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Inspiring Teachings/Videos/More... / Re: Mind over matter in a non-believer
« Last post by jbseth on March 28, 2019, 05:58:32 PM »
Hi Sena,

It sounds like Field Marshall Montgomery was very determined to recover, and perhaps because of this, he actually did. 

I’ve heard many stories like this, where someone was ill, but for some reason they were determined to get better and they did.

I think that the fact that this occurs, gives us some evidence that in regards to health, there’s something to be said in regards to a persons “will” to get better.

Thanks for sharing.


Questions / Explanations / Re: TMI
« Last post by Deb on March 28, 2019, 01:06:28 PM »
Wow, I didn't realize today was the anniversary!

I was living in Florida at the time, but grew up in NJ, still had family there, less than 100 miles east of TMI. So yes, I remember it. The China Syndrome movie was released to theaters on March 16, 1979. And TMI took place less than two weeks later, March 28, 1979.

If you search Three Mile Island on the search engine, it comes up quite a bit, in a few different books. I just searched because I swear Seth had something to say about the timing of the movie and the incident, but I couldn't find it. I did find this:

"(The movie is The China Syndrome, of course, with Michael Douglas, Jack Lemmon and Jane Fonda, which opened to rave reviews perhaps two weeks or so ago. The short story referred to above was reported on a TV program about Three Mile Island: Jane and I caught a glimpse of, I believe, a local newspaper or magazine in the Harrisburg area that had printed a short story about a nuclear accident at that plant, on the same day that the troubles began at Three Mile Island. We hadn’t heard of the story. If I’m in error and the story was printed in a national magazine, for instance, we still haven’t heard of it. Nor have we heard or read about this amazing “coincidence” since seeing that one mention of it on that TV newscast."
—TPS5 Session 844 (Deleted) April 1, 1979

Inspiring Teachings/Videos/More... / Re: Mind over matter in a non-believer
« Last post by Deb on March 28, 2019, 12:48:18 PM »
Wow, sounds like one of those spontaneous healings I hear about once in a while. Seems like he really didn't want to work in Palestine. Joe Dispenza is a great believer in change your mind/change your life and has had workshop attendees healed of all sorts of things. I can only imagine that Montgomery's thinking changed on his cruise back home, changing something in his body.

Anita Moorjani is always a great example of what's possible.

Questions / Explanations / TMI
« Last post by jbseth on March 28, 2019, 08:25:30 AM »
Hi All,

Wow, that was 40 years ago today.

I was just looking at a site on Bing that talks about "This Day in History". On this day in history, specifically on, March 28, 1979, Three Mile Island (TMI, not Too Much Information  :) ) a nuclear Power Plant, in Pennsylvania, suffered a partial nuclear meltdown.

Seth/Jane talks about this, along with several other topics, in their book, "The Nature of Mass Events".

At the time, I was 24 years old and going to a local community college here in Oregon.

Being a person who has always been interested in science, I was both fascinated by this event and a little concerned about the potential consequences of a nuclear meltdown.

As I recall, there was a movie that came out just around the time of this event, called "The China Syndrome" which was about a nuclear meltdown.  I've always wondered about the connection between the timing of this movie and this TMI event. Was this idea somehow already in peoples mass consciousness and something that the movie writers and producers had tapped into?

Does anyone else here remember this TMI event?

Inspiring Teachings/Videos/More... / Mind over matter in a non-believer
« Last post by Sena on March 27, 2019, 10:40:06 PM »
This is from a biography of Field Marshall Montgomery, who was the British commander during the Second World War. It is interesting because he had no interest in esoteric matters, but he was determined to recover from a deadly illness (diphtheria) so that he could serve his country:

"Shortly before his departure from Palestine to take on his new job, he fell seriously ill. The doctors were not certain, but thought he might have been stricken with diphtheria. He was sent for treatment to a military hospital near Haifa, where his condition continued to deteriorate, though he was still strong enough to insist on being shipped home. When he left Haifa by ship, he was so ill that it was believed he would not survive the journey. But he staged a remarkable recovery during the homeward cruise. By the time the ship reached the London port of Tilbury, he had almost completely recovered." (from "Ike and Monty: Generals at War" by Norman Gelb)

From the Kindle edition:
Inspiring Teachings/Videos/More... / Re: Seth-like show on Netflix: Russian Doll
« Last post by Deb on March 25, 2019, 07:57:21 PM »
OK, I've watched the first three episodes again and it's all about probable lives.

