Venturing into Alpha-2 and Choosing Probable Worlds

Started by James Sidaway, November 18, 2019, 12:09:08 PM

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James Sidaway

Venturing into Alpha-2

You are in the midst of other realities, but you are in the habit of blocking them out.

Think of Alpha-2 as a doorway adjacent to your normal consciousness.  Imagine the door opening.  Open your inner eyes.  Your inner senses will become stronger as you work with them.  Ask your cells to work with you, to help you expand into using the inner senses that they always are using.  This is your connection to direct knowing, it is the knowledge of the entities and this is your ultimate path... desire it and the path will become less cluttered with debris.  Only you can teach yourself to move through that domain, no red pill is going to give you instant inner sense, you must develop it yourself.

While in A2, feel your path of the past and how you chose that path through your personal multidimensional probabilities of choice and how you personally controlled that path.  Feel for them, their aspirations, their joys and dislikes, their vitality, they are not you, but they re-enforce you.  Hold yourself upon this stage.  You are a fresh soul-fragment expanding into a soul through loving value-fulfillment and heading off towards entity-ship.  A ship to take you anywhere you wish to expand.  This is the love of All-That-Is and this is you if you want it and prove to be worthy of it.  Not all soul-fragments make it there.  It is not a right that you can demand or buy with gold, rather it is an offered psychological gift.  It may be your, yet un-actualized, spiritual goal.

Choosing Probable Worlds
Now, feeling comfortable here so far,  extend and venture even further into your-self beyond the fields of probabilities and the space-time that you seem to pick and choose your life's path.  Have that "past-path" drift behind your present concentration so that you know have before you the future with infinite probabilities yet to be chosen to become your path.   Realize that time is not really there.  You are not looking ahead into time, you are looking into the infinite multiverse that already exists, but you have yet to pull your probabilities of choice to expand your path into apparent new experiences of your chosen space-time. 

This is the zone of creativity that Seth describes in his Session 742, where you make the world you want rather than feeling pushed around by unseen forces.  All forces will work for you rather than seemingly uncontrolled once you begin to actively enter this zone and direct your probabilities with common purpose.

Non-initiates in a cult can stop reading at this point. (wow! not even half-way through)
As for the collective science-cult (Seth refers not to the science-cult's theory of existence, Seth claimed it was real and, wow, he was right.) they have some of the right tactics passed down to molding reality, but with their falsehood "EXITUS ACTA PROBAT" guiding them, they are choosing the path towards collective self-annihilation, again... to manifest for only themselves. (Lightning from the sky, frightens the paranoid.)  Underground cities are not going to protect them much against... well... themselves.  Nature will answer their collective calling for value-fulfillment.  Just like in the past. Carolina thunderbolt basins reveal the likely annihilated Old Atlantis and so New Atlantis rises through collective thUggery, once again:

The truth, "The ends never justify the means" has been offered over and over to the spiritually-"profane" and they have no "jealous Creator-God" or All-That-Is to blame when they realize in the future "they created their own reality;" be that collectively or individually.  Once thUgtopia is isolated, thUgtupia will reap it's true reward.   The co-created playgrounds are infinite and individualized and will eventually be manifest for each... 

Framework1 is not just one big single co-created reality to help to teach one at the cost of another, they are individualized.   If one refuses to learn the basic lessons from All-That-Is within "the box" (that is designed to contain hate and greed), then realize that box actually extend into the midplanes, where Jane's Malba and Frank Withers/Watts may still try to spiritually-expand... for their own protection, of course.  But be aware that Seth jokes about the re-assimilation of such changed, fat-headed, soul-fragments. haa!  Murderous fragments only destroy themselves because of the probabilities, thank goodness.  Thank-you All-That-Is.   Seth is only trying to help the cult members grow-up within their own chosen main-probability.  { v=2nmGS8rVuIM }
"So let us say in a new commandment: "Thou shalt not kill even in the pursuit of your ideals."  (Seth addresses the science cult)
—NoME Chapter 7: Session 850, May 2, 1979

Don't murder the cult's true spiritual high-priests  { v=qefbUVy8AmQ } trying to enlighten thUgtopia and replace them with brainchipped, techno-thUg, priests heading off to collective self-demise.

"For that reason, science—after its first great adventurous era—had its own flaws built in, and so it must expand its definitions of reality or become a tin-can caricature of itself, a prostituted handmaiden to an outworn technology, and quite give up its early claims of investigating the nature of truth or reality. It could become as secondary to life as, say, the Roman Catholic Church is now, losing its hold upon world dominance, losing its claim of being the one official arbiter of reality." (Seth addresses the science cult)
—DEaVF2 Chapter 7: Session 914, May 7, 1980

Seth is protective.  The "outworn technology" is the rebuilt Tower-of-Babel, the redeveloped brainchip, the re-development of the "Lumanian" quantum-computer, AI-leader/protector the science cult knows is possible from ancient knowledge and is feverishly festering over and worshipping it to "become." We know what this worship really is for: