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Virtual Reality and Seth

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Hi All,

Today my wife and I watched America's Got Talent, 2019, and part of it (see video below) was about these 2 psychologists who use Virtual Reality technology to help people overcome their fears.

For this particular setup, Howie Mandel, one of the judges on AGT, was asked to come onstage, put on the VR headset and participate in the activity which consisted of saving a person who was hanging from ropes that were strung across a canyon.

To me, the Howie that knew he was participating in a VR activity represented our inner ego, while the Howie who was actually participating in the VR activity represented our outer ego.

This video is only about 7 minutes long and it's quite interesting to watch. Enjoy.


I meant to reply to this earlier. The video and the invention are fantastic, I really enjoyed it. And I totally get how they would relate to inner/outer ego. And the virtual reality is the camouflage reality in which the ego/outer reality has adventures. And the psychiatrists? :)

According to the information provided in the 'nine levels of consciousness' – session of Bashar, the universe is discrete, not continuous. The production rate of the virtual reality frames corresponds to the ‘ticking’ of the universe. You are contracting to zero and expanding again, at all consciousness levels except the collective agreement level, billions of times per second, thus creating a new universe from moment to moment to moment.

Once you created the new universe, you are in a new reality, with new connections e.g. to the frames you do not need any more. Hence the statement that you are creating the ‘past’ from the present. And as you are basically not more than a fluctuating informational nodal point, made up of the single consciousness particle of existence which creates everything, after every contraction, billions of times per second, the whole multiverse has been changed as well.

The precise interface between your universe and other people’s universes is however not yet clear, apart from the information about the common rules laid down on the collective agreement level (gravity, speed of light, up and down, right and left, etc.). ‘You are creating your version of me, while I am creating my version of you, so basically we are talking to each other’ (Bashar).

In any case, from the information provided follows that you are creating your version of the chair, the table, the room, the house, the street, the city, the country, the continent, the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe. You are re-creating it billions of times per second, and you are – thus – constantly in a new reality.

Everybody else is creating their version of the chair, the table, the room, the house, the street, the city, the country, the continent, the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe. They are re-creating it billions of times per second, and they are – thus – constantly in a new reality.

You are producing your version of other persons, while they are producing their version of you. Like in an interactive computer game. However, they have to receive all the information pertaining to their ‘reality’ from their angle, not from your angle. So the coordination of differing perspectives, the interface, and the seamless common projection are paramount.

In one of the last sessions Bashar explained that we allow others to affect us only to the extent we agree. ‘...that we allow ourselves to be affected by others only to the extent we agreed or pre-agreed’ may be a proper formulation in this context, as the higher levels were mentioned. According to the explanation provided by Bashar the higher mind of the other actors involved may or may not play an active part in the friendly or not so friendly interactions between the avatars (e.g. 10%, 30%, 70% etc.). The versions of us who are reading these lines are the avatars (‘versions’ in his terminology). If we don’t like what we see we can change the scenario from the avatar-level by modifying the vibration of our beliefs and definitions. Without beliefs and definitions we cannot play the reality game. Because we have to insert a specific (vibrational) value into the reality production ‘equation’ (Bashar). The game is not real. It is a projection of consciousness within consciousness. Only the experience is real.

According to Bashar 'All-that-is' is a particle. Conscious of itself. It is ONE, SINGLE particle, not one category of particles, such as e.g. the Higgs Boson. One single particle, creating each and everything. This single particle is travelling at infinite speed, constantly crisscrossing itself on its way. Where it is crossing itself it is creating matter. The more often, the denser reality becomes at the points of intersection. The single particle is creating everything, starting with electrons and protons, etc. Thus, we are all made up of this single particle. The single particle is not subject to time and space. Time and space are subject to it. This is why it can be everywhere at the same 'time'.

According to Tom Campbell the reality is virtual, not ‘real’. It is pixelated and constantly being reproduced like the movie on a computer screen. It is our individuated unit of consciousness which is playing with the avatars on the screen. It is so immersed in the 3-D plot that it is usually not aware that it is not really on the screen. There is nothing smaller than the pixels, the size of one Planck length. The objective is to increase the level of our self awareness and thus to lower the entropy of the overall consciousness system of which we are a part. Lowering the entropy is synonymous with enhancing compassion and love.

According to Bashar there is nothing ‘out there’ out there. It is a projection of our consciousness within consciousness. We are ‘shifting’ from reality frame to reality frame, thus creating the illusion of time and movement. Actually we are creating those frames at the rate of Planck time because we are constantly re-creating the universe, from moment to moment to moment. Everybody of us is creating his or her own universe. We are the only one in our universe. Others are in their own universe, recreating that universe billions of times per second.


--- Quote from: Tob ---According to the information provided in the 'nine levels of consciousness' – session

--- End quote ---

Hi Tov,

Was this nine levels of consciousness from something Seth said?  If so, could you point me to the book and session where he talks about these nine levels.




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