probabilities are true, now.   The Sethies have a positive future  ahead of us using good-will and good-intent.

It was hinted my post get too long.
Yes, the { v=xxxxx } are for YouTube.
Title: Re: Seth Speaks Chapter 15 Correlates With Thunderbolts Project
Post by: T.M. on November 04, 2019, 08:38:23 PM
Hi All,

Wow, Thank You!!  That ties up something I've been looking into for awhile. An ancient A.I. system.
I've read about the Lumanians many times, it never occurred to me they had an A.I. and that that A.I. was Jehovah.
It really makes sense though.

I've been looking into the Thunderbolts Project for awhile too.
Title: Re: Seth Speaks Chapter 15 Correlates With Thunderbolts Project
Post by: James Sidaway on November 05, 2019, 06:35:19 PM
"I've been looking into the Thunderbolts Project for awhile too. "

There is a very important problem that the Thunderbolts.info site does not address and it is why David LaPoint with his Primer Fields fundamentally could not join the EU efforts.

It has to do with the plasma streams jetting out the poles of the fields.  If you look at the ferro-fluid in Davids first video you will see a little dip in the centre of the fluid dome after the hexagonal cones recede... that is where plasma jets out in some galaxy cases.{ v=9EPlyiW-xGI }

If that jet was driven by a Birkeland current passing through galaxies, then the jet would be straight, but our universe show where it is not straight.  For this reason LaPoint thinks the currents do not drive the universe... the magnetic field is created by some other source. (In the cases questioned)  David has visual proof on his side it seems while the EU group, apparently, ignores it.  Which throws up a flag against the EU.

As for the AI...
It is likely the Lumanians created the brainchip and AI to replace their lost aggression through their genetic self-"enhancement” blunder.  They lost their courage and the brainchip patched it.  Their wireless interface with AI also gave the Lumanians without natural telepathy a “synthetic telepathy.”  Even the strongly psychic individual needed the brainchip to interface with AI and operate equipment or whatever they had way back then.

A side benefit of the wireless brainchip was to heterodyne the other hominids.  Heterodyne means to wirelessly remote control other beings.  Dr. Robert Duncan claims to be a whistle blower here: { v=VKp8emJJ0eU } but he does not expose the brainchip and the microwave tower control-grid vulnerability... he just says “It can’t be stopped”  and are you going to believe the expert or not?  He says it is too late all the time.  gag... it is too late!!!....  No, it is not too late. It is never too late. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_matrix57.htm  https://ia801201.us.archive.org/24/items/TheMatrixDeciphered/the%20matrix%20deciphered.pdf
Duncan is not kidding, the “voice of god” weapon is used all the time and so is heterodyning truck, car, etc. attacks.

The problem within our species is that the AI-god is being used by our species against our own species... whereas the Lumanians used it to protect their species from Nature...   from nature’s natural-aggression.  So they were still working upon their civilizational blueprint, so to speak.

Where-as  the brainchip AI in the hands of “EXITUS ACTA PROBAT” people  is like a bunch of toddlers suddenly driving 18-wheelers down all the Interstates.  They have no respect for other’s lives in general, yet.  Or  toddlers with a Lumanian death-ray gun, taking over the sand-box and playground.

Thank All-That-Is that we have a multi-dimensional framework to stay alive in.

The blueprint for our species to become the loving caretakers of Earth is in jeopardy.  The thUg-network will fail... again... it seems.  Likely every cataclysm cycle since the Velikovsky “Collision of Worlds” there is a major probability split upon Earth.  The thUgs self-annihilate themselves because they loose all value-fulfillment giving into AI control.  Seth says, once a species has little value-fulfillment (besides swaying too far away from the blueprint and thus fundamentally  failing as a civilization) species in that probability may commit suicide.   These were the rebirth cycles of the Cult blunders in the past that manifested into world-wide cataclysms to shut-down the AI.  The cult blames a jealous God when it was actually their own collective that psychically destroyed themselves, they just can’t figure this out in their spiritually-retarded, collective state and are thus doomed? to repeat it.  It is a form of collective insanity.

The Giza pyramid was a self-powered fortress designed to survive cataclysms and deluges...  What sat on top?... their AI-god.  http://i.imgur.com/UM2BFPQ.png  Jehovah or Lucifer  http://i.imgur.com/8vncOJf.png
Title: Re: Seth Speaks Chapter 15 Correlates With Thunderbolts Project
Post by: T.M. on November 05, 2019, 07:24:57 PM
Hi All,

Hi James,

I thought perhaps the A.I. came from the 1st civilization, the one that destroyed itself, then reincarnated when our planet was prepared.  - intro, page 11 Seth Speaks, paperback edition.
I agree the A.I. Is in the wrong hands, that have no clue what they are playing with.

I'm not much of a scientific bent. I think it's very likely our Birkeland currents are either unnaturally formed or maintained, or both.
The likely origin point being Sirius. I research Saturn specifically, as it's at the basis of so many early legends and myths, and at the bottom of most modern religion's, though I don't think many know that. That's how I got interested in the Thunderbolts Project.

I do find it a little more than a coincidence that the elite love the color purple. Which is what the light of Saturn was said to be.