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As a natural born skeptic, this is the type of stuff that opened me to the Seth material:

I came across this exchange between Seth and Rob by chance today and it was outside of the usual flow of things we usually read. It's from Session 34 in the Early Sessions 1, March 11, 1964.

Background: A regular planned session, Seth, Jane and Rob only. Seth described a scene how we observe with our outer senses (a view out a window, cars going by) with sight, sound. The inner senses add exponentially to the experience. If we would be able to observe the same scene from an inner-sense perspective, we would experience directly the essence of everything in the scene: smells, the air, trees, branches, hidden insects and birds, personalities of the people in the cars, the past and future experiences of everything.

Seth then went on to talk a little bit about the potential for mind altering drugs breaking our current consciousness out of the constraints of our limited, sense-based reality, which is not always a good thing. It could cause certain types of personalities to lose their ability to manipulate our camouflage patterns.

This is where it gets interesting:

Rob: "I remember you said once that the inner senses weren't as fluent."  (Here a surprising thing happened. As soon as I voiced this thought, Jane stopped in her pacing and stared at me. Her eyes were very dark.)

Seth: "As fluent?"

Rob: "Yes. As fluent as the outer senses."

Seth: "I do not recall saying that."

Rob: (I had a peculiar feeling of something gone wrong. It was the first time in all our sessions that any problem like this had arisen. Jane continued to stare at me as she stood by the window.)

Seth: "The word fluent is the word that bothers  me, and I do not know to what you refer. I am not sure of your meaning of the word fluent in that particular context."

Rob: "Well, I can't remember the whole context now, but I think you were comparing the inner senses to the outer senses. Somewhere back around the 15th or 16th sessions."

Seth: "The word fluent simply does not strike me in that context."

A little more material delivered, and then a break at 10:45. Rob tracked down the session in question: 17.

Seth: "We have uncovered an error on someone's part, my dear Joseph—"

Rob: "It's probably mine."

Seth: "—and this time we have no distortion but a simple mistake I believe in notes. I certainly did not say what I have just seen through Ruburt's eyes. The error is in one word; not fluent but "inner." The outer senses are not as fluent as the inner. For some reason the word was either mistaken or transposed, I do not know. The outer senses dealing with rigid camouflage patterns could not be as fluent as the inner senses.

"This could lead to errors in the interpretation of the material itself. The outer senses are schooled to interpret data in rather narrow terms, and therefore are not fluent. I hope that this is cleared up, and anything else like it should be instantly brought to my attention as soon as you become aware of it."

Rob: "It's the only one like it that I'm conscious of at the moment."

Seth: "The error could have been on Ruburt's part, although I believe I would have known it in that case and corrected it at once."

Rob: "I'll check my original notes. It's quite possible I made the mistake."

Seth: "You may have taken the word down wrong but your performance has certainly been excellent irregardless. I am certainly glad that this was caught."

Rob: "That line has bothered me at different times though." (This was true. Recalling this statement as I had first recorded it, I had wondered about its accuracy more and more as Seth gave us additional information on the much wider abilities of the inner senses. Later, checking my original handwritten notes, I found that I had indeed taken the statement down that way, then typed it up that way. So, although we didn't pinpoint the exact cause of the error, at least it has been corrected.)
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Deb, thanks for this. A sceptic reading the Seth books might say that Jane invented Seth. The above dialogue shows that such invention is very unlikely.


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