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Started by Deb, November 03, 2019, 10:18:44 AM

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This article has been recently circulating in the Seth groups on Facebook. It's 2+ years old, essentially showing that quantum physics is beginning to think that the Universe and everything in it may have consciousness (panpsychism). Sound familiar?


The video in the article is worth watching. I've added it here. It's enjoyable, presents the Double Slit experiment (nice to finally see it demonstrated) and Schrödinger's Cat, but quickly brings things up to date with quantum computers (created based on the theory that every atom, every subatomic particle can think). The computer can "think" in many different directions at the same time. The quantum computer supposedly proves the theory that "subatomic particles can think, and that the Universe, which is entirely built from sub[atomic] particles, must also be a quantum computer." I'm thinking the use of the word Universe is really meant to encompass all that is, as I'm not sure science thinks there's anything beyond our physical universe.

If you don't want to watch the entire video, things get really interesting at about 12:45. The fact that the professor working on the computer is named Seth (Lloyd) was not lost on me.  ;)



Hi Deb,

Wow, that video was really awesome. Thanks for sharing this.   :)

That's the first time I've ever seen the double split experiment actually demonstrated.

The very end of the video, where Seth LLoyd I believe was talking about the universe being a quantum computer was really interesting. This is approaching Seth's concept of All That Is.

Just for a moment, while watching the end of this video I momentarily grasped and was overwhelmed with the enormity of All That Is; you could call it an intuitional insight or perhaps revelation I suppose.  In our everyday lives, we don't realize just how incredible All That Is, must actually be. WOW.



Hi All,

Starting at about 12:45 into the video, here's the verbal dialog that takes place between Morgan Freeman, MF:, and Seth Lloyd, SL:. This dialog takes place all the way to the end of the video.

In this dialog, it certainly sounds like they're discussing Seth's All That Is, to me.


But Seth argues that his computer proves, that subatomic particles can think. And that the universe, which is entirely built of such particles, must also be a quantum computer. It processes and stores information at the microscopic level on everything we see around us. And if the universe is processing information, then it must be thinking; and it must be alive.

The universe is not alive. It's more than alive. It contains life. It does all the things that living things do. It processes information, it moves energy from one place to another, the different pieces of it can reproduce each other. But the universe as a whole, can do much more than just what living things can do.

The human brain can perform about 1016 or 10 million billion computations in a second. In the same time, Seth believes that the universe performs 10106 computations. Which makes the universe, impossibly smarter than we can ever imagine.

If the universe is behaving like a giant quantum computer, and let's face it, it is. Then it's capable of any kind of complex behavior we can imagine. Not just the creation of stars and planets, the evolution of life. It's also capable of behavior that we probably will never be able to comprehend.

The universe could be the ultimate intelligent organism.



After venting in a message about "some scientists", I discarded it ...

Anyway, I am of the opinion that the wave-particle duality is a subset of an all-encompassing duality, the thought-matter duality, that is a characteristic of all the levels of consciousness.

From this perspective, everything is part-thought, but that doesn't mean that everything has intelligence. That is an ability way higher on the evolution scale of consciousness.

Evolving from the mineral kingdom, through the vegetable, and the animal kingdoms to humans (as far as we know), consciousness acquires and aims to master instincts, emotions, intellect, intuition.

Thomas Ralph Nicoletti

The thing I hate or dislike is the wording of "the universe" or All that is being a "quantum computer" I don't think this proves that but rather that the universe or all that is BEHAVES AS SUCH
We need to move away from the idea that we live inside a computer or a computer.tear simulation
The idea for analogy sake works but only in terms of how said thing behaves when or via observation
We know all that is IS self simulating, self generating and self stimulating these are but behaviors we find or see but to suggest the universe is a quantum computer is silly because it's not accurate to what is really meant by that IMO at least