"Power vs Force" (David R. Hawkins) and "I Am The Word" (Paul Selig)

Started by AceCups, December 31, 2019, 06:44:53 PM

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Hi all, I'm very happy to have found this wonderful forum for Seth! I'm new here and live near Portland Oregon.

After reading/listening to several Seth books (I love the Audible versions), I started to experience an expansion of consciousness. I'm sure this is the case for many of you as well, or you wouldn't be here  :) There are two books in particular (in addition to Seth books) that helped bring about a new state of mind for me, and I wanted to share them with hopes of making a positive contribution to the lives of anyone reading this:

Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins.
This incredible piece of work approaches a level of genius I had never been exposed to prior. The concept of muscle testing is truly fascinating as well. It has the potential to give you new insights to ponder.

I Am the Word by Paul Selig (recommend Audible version)
This triggered a higher level of awareness in me. While listening to this for the first few days, my consciousness began to expand to a level I had never experienced. I had moments of pure bliss, with the sudden realization that everything is connected. All my worries went away, and an overpowering sense of love came over me that continues today, a month after finishing the first book (I'm on the third now). If you are interested, I highly recommend starting with I Am Word and doing them in order. This is very similar to the Seth material in that Paul Selig channels the information. One important note about this: When I started I Am The Word, it sounded odd to me. My belief systems prevented me from fully embracing it at first, because of certain words used. Over time (just a couple days), I got used to it, and the language also changed slightly in later books. The ideas are very enlightening, and it's up to you of course whether you want to believe in this work or not (since you're on this Seth site and reading this, clearly you are quite accepting :) If you are open to the concepts and set any judgments aside, it just might change your life.

Have a wonderful New Year everyone!

Kind regards,

PS. These are merely my own opinions and experiences with this material. I fully accept the expression of beliefs that differ from my own.


Hi AceCups,

Hey, I've been a Seth reader for many years, and my wife and I live here in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Welcome to the forum.  :)



Welcome, AceCups. I got the Kindle version of I Am the Word after I heard Paul Selig being interviewed on Coast-to-Coast AM. He channeled during the interview, and I must say his delivery was very unique and unusual: When asked a question, he would immediately and rapidly whisper an answer, then speak the same words in a normal conversational level. I was also intrigued since he had been the head of the Creative Writing department at Goddard College, where my former wife is still a professor. I asked her if she knew him, and she did, but did not know of the channeling. I did not find the book to be my style, but I do believe that he is legitimate. Like A Course in Miracles, I just couldn't get into it. And I know a person who is fully into A Course in Miracles who just couldn't get into Seth. All paths are legitimate, and different people have different preferences. All those differing voices are there for a reason. I fully support your interest in Selig's books.
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Hi LarryH,

Your words speak very highly of you and I'm continually impressed and glad that you are a member of this forum. :)



Hi AceCups, Happy New Year and welcome to the forum!

I too read Paul Selig's book, but the print version. I liked it enough to look into him a little bit. I'll look for that C to C interview, it would be nice to hear him. I think I had the same reaction that you did, I seem to recall it sounding sort of religious to me which tends to shut me down a little. :)

I'd not heard of the Hawkins book, I'll have to check that one out, it sounds pretty amazing.

Anyway, please make yourself at home here!

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Thank you all for being so welcoming!

jbseth - Thank you for the kind words and hello to Hillsboro!

LarryH - what an amazing coincidence that your former wife knew Paul. But then again, there are no coincidences :) It is amazing to connect with someone who also had an indirect connection to one who has helped me along my personal path. Thank you for your kindness.

Deb- your feeling about the Selig material being "religious" was the exact issue I had alluded to in my original post, with regard to word choice and language used. That's what I felt too. Once I got past that, it led to a new awakening that I am grateful for.

I'm sure everyone receives various signals that give them information about what they should do from time to time, decisions, paths to take - various dreams, psychic impressions, extremely odd coincidences, and direct messages at times, or through books. All we have to do is recognize our own Higher Truth. When it comes down to it, every one of us Knows our own higher truth already. No author or channel need tell us this. The answers are inside. If we live in the present moment, at every moment, acting in our higher truth at all times and listening to our own intuition, anything is possible, and everything can be wonderful.

thank you all for welcoming me.


welcome AceCups (Brian).
I have a friend who is super into David Hawkins.
I got an Audible book by him.
I've only listened to a little of it.
in my opinion, there are definitely good ideas.
I want to listen to more of it.