The show also caused me to read up on Harry Nilsson. While he was a favorite musical artist of mine in the 70s, he is even more interesting than I realized. With a 3 octave vocal range!

Of particular interest, both Cass Elliott and Keith Moon died while staying at his London apartment while he was abroad.
Inspiring Teachings/Videos/More... / Seth-like show on Netflix: Russian Doll
« Last post by Deb on March 23, 2019, 09:12:20 PM »
I've stumbled over a show on Netflix called "Russian Doll." My thought was/is that's a reference to the Russian Matryoska Dolls — a wooden carved hollow doll within a doll within a doll…  Background music is Harry Nilsson's Gotta Get Up (Nilsson Schmillson album). I just looked him up and he died on his birthday — same birthday as mine (the day, not year).

It's maybe a modern version of Groundhog Day. The lead character is followed as she attends her birthday party, things progress from there, and then suddenly dies in an accident. Then, she's at the party again, relives some events (and realizes she's been through most of it before), and then dies again in a different manner. I've watched a couple of episodes, have started from the beginning tonight. It's extremely interesting. In the last episode I watched, she met someone who casually mentioned he keeps dying.

It feels like it has a bit of Seth in it: Reincarnation, but with the twist of partially remembering it's all happened before. As she said, she has amnesia. But not as much as most of us.

If you enjoy shows that open your mind and are outside the accepted way of thinking, you might want to check out Russian Doll.

I have to add there are also some potentially disturbing things in the show for sensitive types.
Seth-Related Discussions / Re: DID
« Last post by jbseth on March 23, 2019, 06:04:01 PM »
Hi Deb, Hi All,

I hope you enjoy the channeling book.  I think the author has done a fantastic job of covering this topic from many different and interesting perspectives.

I like your idea of HSP’s Highly Sensitive Persons. I think that there’s definitely something to this, in regards to people who are psychic.

In my case, my 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters and I grew up with a very verbally and physically abusive father.  In dealing with this situation at a young age, I learned that I could escape from a lot of the family drama and trauma by hiding out under a bed. Out of sight, out of mind.

Often I’d go and hide under a bed and sometimes, when I was down there, I’d play with my toys or I’d daydream or use my imagination to fantasize about a lot of different things. This would often seem to make the time go by quickly, kind of like with psychological time.

As I reflect back on this as an adult, I think that this early strategy of daydreaming and using my imagination to fantasize about a lot of different things, contributed to me being open to many ideas such as psychic phenomenon.   

In my specific case, I’d say that my desire for “alone time” isn’t always or even mostly driven by the need to escape sensory overload or to avoid stress. Many times, my desire for alone time, just comes from the fact that sometimes I just really enjoy alone time.  It’s kind of like sometimes, my wife and I go to the beach when there is a lot of stress in our lives because, in our case, spending a day at the beach is a great way to relieve stress. On the other hand, sometimes, we just go to the beach, because we just love being at the beach.


Sleep, Dreams, OBEs, Altered States / Re: Synchronistic Events
« Last post by jbseth on March 23, 2019, 03:22:07 PM »
Hi Deb,

After your post today, I thought I’d take a look at the version of MicroSoft Word, I have on my laptop, to see if they also have a font called “Ubuntu”.  Unfortunately, it turns out that they don’t, but it sure would have been fun to find out that they did. 

On a different topic, I don’t know if this is a sync event or not, but the other day, I just happened to come across and view a site that listed the State Departments Level 1 – 4 ratings regarding travel to other countries.  I haven’t been able to find this same site again but below is a similar link.

