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Quote from: LarryH
Wyland is from Michigan and went to the same art school that I went to in Detroit (now named College for Creative Studies). We had some of the same teachers.

Hah! Another coincidence?

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Hi LarryH,

Thanks for sharing.  That is really cool.

Back in 2008, while in Honolulu, my wife and I got the opportunity to see him and meet him in person. He was at his studio in Honolulu, on a Friday evening and while their he painted a whale picture in about 45 minutes in front of the audience. It was impressive to see just how fast he can paint a first rate picture.

Back in the 1990's he came to Newport, Oregon and painted a large (maybe 50 foot) mural on the side of a building. This mural consisted of a picture of grey whales, which travel up and down the Oregon coast from Alaska to Mexico, twice a year. Once down and once back. It was awesome to watch him paint this mural. 

I've read, that he says that he see's the whole image in his mind's eye visually, while he is painting. That's pretty awesome.


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Hi All,

I was reading, “The Nature of the Psyche” the other day and came across a term that Seth uses in this book called “significances”. I think that what Seth has to say here about significances, has a lot to do with how synchronous events actually occur. Here he gives an “Aunt Sarah” example of how events can occur that is quite interesting. Like many of the topics that Seth discusses, this discussion of “significances” gets kind of deep and as a result I had to read through it several times to grasp the significance, no pun intended,  :), of it all. (Note: The usage of bold font below is mine.)

NotP, Chapter 9, Session 788

Dictation: Basically, events have nothing to do with what you think of as cause and effect. This is perhaps apparent to some degree when you study dream events, for there the kind of continuity you are used to, connecting events, largely vanishes.

Instead events are built up, so to speak, from significances. But let us forget that term for a moment and consider association, with which you are already familiar, since your stream of consciousness operates in that fashion. By its very nature each consciousness is a particular, peculiar, and unique focus of awareness which will experience any possible realities through its own characteristics.

It also “stamps” or “impresses” the universe with its own imprint. No portion of the universe is inactive or passive, regardless of its seeming organization or its seeming lack of organization. Each consciousness, then, impresses the universe in its own fashion. Its very existence sets up a kind of significance, in whose light the rest of the universe will be interpreted. The universe knows itself through such significances. Each consciousness is endowed with creativity of a multidimensional nature, so that it will seek to create as many possible realities for itself as it can, using its own significance as a focus to draw into its experience whatever events are possible for it from the universe itself. It will then attract events from the universe, even as its own existence imprints the universe as an event with the indelible stamp of its own nature.

And how do “significances” operate?

Significances fall or happen in certain patterns, and when these become very obvious they appear as cause and effect. They are simply heavy-handed significances. Your associative processes and habits are perhaps the closest examples that can give clues of how significances operate. Even then, however, associations deal with the passage of time, and basically significances do not. You might think of your Aunt Sarah, for example, and in a few moments the associative process might bring you images of periods in the past when you visited your aunt, of her friends and neighbors, the articles in her house, and episodes connected with your relationship.

(9:49.) At the same time Aunt Sarah, unbeknown to you, might pick up a blue vase, one that you had just seen in your mind as belonging on a shelf in her living room. Touching the vase, your Aunt Sarah might think of the person who gave it to her, now on the other side of the continent. That person, perhaps thinking of buying a present for someone, might settle upon a vase in a flash of inspiration, or suddenly begin humming a song with the name “Sarah” in the title, or possibly even think of your aunt. If on the other hand any opposing associations existed anywhere along the line, the “chain” of association could be broken. The last lady might consider a vase, for example, but reject the idea. Because of the time element, it seems to you that the first episode caused the others, and that your first association concerning your aunt brought about the “following” events.

The inner significances, however, the associations, existed all at once, to be tuned in to at any point of time. They had their reality basically apart from time, even though they appeared within it.

Actually the three sets of events could easily occur to the three people at once, and if no normal communication happened no one would be the wiser. The inner tapestry of events deals with just this kind of association. Emotional intensities and significances compose the nature of events. In dreams you work with the kind of intensities involved, exploring multitudinous significances. These are like charged emotional patterns, formed of your own highly personal emotions and intents.

Using such significances as yardsticks, you accept or reject probable events. You imprint the universe with your own significance, and using that as a focus you draw from it, or attract, those events that fit your unique purposes and needs. In doing so, to some extent you multiply the creative possibilities of the universe, forming from it a personal reality that would otherwise be absent, in those terms; and in so doing you also add in an immeasurable fashion to the reality of all other consciousness by increasing the bank of reality from which all consciousness draws.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

Now: There is no such thing, basically, as random motion. There is no such thing as chaos. The universe, by whatever name and in whatever manifestation, attains its reality through ordered sequences of significances.

- jbseth

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Quote from: jbseth
Each consciousness, then, impresses the universe in its own fashion. Its very existence sets up a kind of significance, in whose light the rest of the universe will be interpreted.
jbseth, thanks for this. This is very original teaching from Seth.


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