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From Session 440, TES9. Jane's friend Pat Norelli had attempted or threatened suicide because she could not find a relationship with a man and felt life was not worth living. Seth's advice to Pat is here. I wonder if she ever found what she was seeking...  This session is from an old book scan so there will be some typos.

("Good evening, Seth.)
Now we will address a portion of this session to our dear young friend.
     Now. You have a fine, strong and worthwhile purpose, but you will not fulfill it well while you rail against what you do not have, and ignore the abilities and gifts and blessings that you do have.
     You will not discover the purpose and meaning of your life when you insist that it follow certain consciously predetermined roads, and while you concentrate upon what you do not have. This saps your energy and dulls your intuitions. You are indeed obsessed with the idea of marriage, and with male love, but as Joseph mentioned this is but a symptom.
     Underneath is the real cause, and this basic cause is behind all those that I have previously given you, in your own background.
     You are not accepting life on life's terms as an individual. You are demanding that it behave in certain ways, and take courses that you have consciously set upon, and you are refusing to gladly accept life as life, as its own reason and cause within you.
     This idea that you must (underlined) find a man that will love you and you alone, is a cover to hide this deeper refusal to accept life on life's terms. There is a cultural aspect here that you do not realize, and that you would consider beneath you.
     It is a superficial concept, as if your individuality, merit and worth, are only activated if you have a strong sex, love or married relationship. Your survival, your unique abilities, and your purpose, exist quite apart from these.
     They can exist with these, but they cannot exist if you insist that such a relationship is the condition upon which you will accept existence. You are saying "Unless existence meets my terms, I will not exist," and no one has the right to so set themselves against their own innate vitality and the joy of life that is within them.
     Once you wholeheartedly accept life on life's terms, then you may indeed find what you are after, but not while you insist upon it as a condition for continued existence in this life. You have no right to set such terms, any more than a flower would insist upon sunny ground and a preferred spot within the garden as a prerequisite for its own existence.
     You are pouting. You are quarreling, and in so doing you cut yourself off from the joy and vitality that do make life worthwhile living. Your own purpose can and will make life a daily pleasure when you let your conditions go. You forget what you do have physical health and vitality. You forget your intellect, which is a good one, and your intuitions. Many are not blessed with these.
      You cannot pervert them by trying to force them to serve purposes that you have set up as a condition of existence. You must live in the faith that your purpose is and will be fulfilled, is being fulfilled and will be fulfilled. You must live in the faith that you have such a meaning and purpose, or you would not be here.
     The uniqueness that is your own personality is to be cherished. It has (underlined) a meaning. You have no more right to crush it than you have to crush a flower. The particular purpose of your present (underlined) personality can only be met in the present circumstances, in the way that is best overall. The challenges can be met at another time and in another life, this is true, but the particular people that you can help and the particular good that you can do, can never be done in precisely (underlined) the same way.
     In denying life to yourself you end up by denying life to others. Now I wish this session was recorded so you could hear me, for I hold you, as Ruburt does, closely and dearly as a friend. But you are bound to misinterpret what I say in some sessions, and so it behooves me to speak more plainly. You do not realize now, you do not let yourself realize, the beauty and the complicated reality of your being. You do not let yourself realize the spontaneity and joyful burst that is your inner self, that results in this present human personality that you call yourself. Nor the effort and creative energy that has gone into your making, and that sings within your being like the first morning of creation.
     You set yourself against all of this, against the gist of life and joy and vitality, and turn your back upon it with the paltry excuse: "If one person does not love me in a male-female relationship in this life, then I threaten to destroy myself, and shatter the form that holds the spirit, and shatter the form like a glass thrown upon the floor, like a child in a tantrum." (Voice louder; very emphatic and fast delivery.)
     Now you have potentials, and there are people that you are meant to help. This is not to be a joyless task. It is you who are making it joyless. You cannot reject life and be joyful.
     Now I tell you this to clear the air, and show you that your conditions will not be met while you hold them as conditions. Only when you accept life and do not hold conditions...
     Now. Practically speaking, you must stop insisting upon male-female personal love as the condition of existence. You must accept life on its own terms with the faith that your life now has a meaning and a beauty and a purpose. You can do this, and I know that you can do it. Then you will begin to see the meaning in your life that has always been there, and the purpose and joy that you have not been able to fill.
(Again, the above paragraph was delivered very loudly and emphatically.)
