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Started by Marianna, July 08, 2019, 11:52:33 AM

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Hi everyone!
Here is a question for all of you who does psy time. I do it almost every day - for 15 minutes - with an alarm. I start as Jane suggests, switching off external senses and turning on inner ones, I look at the black in front of my eyes, but rarely see more than a few pictures.

I doze off, and instead - sleep at least part of the time.  Though it is a refreshing rest, no doubt, this is not the exercise.

Am I being psycotic here and this is still good? Or have I misread Jane's instructions?

Thanks a lot!



I usually do this in the morning when I've woken up too early. Sometimes I do fall asleep, sometimes I see and hear the most amazing things, get solutions to problems. If I do fall asleep, when I wake up I am super-refreshed—more so than after a regular night's sleep.

Personally I don't think there's any one 'right' way to do this stuff. We're all different and we're going to have different experiences, so I'd say don't put any pressure on yourself.

Coincidentally :) Ron Card posted a portion of his Unpublished Session that seems fitting:

"Now your beliefs are extremely important, for the more free you become of limiting ones, the more agreeable you are to catch indications of your own greater activities, and perceiving the play that you then have in your lives. And that play is effortless. One of the grand 'secrets' is not to try too hard, and to remember that such activities are indeed natural, biologically ingrained. Nothing could be more mystical in its own way than earthly biology, with its vast complexity and inter-weaving of mental and physical events."

Unpublished session 925, October 27, 1980 courtesy Ron Card


That's what I thought, Deb, not to stress myself, there is no right way, and treat it as 'playing'.

Like a lot of other activities :)