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Virtual Reality and Seth


Hi All,

Today my wife and I watched America's Got Talent, 2019, and part of it (see video below) was about these 2 psychologists who use Virtual Reality technology to help people overcome their fears.

For this particular setup, Howie Mandel, one of the judges on AGT, was asked to come onstage, put on the VR headset and participate in the activity which consisted of saving a person who was hanging from ropes that were strung across a canyon.

To me, the Howie that knew he was participating in a VR activity represented our inner ego, while the Howie who was actually participating in the VR activity represented our outer ego.

This video is only about 7 minutes long and it's quite interesting to watch. Enjoy.


I meant to reply to this earlier. The video and the invention are fantastic, I really enjoyed it. And I totally get how they would relate to inner/outer ego. And the virtual reality is the camouflage reality in which the ego/outer reality has adventures. And the psychiatrists? :)


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