     Men and women have joyfully honored and loved the evening and the dawn, and listened to the heart-pulse within them, with a blessing and a joy who have not had one-hundredth of your blessings or one third the reason to look forward to another day, and they have fulfilled themselves and brought joy to others. They accepted life on its own terms, and in so accepting it they were filled with a grace, a grace that comes from giving life all that you have.
     Your basic personality in this life is open. You are trying to close it. It reaches out to all kinds of people over and beyond sexual lines, and you are attempting to hold it in bounds. You feel the need for a great love, but you have the great love and do not realize it. You are trying to make it safe. You are trying to hide yourself in one man's arms.
     You can reach both sexes, particularly in your teaching, and in this way you have gifts for both, and they are spiritual and psychic gifts. You do not understand them yet so you turn this great love inward, and try to narrow it down, and fasten it upon one individual who will then reciprocateóand you do not basically care who this individual is.
     Instead your love is very wide and deep. It can aid many people, for it is ungeneralized and vast, and it will bring you much satisfaction and pleasure as it helps others. But you must not insist on any one condition as a prerequisite for existence. I am not saying that you will not have what you want, again, but as long as you hold the wish as a condition of existence you will not.
Now. Ruburtó(then to me:) are your fingers tired?
You may take a break.
     (9:45. The pace had been fast and emphatic, with occasional mild voice effects. Jane's trance had been deep. In fact, she did not leave it completely during break. She whispered to me: "He's keeping me under during break. "
     (Jane got up for a cigarette, moving cautiously. Her eyes were still very dark and luminousóa sure sign of her trance state. I said nothing. "I'm just sort of half and half, I think, "she said. "He's just stopping because of your fingers. This is sort of crazy. You wanted to rest, but I see you're writing."
     ("Yes, but I'm taking it easy." I wanted to get these notes down, although my hand was somewhat cramped.
     (As mentioned before, throughout the delivery Seth spoke to me in a direct manner, as though I were Pat. Jane resumed in the same fast and emphatic, half-loud manner at 9:52, as soon as I said I was okay.)
- Ruburt, himself, has long known that you had great vitality, but you have been cutting yourself off from your own abilities, and from helping others to a large degree because of this preoccupation.
It blinds you. (Pause.)
     Now you have latched upon this particular preoccupation, but what it is in the end makes no difference. It could have been something else entirely. There are people who feel that existence is meaningless without wealth. Now this sounds idiotic to you. There are people who have committed suicide because they established wealth as a condition of existence. They were unable (underlined) to appreciate a love relationship because of this preoccupation, and you have been unwilling to appreciate the true miracle of your existence because of your preoccupation. (Loudly.)
     If every cell set up the conditions of its own existence you would not have a body. The conditions blind you to what life is, even to the miraculous balance and imbalance of physical and nonphysical that allows you to think and breathe. Forget your conditions and you will realize the meaning of joy within your own life.
     Now my dear young friend for whom I have great affection, there is no other way. Life must be accepted. You do not set the terms. You are worth while, and unique and glorious, whether or not you are loved by a man. You have a purpose and it is yours to fulfill, whether or not you are loved by a man.
     When you cease holding this as a condition of existence, then you may very well be loved by a man. But no one sets the conditions, or pouts in a corner, or threatens suicide without courting severe difficulties. Ruburt has ridiculed the conventional idea of a god who says "Do what I want you to do or I will destroy you," and yet you say to life "Give me what I want or I threaten to destroy myself."
     Now. The answer is no. When you understand my idea of life, then you do not destroy yourself in any form. You do not take it for granted that in the next life you will solve your problems. You take it for granted that this form and this personality, like all your other personalities, is unique, with purpose that it alone can best (underlined) achieve.
     You are your own inner self, it is true. You have set your own problems, but the life force is not entirely yours. You have decided to do certain things with the vitality and life that has been given you, that flows through you, but it is not your right to end any given personality. You rob those you could have helped, and you deny the ecstasy that is the natural right of your being.
     Now I speak to you honestly, and while you may find my words harsh they are spoken with both love and compassion, and (underlined) understanding of your innermost thoughts. Your salvation lies in giving up personal male love and marriage as (underlined) a condition for existence. Because you do often misinterpret me, I repeat: this does not mean you will not find such a male and relationship. But it does mean you will not find this while you hold it as a condition of existence.
     (Voice strong and powerful:) Who is any one of us to make such demands? (Louder.) The whole development of your individuality and of your whole self is a gift of All That Is; a state of grace is the acceptance of life and vitality and joy. Live then within it!
