Dealing with Divisiveness

Started by jbseth, January 02, 2019, 12:16:55 AM

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Hi All,

There seems to be a lot of divisiveness and hatred in our world today. Here's a comment from Seth ("Seth Speaks", Chapter 12, Session 550) on how to deal with it.

I spoke earlier of rigid concepts of right and wrong. There is only one way to avoid this problem. Only true compassion and love will lead to an understanding of the nature of good, and only these qualities will serve to annihilate the erroneous and distortive concepts of evil.

(10:28.) The simple fact is that as long as you believe in the concept of evil, it is a reality in your system, and you will always find it manifested. Your belief in it will, therefore, seem highly justified. If you carry this concept through succeeding generations, through reincarnations, then you add to its reality.