Implementing Seth advice on sleep\meals - results

Started by Marianna, May 13, 2020, 12:57:36 PM

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Apart from virus situation there are other things happening in our lives. With my husband working from home now - I decided to have another go at Seth sleep/meal advice.

This is what I have to report. I have been taking naps (30-40 min) for a few years now. Usually in the afternoon  - any time from 3 to 6 pm when I feel sleepy and not hungry. This has been working well for me. The nap gives me energy for the evening - and this is great time for mails, cooking a lot, reading, house chores.

Since I trust Seth and his explanations, I decided to try early rising as well. When I can get up around 7, I am always happy. The house is quiet - and now I have 2 hours of quiet activity - until my husband wakes up. Good time for PC work or writing. And somehow - even if I wake up not very energetic, I noticed that to start doing anything helps. Send the ball rolling - so to say. And then - look at the list for things, deciding what I'd feel like doing next.

Since Seth suggested watching your impulses, I watch mine. Now my last meal is around 12:30 am (so as not to starve myself during the night) and I snack on fruits if I wake up at night. During the day I eat 4-5 small meals. (Works best for me than 3 large meals).

As a result of the changes, I am in a better mood, my digestive system works better and I use my time and energy more efficiently.
If I see that evening time (after the nap) is good for some energetic work - I do it. Also - evening is time for Seth and similar books and writing down dreams.

Between 2-4 pm is "dead time" -  quite useless for any inspired creative work or anything at my laptop. Though now - my naps are longer at times. If I sleep at night 5-6 hours.

I am sorry if all this is a bit scrambled, but you get the idea.


Hi All,

Hi Marianna,

I've noticed 2-4 pm is a kinda dead spot for me too.  I do small meals during the day too, mostly.


When I was young, pre-teen and teenager, I had the hardest time falling asleep. After that, I did fairly well sleeping until my son was diagnosed with diabetes, and then I had to get up every 2-3 hours to test his blood sugar. For years. There are many things that affect blood sugar, and small children are not very in touch with their bodies.

After he was more independent, my sleep was still disrupted, I think from the testing routine. I would sleep for a few hours and then wake up any where between 1 and 3 am, which is where I am now. I used to dread it, but I'm starting to consider it a gift.

Now if I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep within an hour, I no longer stress about it. I'll sit up read for a hour or three. I've even gone for walks. I enjoy the quiet and solitude—it's my personal time. More often than not, I am able to then get back to sleep for another hour or two and get up around 7. During those times, I sleep so deeply that if something wakes me up I feel like I have to swim up from a deep ocean bottom, and usually don't make it. :) I have the most vivid and meaningful dreams, and wake up feeling like I'd just slept a straight 8-9 hours.

For some reason I can't nap during the day. I think I'm so solar-powered that I don't want to waste a moment of daylight. I'd thought of trying Seth's sleep suggestions many times, but it's hard when you work a day job, have to take care of kids, social schedules, etc. The virus shutdown is probably the perfect time to try it.

But, I feel like I really do get in a nap, it's just early in the morning.  ;D


Thank you Deb and TM for sharing your experience.

Surely Deb, the need to take care of your son affected your sleep pattern. And I know what you mean by 'ocean bottom'.
Going back to bed after a short or longer break seems to help in remembering morning dreams.

At least, thanks to Seth we no longer stress - like you said - about waking up at night.


Because some of this thread is about meals, I will share some very simple and useful advice about meals and keeping the liver healthy/clean from Sahaja Yoga meditation.

The liver is considered an especially important organ in Sahaja Yoga.

The liver DIET and putting cold packs on the liver are all said to enhance it's functioning..of purifying the body and metabolizing nutrients, greatly enhancing the energy that can flow through an individual during meditation.

Foods you should eat for liver benefits:
Fruits, vegetables, **ginger**, kokum fruit [Indian mangosteen], occasionally white chicken is acceptable. Radishes. Ghee.
Olives and salt are spoken of for their effects for maintaining oral hygiene. If you eat sugar occasionally, cane is considered better than beet. Kokum fruit is prepared in to a tea to benefit the liver. Small amounts of yogurt can help cool it and is recommended for this reason, but I imagine they weren't describing Greek yogurt considering the diet frowns upon cream/ice cream.

Foods/drinks to avoid:
Alcohol everyone knows is miserable for the liver and even small amounts are horrible for the risk of diabetes. Processed foods. White breads, particularly fried foods, creamy foods, red meat is a big no [steak, animals larger than humans are more difficult to break down is part of the reasoning[, fish, coffee, tobacco, cheeses. /It's not on the list but I imagine soda should belong here. It's junk/

These foods are difficult to break down, which is why eating a combination such as ice cream/milkshake with too many fries is a way to render yourself lazy, unhealthy and practically knocked out. Your liver is being too stressed and heated, interrupting your vitality.

Ice pack therapy,

and saltwater [ocean or culinary salt] used for foot-soaking to cleanse negative energies. Some even detail using salt water on the crown of the head to mend the 6/7th chakra.

There are other methods like using fire to cleanse the chakras with candles on youtube. That's why my username is pyromancy I really think that this method is effective and in Sahaja they recommend you either pay attention to flames or bodies of water to 'vibrate' them.


I'll take soaking in ocean water - 1 serving, when I get there :)


I think you'll enjoy this one too.

Seth describes how useful a fireplace is in energizing someone. This reminds me of that.


Quote from: SpiceMerchant42
I've become an intermittent faster and eat about 6 days per just between 12:00PM-8:00PM. It works for me in that it reversed weight gain, I don't count calories, and I don't have to think about eating more than 2-3 times a day. Generally, I'm only hungry at the end of the 16 hour fasting period.
Well, SpiceMerchant42, we certainly cannot implement all Seth advice for various reasons. But most of the info Seth gives - is general information on the nature of reality, our health, consciousness, etc. I confess - did the same. Took Seth advise and tried it out for size - and more frequent meals work for me. It is just that he mentioned - over-starving yourself for long hours does no good - and I was surprised at this thought, but trusted him here.