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Started by Deb, November 03, 2018, 12:29:21 PM

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I thought I'd put some information up about this doctor in Taiwan, who uses the Seth materials to heal people. His Seth Educational Foundation has 10,000 members! I'm not sure anything here involving Seth has that much of a following.

The information below came from his website. It would be interesting to read one of his books or listen to him speak. From Facebook: He is the author of 13 books, two of which are published in English through Rick Stack's New Awareness Network, and is a frequent speaker throughout Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, the U.S. and Canada.

Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu is a graduate of Taipei Medical University. As a specialist of family medicine, he worked at the Renai branch of the Taipei City Hospital but transferred to psychiatry in order to gain a deeper understanding of how the human psyche affects the body. Later, he practiced psychiatry at the Taipei City Psychiatric Center and eventually became the director of the mental health department of Taipei County Hospital. He enjoys Zen meditation and writing, and has been featured as a regular columnist on spiritual matters in the United Daily News, the family section of the China Times, the spiritual helper section of Great News, the family section of the Liberty Times and the medical section of the China Times.

Apart from his background in orthodox medicine, Dr. Hsu has studied holistic health philosophies for nearly 20 years and favors Seth. As a result of his two decade study in holistic health philosophy and its practice for body, mind and spirit he has developed many insights to share about cancer therapy and relapse prevention. In Holistic Health Development Groups and the "Beautiful Life Cancer Patient Development Group," he applies theories and techniques unknown or ignored by the world of modern medicine and has achieved impressive results. In light of his results, He has also been invited to speak in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, the US and Canada, winning popular acclaim every time.

In order to help more people, Dr. Hsu established Seth Publishing in 2007 and, in 2008, began the New Age Seth Culture and Education Foundation, as well as, the Seth Holistic Clinic. It is his hope to help people realize that disease is a symptom of inner imbalance and conflict. And, therefore, any "treatment" of disease, must ultimately be based on the restoration of "mental, physical and spiritual balance" through constant self-study, self-awareness and enlightenment.


Such a shame, Deb! It looks like the only doctor's book in English is about cancer. And he wrote so much more!

Still, it's a great achievement that his articles are published in China! Indeed, "the individual comes first". :)


I think Rick Stack is the one getting the books translated and published. Rick found out about Dr. Hsu when I was taking my 2nd Online Intensive, the class that prompted me to start this forum. Late 2014.

But, coincidentally (love that), there was just a Facebook post with a long excerpt from another of Dr. Hsu's books. I'm just going to copy it here, the English version. It's not perfect, probably straight from Google translate, but you'll get the idea.

There is a female student who lives with her in-laws after she got married. In addition to her in-laws, she has a brother in-law and a sister in-law, plus the children there are about 10 of them in the house. She has been living unhappily life for more than ten years with them. She always thought of moving out yet she has no guts to do so.

Recently, she got Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is a very important cue to start having self -awareness here. In the past, our concept of having disease was "My body is very weak and I got a disease."

First of all, we may not feel that the body belongs to us. Secondly, we will feel that the body is sick and we must cure the disease. However, the concept of Seth's philosophy is "Whatever happens to you, it represents you so does the sicknesses."

The existence of disease leads her to think more deeply to search for psychological roots.

You don't get a disease in your body, but your disease is you. So, what does your illness has to tell you? The disease is not fundamentally a problem of the body. The body is merely sending out a signal that reflects the condition of mind and spirit.

Your vitality has no place to express itself thus it appears as a form of sickness on your body.

What are your thoughts and beliefs which feelings created this disease? The disease is part of the psyche. So, I suggested to this student by learning to practice self-awareness from here and understand that her illness is part of her.

The physical body merely reflects the spiritual condition faithfully. Therefore, my ultimate goal is to rebuild her confidence in her body's wholesomeness.

She further revealed that she doesn't like to do housework. She wanted so much to escape from this responsibility of being a daughter-in-law. She is afraid of not staying in line with her concept of a women's virtue, eventually she got rheumatoid arthritis.

"I want to escape the responsibility of being a good daughter-in-law, so I created rheumatoid arthritis." I live with my in-laws, but I have to live with my brother in -law as well.

This statement seems simple. In the faint words, it has a deep feeling, it representing the mood of her for the past ten terrible years. It says it all.

How many times in the past ten years I wanted to move out but I didn't do so. As for the responsibility of the whole family I don't want to bear it anymore. She hates doing all the dirty housework, tidying the house. Besides, she must pay homage to the ancestors during Chinese New Year? Worst still she feel that her husband was supporting her.

For more than a decade, she has tried to escape the filial traditional good daughter-in-law role that she has to bear during her painful journey of her marriage life. It is important to know how much bitterness and psychological process there were. However, we must remember that the consciousness of Seth's philosophy must be linked to the inner feelings.

Have you noticed my dear all? Although it seems that the subconscious mind has made her created rheumatoid arthritis, in fact, it is the consciousness echoing. That is, she didn't want to play the role of a traditional daughter-in-law. She didn't want to do so many things in her consciousness mind but she couldn't say it out, so the subconscious mind matched her consciousness and let her get rheumatoid arthritis.

Look, her tricks have succeeded. The subconscious has to satisfy her beliefs, but she has to make a decision that is not her ego consciousness decision. As I said before, "Everything that happens to you, it represents you." So which part of her rheumatoid arthritis represents? What are the thoughts and feelings that represent her? Find the thought and feeling and you will get the answer.

Seth says , "Illnesses and various minor and major physical symptoms are often caused as the subconscious tries to speak out, in an effort to make itself heard by the unheeding conscious mind. If the conscious mind consults with the subconscious, such nagging or sometimes explosive efforts will not be needed."

Her thoughts and feelings are, " My marriage life has been just a long string of duty and responsibility just like a hard-working cow. I don't want to be a cow in this house. I don't wanna be a maiden. I am not happy at this house. Besides, I don't think my husband is supporting me. I really want to leave this place so-called home."

On top of that, she needs not perform housework, or just do as little as possible, but the whole thing is not her fault, because she did not deliberately want it. When the subconscious is to take action, it can be exempted from the sense of responsibility, because "I did not mean to have this illness."

Disease often appears when a personality is in dilemma consequently let her get rheumatoid arthritis. So that one can achieve a result is that she can go to see a doctor and she can get attention like love and care because of her sickness.

So why is the subconscious behavior and consciousness often separated? So that consciousness can be blamed, and the role of the subconscious mind is precisely calculated, it is another self, but we often distinguish this self.

#Excerpted From Dr.Tien Sheng Hsu's Book- Be Self Aware Be Happy
TES4 Session 152 May 5, 1965


Thanks, Deb! A very typical disease example.
I found the book you mention. Amazon does sell it.


It is not about cancer only, that is good news. Though no reviews, it must be an interesting read if it is like the extract you posted.
The 'look inside' view on amazon looks good.
The book is something - good to have at home and to keep helpful tips in mind - to catch yourself - when you might be creating disease with your thoughts.

But I cannot possibly read it now - tired, though happy self - and during sunny weather :)