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jbseth, your Pentatonix post today is the basis for my latest synchronicity. After listening to the link that you posted, I received an email from my neighbor Bill. Bill and I have had numerous synchronicities over the last few years, most of which I have shared in this thread. In this latest email, he shared a link to a different person singing Amazing Grace. But before he sang it, he talked about its history. He shared that its melody is likely to have been overheard by the writer of the words from the gallows of a slave ship that he had once worked on. He also shared that almost all negro spirituals can be sung to a tune played on "only the black keys", and he demonstrated that this was also true about Amazing Grace. The black keys on a piano consist of five notes, and these five notes are referred to as pentatonic notes.

1) You share a song in the syncronicity thread
2) On the same day, a neighbor with whom I have shared many synchronicities sends me a link to the same song
3) The speaker in that link talks about pentatonic notes, using a word that presumably inspired the name Pentatonix.

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Hi LarryH, Hi All,

Wow, that’s a really cool synchronous event, LarryH. Thanks for sharing.  :)

In the past I’ve heard (I don’t actually know if this is true or not) that the song “Amazing Grace” was written by a man while on board a ship. It seems to me that I may have been told that this came about as a result of this man’s ship being involved in a terrible storm. Beyond that, I don’t know much about its history.

I do however, know more about the group “The Pentatonix”.

Between 2009 and 2014, NBC has a show call the “The Sing Off” which featured a sing off competition of a cappella groups. This was kind of like “American Idol” or “The Voice”, only for a cappella groups.

In 2011, Scott, Kirsten and Mitch, three people who had all known each other for some time, and who have sang together in the past decided to try out for the “Sing-Off” show that season. However, they were told that they needed 5 members to participate. As a result of this, they then quickly added Avi (the bass singer) to their group first and then, just 2 days before the competition added Kevin as well (the Beatbox guy).

As I understand it, they very intentionally chose the name “The Pentatonix”, for themselves. Again as I understand it, partly because the pentatonic music scale is a 5 note (“penta” = five) scale, partly because the pentatonic scale is used a lot in rock and pop music and partly because there are 5 members of their group.  I personally think that their decision to name themselves “The Pentatonix” was pure genius.

Now, it turns out that they were a really good a cappella group. So good, in fact that they actually “won” the NBC’s Sing-Off competition that year.

In 2017, their bass singer, Avi, sadly decided to leave the group under amicable conditions and so they then hired a new bass signer named Matt.  If you watch any of their videos, some of them contain Avi and some of the newer ones contain Matt instead.

The major pentatonic scale consists of the first, the second, the third, the fifth and the sixth notes of the major scale. 

While it is true that the black keys on a piano (G-flat, A-flat, B-flat, D-flat, and E-flat) make up a pentatonic scale, (specifically they make up the G-flat pentatonic scale) not all pentatonic scales, are necessarily this G-flat pentatonic scale.  This is kind of like saying that all thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs.

As I previously mentioned, the pentatonic scale is used in a lot of rock music. Back in the 1950’s, at the birth of rock music, it consisted of a merging of many different kinds of music including, “the blues”. Since the blues has always been largely based upon the pentatonic scale, it is for this reason that a lot of rock music is also largely based upon the pentatonic scale.

After writing all of this, I finally watched the video that you (LarryH) attached.

Wow. Talk about goosebumps. That man, Wintley Phipps has an awesome voice.

Thank you, thank you, LarryH, for sharing this video with us. I loved it. :)


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Hi LarryH,

I noticed that in the video that you posted in reply #200, the video was titled “Bill and Gloria Gaithner – Amazing Grace ft. Wintley Phipps (Live).

From what I’ve been able to determine from the internet, it appears that it was Wintley Phipps who told us the story behind the song “Amazing Grace” and then sang this song in this video.

Wikipedia describes Bill and Gloria Gaithner as singers of contemporary Christian music.

Wikipedia also describes Wintley Phipps as a singer, songwriter and Seventh-day Adventist minister.

I’ve found a similar video where Wintley Phipps sings at a national prayer service where President Obama was in attendance (see link at bottom)

The video that you posted in reply #200, looks like it was shot at some place like perhaps the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.  I was wondering if you or maybe your neighbor knows where this video was actually shot?



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Quote from: jbseth
The video that you posted in reply #200, looks like it was shot at some place like perhaps the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.  I was wondering if you or maybe your neighbor knows where this video was actually shot?
I think the Kennedy Center has a much more contemporary architecture, but I will ask my neighbor if he knows the location.

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Here's a fun little synchronicity that just happened yesterday. My BIL, who lives in Florida, asked me how he could start seeds for a native plant, Butterfly Pea flower, and how long they would take to germinate? I'm a long-time gardener, so he thought I'd know. I said germination time varies from plant to plant, so he'd have to look on the seed packet or search the internet since I'd not heard of the plant before. Then I realized the plant he was asking about sounded oddly familiar to me and I made the connection.

One week ago my ex texted me asking how he should handle starting seeds for a native plant (he's in North Carolina). Spurred Butterfly Pea Flower! He even sent me a photo, they're beautiful. I may be moving to FL in the fall, this will be on my wish list.

What makes it even more of a "coincidence" is that the BIL and ex are both named Peter.

Which was also my father's and grandfather's name. Or as the family joked, Pete and Re-Pete.
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Hi All,

Here’s another synchronous event.

Last night my wife and I took a look at the usual TV shows that we typically watch and discovered that we were all caught up, on all of them.  That being the case, we decided to watch a movie that my wife had heard some time ago in the past, and has been wanting to see, but we haven’t seen it yet. This movie is called “Radioactive”, and it’s all about the life of Madam Curie, the woman who discovered among other things, the element, Radium.

On Bing, typically every day, they have a link called, “On this Day in History” and on this link, they typically show 4 events that occurred sometime in the past, on that particular day.

Today, on Bing, under their “On this Day in History” link, the first of the 4 events, was the story that on this day, April 20, 1902, the Curies isolated Radium."True" OsKey%3A%22OnThisDay0420%22+Id%3A%220%22+dw_answerstobesuppressed%3A%22taskpanepromotionanswer%22&form=OTDTB0

I’d say that this was some pretty interesting timing.



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