Which Me? Which World? Observing Action Within Relationship

Started by bettybookoo42, July 24, 2017, 12:41:56 PM

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Quote from: bettybookoo42
Chapter 14 of The Nature Of Personality is titled " 'Which You? Which World' Your Daily Reality As The Expression Of Specific Probable Events"
Betty, thanks for sharing your experience with us. This is an extract from Chapter 14 of NOPR:

"Practically speaking, you do indeed form the appearance that reality takes through your conscious beliefs. Those beliefs are used as screening and directing agents, separating certain nonphysical probable events from others, and bringing them into three-dimensional actuality.

Other probable events could just as well become physically experienced ones."

Have you had an experience of creating physical reality as described in NOPR? I briefly described such an experience in the thread on Lynda Madden Dahl, in my post dated May 16:



Quote from: bettybookoo42
The next morning there was a knock at our door. Some man who we didn't know said, "this is for you", and handed me an envelope and left. I closed the door, opened the envelope, and inside were 10 twenty dollar bills.
Thanks for sharing this experience.