Free Audio Read Multiple Seth Books

Started by T.M., June 12, 2018, 01:27:15 PM

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There's a guy on YouTube who reads most of Seth's books. He pretty much just does the sessions and not the notes.
I listen to him a lot and really appreciate having this available. I go to playlist and just click on whatever book I want to listen too.
I thought maybe others would also appreciate hearing this also.

Tim Hart Hart


Wow T.M., thanks for the link. What a treasure! I know what I'll be doing this afternoon. :)

I have a free shareware called YouTube to MP3 Converter that allows me to download the audio from YouTube videos in mp3 format so I can put it in iTunes and then on my phone. It works really well, has given me lots of great things to listen to when I go on my long daily walks.


I'm listening to him now. :)
I've always had a hard time sitting and reading The Unknown Reality.
I like the way he reads. Clearly and easy to understand. There's a few people on YouTube that attempt to read Seth's books. By far he's the best and has the most to choose from.
I like that he doesn't read the notes either, just the sessions.


Quote from: T.M.
I like that he doesn't read the notes either, just the sessions.

That's a big "selling" point for me. When reading the books for the first time, I read every endnote because I didn't want to miss a thing and Rob really did add a lot of background info, details and explanations. But reading for a second time I tend to skip the notes and that speeds things up considerably.

I've been thinking what I'd love to have some day is every one of the sessions, in one place, in numerical order. The search engine could probably do that, but the owner is concerned about copyright issues so that will not be a possibility unless he works something out with Laurel.