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Seth Related Questions / Explanations / Re: Seth on abortion
Last post by inavalan - June 27, 2022, 10:33:30 PM
I'm sure that most people have no clue what are the current abortion laws around the world, and in the US. They are much less permissive than people assume:

(Nobody can accuse wikipedia of not being liberal)

Also, they have no clue about how the Americans have seen abortion over the last 50 years, or the two parties position on abortion:

US has a population of about 335 millions, quite heterogeneous, which means that almost any kind of majority's wish enforcement would oppress a large number of people. At this level, a direct democracy can't work. That's why US is a constitutional republic. That's why in the Senate and in the House, states have a different kind of representation.
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Last post by Deb - June 27, 2022, 07:30:53 PM
I believe it.

I've known many families whose children were raised in the same house, with the same parents, and they ended up with completely different characters. Yep.
Seth-Related Discussions / Re: Choosing to die young due ...
Last post by Deb - June 27, 2022, 07:28:25 PM
Rich Kendall died a week before his 70th birthday. Many people told me Richie did NOT want to get old, and his idea of old was 70. He died suddenly as far as I'm concerned. We had last contact on a Saturday in April 2020 and he died Monday, without warning.

I believe it.

Seth-Related Discussions / Re: You are what you think, no...
Last post by Deb - June 27, 2022, 07:25:38 PM
I'm totally there. That's pure Seth and also the power of the mind.
I've done those tests as well and they're pretty amazing.

I know for a fact that dogs dream. Nice to know that other species and life forms do as well. The purpose of dreams though...

Well, going back to proofreading Mary Dillman's interviews, I've been really impressed by how many class members (known and not-so-known) reported that while Jane was so physically degraded, she would have amazing flexibility and other improved physical abilities (such as vision improvement) when she was in trance and speaking as Seth.

Being a big fan of Joe Dispenza, with his studies on the power of the mind over body, and also Bruce Lipton (more stories in kind), I have to say my old view of physical limitations and illness has changed drastically. The mind is a powerful thing. And there is truth to making our own reality.

Seth Related Questions / Explanations / Re: Seth on abortion
Last post by Deb - June 27, 2022, 06:38:08 PM
My interpretation on the ruling is that the US Constitution says that our states have the power to make their own laws, rather than the federal government dictating or mandating. With the S Court returning the abortion decision to the states, that means citizens have the power to control their state laws by voting. Democracy at work.

I'm amazed how many people don't know what's in our Constitution.
I'm totally in favor of focusing on what's right. In this reality we are constantly bombarded with what's wrong. I remember someone once saying we should not call the news "news," we should all it "what's wrong in the world today." I totally agree.

If I remember correctly (always questionable these days), even Abraham Hicks said that if we focus on what's right, not only do we feel better but we create space for more good things to enter.

I have to admit that can sometimes be a huge challenge. As I've been listening to more of Mary Dillman's interviews, I'm finding that Jane's physical condition was MUCH worse, much earlier, than what we've read in the books. Jane would have had to have a Herculean fortitude to ignore what she suffered through.

But the more I learn about Jane, the more I realize how she had to deal with extreme adversities throughout her life and still accomplished more than any ordinary human could.

My heros used to be Einstein, Edison and Tesla. I've traded them all for Jane.

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Last post by Deb - June 27, 2022, 06:14:19 PM
Delusion vs creating your reality comes up often in Seth forums. Such as this one.

So yes, claiming that you know "the one" truth from either a physical reality or Sethian perspective is suspect. Being a Seth reader, I now ask myself "whose truth?" It comes down to the old three (?) different wine glasses or coffee tables argument if you're a Seth reader, or being delusional if invested in the OLC. F2 vs F1.

I can say that having read enough of the Seth materials, I no longer write off claims by people describing things that I used to instantly dismiss as psychotic or delusional. Now I just tell myself that they are making that reality for themselves, and I wonder why they choose to do that. Jane/Seth definitely opened my mind.