Addicted to Comparing Yourself to Others - Byron Katie

Started by strangerthings, September 05, 2017, 08:53:13 PM

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"I will not Reason and Compare: My business is to Create." ~ William Blake

"Because your imagination transcends time, it is one of your greatest touchstones to your own identity. You must, of course, be able to distinguish between the world of imagination and the physical world of fact in order to be able to manipulate effectively. But physical reality springs from the imagination, which follows the path of your beliefs."
~Session 669, The Nature of Personal Reality

"You are not your thoughts, you are the one having them." - Seth

"Tell your feelings how to feel and tell your thoughts what to think." - Neville Goddard


It seems as though she has made this vid private blarney!

I guess if you register at this place it will let you listen to the audio ? I do not know!
I would use a junk mail email addy to sign up though so you prevent yourself from receiving spam spam spam ?