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Seth recommended to Rob and Jane that they orient their bed such that their heads were pointed to the north. I don't believe he elaborated on this, giving no rationale for the suggestion. But it did suggest that some component of our bodies had a sensitivity to earth's magnetic field. As it turns out, this has recently been discovered, though it is at the subconscious level. Link:

"Thus far, we’ve found evidence that people have working magnetic sensors sending signals to the brain – a previously unknown sensory ability in the subconscious human mind. The full extent of our magnetic inheritance remains to be discovered."

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Hi LarryH, Hi All,

Wow LarryH, that’s a very interesting article. Thanks for sharing it.

I’ve always wondered specifically why Seth made this North - South bed orientation recommendation to Jane and Rob. I’ve also always wondered whether it had to do with Jane and Rob aligning themselves the north magnetic pole, the north geographic pole or perhaps something else.

As far as I know, Seth never did explain it. However, he may have done so in the TPS books. I did find 2 comments that seem to refer to this issue, via the Seth Search Engine when I recently did a search on “orientation bed”. See the very bottom of this post for the 2 comments I found, one in TPS3 and one in TPS4.

I didn’t know that humans have a "magnetoreceptive ability", nor did I know that it occurs as a result of "nanocrystals made out of magnetite" which does make sense. In addition to this, I also didn’t realize that these nanocrystals actually exist in human brain tissue. I’ve never heard any of this before, and I find it to be really fascinating.

The fact that some of the researchers doing this study come from California Institute of Technology, also tells me that these results, really seems to be legitimate.

As I recall, somewhere, I think in “Seth Speaks”, Seth does say something to the effect that it is our inner self or inner ego who controls our body functions like our heartbeat. Maybe what’s happening here is this. Perhaps our inner self makes use of this sense data but our Ego self blocks this out along with other inner self data, so that it, our Ego, can concentrate on the data that it deems to be the most pertinent information. Kind of like how, in the article, they point out that sometimes we consciously opt to block background noise so that we can concentrate on something we're trying to listen to.

Thus, if our inner self makes use of this magnetoreceptive ability, but our Ego self blocks it out, then perhaps this might explain why we aren’t consciously aware of having this capability.

Below are the 2 comments I found on the North - South Bed Orientation, using the Seth Search Engine.

TPS3, Session June 25 1977,

[... 42 paragraphs ...]

(11:26.) Give us a moment.... Have him begin a dream notebook (7). I want him to think in terms of using his abilities. I want you to think of using yours, rather than either of you concentrating upon what cannot be practically done. It would be of help if your bed had a north-to-south orientation, decorating problems to the contrary (8?). Particularly in your location, this has added benefit. Let Ruburt try one out-of-body this week—simply try.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

TPS4 Session June 21 1978,

[... 26 paragraphs ...]

I add a humorous note: the north-south orientation of the bed does have advantages. End of session, and a fond good evening.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]


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Very cool Larry, great find! I saw these types of articles in the news recently but didn't have time to look at them. To me another case of science backing up the Seth materials.

I did find more information about Seth's recommendation about sleeping with the head pointing north, but still not as deeply detailed as I'd like, but the first bolded sentence is spot on!

(“Is there anything to the idea of sleeping with your head to the north?”)

Sleeping with your heads to the north is excellent, on your plane only. Because of magnetic properties your molecules are aligned with greater efficiency. I certainly do not like to go into household matters. A point, however: Your bed should never be in your main room. Not only do you have lack of privacy, one of Ruburt’s squawks, and not only should various biological functions be separated on your plane as I have suggested, but the room itself, while excellent for some purposes involving use of the intellect, is simply not good for sleeping.

The back room is the best for sleeping. However it is also the best for your working purposes, Joseph. The small room will do as a sleeping room, but the head of the bed should be at the north. And in the use of psychological time exercises you would do well if your head was at the north."

—TES1 Session 35 March 16, 1964

More details may be something that were left out of the books -- there is still plenty of unpublished material. And Jane and Rob didn't seem all that interested in this particular topic. I've tried it myself for weeks on end, with sleeping and meditating, with no obvious result.

It makes sense that humans would have the magnetic sensitivity that all other living creatures on this planet seem to have. I think, like other things such as intuition and telepathic communication, we tend to block it out. We have more faith in gadgets and machines.

I followed a link in the article and came to the source article that explains how the experiment was done. with a link to an older article regarding the discovery that there is magnetite in the human brain.

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