There are a lot of African countries, listed in Level 3 and Level 4.

In the 1990’s, one of the many people that I occasionally worked with at my job was a woman named Susan. During a conversation I had with her, Susan told me that she’d be out of town for a couple of weeks because her and her fiancé, were taking a trip to Africa. She told me that they were going to go on a tour to see the Mountain Gorilla’s and then go on a safari.

While Susan and her tour group were in Africa, a hostile armed guerilla group found her tour group and brutally murdered most of them. Some of the tour group members somehow managed to escape, but Susan wasn’t one of them.

This event didn’t occur as a result of 2 hostile African countries. Instead it occurred as a result of an armed conflict going on between 2 African cultures (the Hutu’s and the Tutsi’s). Susan and her tour group unfortunately just got caught in the middle of this.

Sadly, the following website from the NY Times talks about this very specific incident and it is somewhat graphic. It’s definitely OK, not to read it.

I know we each create our own reality, but if you’re going to go to Africa, please be sure to check out which countries you’ll be visiting and look into what’s been going on there in the recent past.

I’d love to go to Africa. But I’d definitely do some research before I ever did so.


Seth-Related Discussions / Re: DID
« Last post by Deb on March 23, 2019, 10:07:52 AM »
OK, I broke down and ordered the Channeling book. You've sold me on it. Considering I'm getting rid of 75% of my old books, and my promise I would think twice about buying another print book (unless they are Seth books), I couldn't resist. It's a used one, almost free.

Very interesting topic. I watched most of the video. It was also interesting to me on a personal level, since I have a friend/acquaintance/client who says she has DID. She says she has 19 personalities and wrote a book about it a few years ago that's available on Amazon. She says in the book she was sexually, physically and mentally abused by her brother, her mother was abusive, her father too I think, in their own ways. She was my neighbor in 1986, used to babysit my son when he was very young in the late 90s. I had no idea she had DID until a few years ago when she asked me for help updating her book. In all the time I'd spent in her company, there was no indication that anything was amiss. She was always the same consistent person, which I can't say about everyone.

As fas as the relationship of Seth to Jane: In the beginning I was skeptical about channeling, but rationalized it as a person tapping into their inner wisdom who invented a male 'voice' to have the materials be more acceptable at the time. Jane was examined by at least a couple of psychiatrists or psychologists because of her own self-doubts in the beginning, and for other circumstances, and they didn't find anything wrong with her as far as I know. I've read things from people that diagnose her as schizophrenic, multiple personality, hard core alcoholic, delusional, but unless they are doctors and examined her face-to-face (they would not have access to other doctors' notes), then I dismiss them as opinions.

Then there's Seth saying that they all came from the same oversoul and through the ages Seth was Jane and Jane was Seth, which tells me she was basically channeling herself, her own inner well of wisdom. Or was tapping into the wisdom and information out in the "cosmos" that's available to anyone.

At one point I stopped questioning their relationship because the information resonates with me, makes a lot of sense at my core, and at this point I don't care much whether it came through Jane as herself, Seth as part of Jane's inner self, or a talking dog.  :o

I still need to read the pdf on the relationship between abuse and paranormal experiences. Kinda reminds me of poltergeist activity in homes of disturbed adolescents -- their brain activity could be distorted in some way by hormonal changes or anxiety and creating outward havoc.

I also had another thought, based on my own personal experiences, in that people that grow up in abusive households can be very sensitive, out of necessity, to self-protect and avoid conflict. The "antennas" are always up and the sensitivity becomes engrained. Sensing mood shifts, body language, the eyes, personal space, awareness of surroundings are constant data input—reading many things that other people don't even notice. I just realized that could be why sensitive people need alone time—sensory overload.

I would guess that a high percentage of people growing up in these households are "HSP" -- highly sensitive persons that experience and react to life in a way different from the majority of the population. It seems like DID would be an extreme reaction to abuse, but if the abuse begins at a very early age a very young child would have no other coping mechanism than to dissociate from the body and circumstances.

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