     (Looking at me:) I am speaking so directly as if our friend were here, because the emotional rapport is stronger, and if you will forgive me Joseph, when I look at you, you see, I am seeing our friend instead.
     I would impress her with the fact that her existence will be more joyful
than she can imagine, more productive and fulfilling, when she lets these con
ditions go. Now the whole answer to her dilemma is in this session, and she
must understand that she is capable of doing what I suggest, and that the joys
and rewards will be beyond her present (underlined) expectations.   .' .,
     There is such a preoccupation with what she has not that she is completely blinded to what she has. Now when you receive her reaction to this session, we will hold another. Know that she is held and loved, and that life itself will sustain her, and let the demands upon life drain away like sand between the fingers.
     There is no other way, and there never has been. Life accepted on its own terms will yield secrets of joy and peace and exuberance. You cannot coerce it. You cannot force it and you cannot set conditions.
Now you may take a break or end the session as you prefer.
("We'll take a break."
     (10:15- Break lasted barely a minute. Jane's trance was very deep. She tried to cough. She sat opposite the couch, where I sat; in her rocker as usual. Her eyes did not open. "Boy, was he ever here," she said, meaning Seth. "I felt like he had Pat pinned right to that couch."
(Resume session then at 10:16.)
Now. Ruburt you see in the past was setting conditions.
(To me:) Will your fingers stand it?
("For a little bit.")
     He would be a famous writer, on his own terms, (underlined) or he would not accept life joyfully. He would limit the ways in which life expressed itself through him, or at times he felt he would not operate at all. He would be a novelist and a poet, as the conditions of his happy existence, of his joyful existence, or he would not operate naturally.
     He would attempt to limit his abilities if they did not agree with his preconceived ideas. If he could not go his own way, he would not go, and so he slowed himself down.
     He learned, and he is still learning, and so your friend must learn. You do not set conditions upon life. This is the greatest lesson that anyone can learn. Basically, basically, there is no other, for this one includes all others.
Take your break.
(10:23- Jane whispered to me: "He's still coming through.")   "
     Vitality and joy and creativity move through you all spontaneously if you (underlined) do not set up barriers in terms of preconceptions and conditions; and all your desires will be met, but never when you set them up as conditions for your existence. The life that is within you knows only these terms: continued unpredetermined development, expansion; it will not flow in predetermined patterns or demands.
     It can fulfill you and others, and bring you unimagined fulfillment, but never when you attempt to force it to follow certain directions. Who are you to threaten vitality and life?
(Pause. Jane stared at me for so long that I thought the session was over.
("Goodnight, Seth."
(Loudly, with a smile:) NowóI did not say good evening.
     I would let you know that Ruburt is now, finally accepting life on its terms, and this is the reason for his recovery. He has been helped by others, and Ford's and Edwards'ideas are quite legitimate.
Now I do suggest that our friend contact Edwards, and Ruburt can explain the reasons rather than taking session time to do so. These people in their way are expert spiritual healers. I am a teacher. They are often more gentle and understanding. They have a bedside manner, you see, that I unfortunately seem to lack. (Half humorously.) They do contact other layers of the personality, with explanations that are vital. They do not love any less than I, but they are more patient. They are also better equipped with certain techniques in their field, as I am equipped in my own.
     Now as you know from certain signs, I am quite prepared to go on for
some time, giving you literally whatever information I can concerning Ruburt's
condition, or your friends, but I realize the hour is late and your fingers tired.
Make your own decision. I have done, and am doing, the very best that I can,
out of love for your friend.   ;
("Iguess we'll have to end it.")
     I wish you then a hearty good evening, and to your friend, our present
beloved young woman, Ruburt's Pat Norelli, my best wishes for a beginning
now, of vitality and joy, as you throw aside all conditions, and accept your life
for what it is and will (underlined) beóa joy, an exaltation to yourself, and a
help to all those you will still contact.   ;
("Goodnight, Seth."
     (10:37- Jane's trance had again been very deep, and she was a while coming out of it. Her eyes opened very slowly; I talked to her, etc. The pace had been fast and furious for the most part, with more voice effects than we had heard for some time.
     (There had undoubtedly been a strong emotional condition operating during this session, and at its end both Jane and I felt a strong lassitude, most unusual for us after a session. It lasted for perhaps half an hour. The intensity of the experience made it seem that much more time had passed; both of us were surprised to realize the comparatively early hour.)


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