"Good Omenns" on Prime. Highly recommend

Started by Marianna, June 19, 2019, 08:19:23 AM

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Hi Deb and everyone!

I liked the series more than the book. Even if you will not agree with all ideas - being a Sethie - it is an enjoyable series with quality humor, ideas, and picture.


Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely check the show out! A little research shows me that the show is based on the book "Good Omens" written by Terry Pratchett. His name sounded really familiar but I couldn't remember what book(s) of his I'd read. Wiki shows he was a really prolific and well-respected writer. When I saw the OBE after his name, I thought, out of body experience, lol. Well technically he is having one, he died in 2015.

Turns out the books I'd read of his were The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy. I'd read them to my son when he was little— I would read to him every night. I still have the book, along with our beloved Harry Potter series, Pendragon, a couple others that survived my Konmari book purge. I have a lot of fond memories of our book-reading days, I read a lot of "kids" books back then that were just as enjoyable for an adult.


I agree :) Time when parents read books to me and my brother were wonderful! I cannot say that the fact of reading before going to bed formed my love for reading. Because my brother is not into books At All :). Books are just 'my thing'.

And as soon as I came across them, I couldn't stop :)

I must say, the Good Omens book was good too. Even for me - with English as a second language. Though I confess, I stopped 3/4. But this is not entirely author's fault. I was still at the stage when I would have quite a few books started at once.

Btw, I saw your advice on Mr. Nobody and put it in my Queue. Thanks!


I tried to get into this show but I just couldnt!
I really like doctor who david tenant too!

Im glad others enjoyed it though!