Unconscious Creation

Started by Deb, November 29, 2017, 07:43:28 PM

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I moved this topic here from Miscellaneous because even though I created this situation unconsciously, it certainly applies to Daily Life and this one has a happy ending.

A week or two ago I was looking at the scratched, dinged, slightly water-damaged hardwood floors on my ground level. Hardwood has no place being in a kitchen, I know that now. Plus years of having kids, dogs, other animals, winter sand and salt tracked through the house have taken their toll. I was thinking it might be time to refinish the floors. But no, that would be expensive, would involved moving all the furniture out to the garage or something, plus a few days spent in a hotel because wood finishing can be toxic and there's drying time. So I just stopped thinking about it.

This morning I woke up to a sizable puddle in the hallway next to my fridge. It had apparently been leaking water (ice cube maker or something) for days, the floor had been cupping but there was no sign of water a few days ago when I checked. So, the wood had soaked up as much as it could, and a then puddle ensued.

Incredibly, homeowners' insurance will cover the damages. Within a couple of hours ServPro was at my door. They moved the fridge for me, encased my entire kitchen in plastic sheeting (looked like Dexter was getting ready to rock n roll), ripped up an area of damaged hardwood, some trim, drywall, set up big fans to dry the subflooring. The removed wood will have to be replaced and entire downstairs must be sanded and stained in order for everything to match. It was not an upsetting event, as all I could think was, "wow, a new fridge and refinished floors to boot!" The products the first floor repairman I saw uses are water-based, dry within 2-3 hours, so no hotel stay needed. The varnish will not yellow over time, and is super resistant to damage. So I have my cake and get to eat it too!

It only occurred to me a few minutes ago that I'd thought about refinishing the floors recently. A coincidence? Or was that F2 making dreams come true? I don't know, but I'm not complaining.


Quote from: Deb
Incredibly, homeowners' insurance will cover the damages.
A fridge leaking water like that must be rather uncommon, so I can understand why the insurance would cover that. Deb, you may have found the solution in a dream which you have now forgotten. Nice result anyway.