Pseudoforms, Ghosts, Apparitions

Started by Deb, December 09, 2017, 05:57:45 PM

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• "[...] You only recognize the physical materializations, but as mentioned earlier in this book, you send pseudoforms of yourself out from yourself of which you are not aware; and this is completely aside from the existence of astral travel or projection, which is a much more complicated affair."

• "If you think strongly of being in another location, a pseudoimage of yourself will be projected out from you to that place, whether or not it is perceived and whether or not you yourself are conscious of it, or conscious in it. [...]"

—SS Chapter 10: Session 540, July 6, 1970

"In the same way in the midst of life, you dwell with so-called ghosts and apparitions, and for that matter you yourselves appear as apparitions to others, particularly when you send strong thought-forms of yourself from the sleep state, or even when unconsciously you travel out of your physical body."
—SS Chapter 10: Session 540, July 6, 1970

"There are obviously as many kinds of ghosts and apparitions as there are people. They are as alert or as unalert to their situation as you are to your own. They are not fully focused in physical reality, however, either in personality or in form, and this is their main distinction. Some apparitions are thought-forms sent by survival personalities out of lingering deep anxiety. They portray the same compulsive-type behavior that can be seen in many instances in your ordinary experience."
—SS Chapter 10: Session 540, July 6, 1970

It is as if an artist finished a painting, and instead of going to a new one he does countless variations of the original, without realizing what he is doing. This is a between-plane existence, and legends refer to it as purgatory.

Such individuals are usually beyond reach from anyone within your system. They are not beginning new reincarnations, nor resting, nor going on to new realities. They will eventually awaken to the nature of their activities, for there will be no counteraction of personalities, you see, and no growth.

Those who struggled and did not achieve fame for example, will some-times recreate their past, manipulate hallucinatory relationships and events and achieve it within that counterfeit environment. This is simply an example. Some may attempt to gain revenge in this way, finding satisfaction in gaining control over another, finally, but the victim in such a case is only the hallucinated image of the victor.

In a considerable number of ghost or apparition cases this is what is involved. Here the emotional energy is at such a pitch that the individual appears out of context within your physical reality, but has no freedom within it.He is acting out the past so vividly and with such a frenzy that electro-magnetic patterns are momentarily disrupted. He breaks through into "cur-rent," in quotes, physical reality, but he cannot step forth freely into it, but is imprisoned by his own overpowering and blind purposes.

He does not realize his condition. When this momentary breakthrough does occur however, then someone with disciplined and developed abilities can explain the situation to him. He can then release himself. In such cases the break with physical reality was somehow incomplete at physical death. The stubborn spirit, usually impelled by still strong unfulfilled wishes, refuses to break contact.

Physical death alone is not enough then. A misguided individual can still cleave to the physical system, though he cannot operate within it as before.
—TES8 Session 396 March 4, 1968