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Hello everyone!

I am a new user here. I am here to discuss Seth teachings with people who have read his books.
In the book, "The Nature of Personal Reality" Seth shares a technique to alter the past events.
Does it actually physically change the past as we know it or just our interpretation of the past event?

For example, I want to change an event in my past where I never met a certain person.

Thanks for your help!

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Hello and Welcome Kavyareddy2 :)

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Hi kavyareddy2, welcome to the forum.

Good question, we had a fairly lengthy discussion about this in the topic Changing the past: a story, so maybe there's something there for you.

Changing the past is probably one of the harder Seth concepts to grasp, because it involves simultaneous time (everything is happening in the now, and past, present and future are our impressions in this time-based reality), which is hard for most people to "know" on a deep level. Also if we DO change the past, would we even know we did? If an event no longer took place in the past, we'd probably have no memory of it. Or at best a foggy memory of "did that really happen, or was that a dream?" scenario. So if we change our past on a regular basis, as Seth says we do, it would be hard to have proof.

"I have told you that you can change the past. In doing so you change the self, by choosing from past experience those elements to which you shall and shall not react. This you can do."
—TPS1 Session 377 (Deleted) November 6, 1967

I don't know if you are aware there's a Seth search engine on the internet, but I always send people there because you can get a lot of information from a lot of different Seth books.'changing+the+past'/

I decided to look at this Session 377 in the book, and there was some information I had not seen before. Here are some excerpts.

Quote from: Seth
Ruburt has been adding to the strength of the negative influences of his past. The more he reacts to them the more throughly he convinces himself of their strength. His background was unfortunate. It was not as unfortunate as he supposes. Many of his most redeeming qualities and characteristics were formed by it.

This tells me Jane was actually reinforcing the negativity in her past by focusing on it, making it bigger than life. Just the opposite of what you should do if you want to change something.

Quote from: Seth
Now. You can change the past, and in do so change the present and the future. You can change the present, and in doing so change the past and the future. You can change the future, and in do so change the present and the past.

The exercises in the book Ruburt is reading [Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz] are excellent. With our added instruction they shall be even better. You will change yourself in the future by vital imagining today. You will put high expectations to work at once in this manner, and project a new image into tomorrow.

This projected image will of itself already alter the past and present. You will change your past, your reaction to it, by vividly imagining happy hours that you refused to focus upon. These pursuits in the present will automatically change the nature of the present.

I also have to consider unfortunate things that happen usually have a reason, such as Seth pointing out that Jane's redeeming qualities were a result of her difficult past. She learned something. Just a thought.
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Hi Kavyareddy2,

Welcome to the forum.  :)

Seth talks about changing the past in several different places across his various books and sessions. In the spoilers below, I’ve listed some of the things that he’s said about this topic (click on each of the spoilers below and they will open).

Some of us here use a kind of shorthand to define the location where Seth specifically talks about a topic in a specific Seth book, chapter and session number. For example, SS, Ch16, S566, refers to “Seth Speaks”, Chapter 16, Session 566; TES1 = “The Early Sessions”, Book 1, and DEaVF1 = Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, Book 1.

Not only does Seth strongly indicate that we can and do change our past in the first 3 spoilers below, he also gives us an example of this in the fourth spoiler in regards to how Rob’s mother changed her past, after her husband (Rob’s father) died.

Can people actually change their past?  My personal belief is Yes, they can, but there are some caveats that come along this, as Seth explains in the second spoiler below; others can choose to either accept or reject your version.

About 2 years ago, my sister and I were talking about an event that we both participated in together, many years ago when we were both teenagers. Surprisingly to both of us, her memory of the event and mine were very different, in some specific places. In some places they were completely incompatible. We were both completely surprised and stumped by this. Neither one of us has any health issues or memory problems that could account for this.

My only explanation for this, is that perhaps at some point, one of us or maybe both of us either changed our past, or changed our belief about what happened in the past (perhaps this is the same thing). For me, it’s not only what Seth says here about changing your past, that makes me think that we can actually change our past, but it’s also this personal experience that I had with my sister.

I’ve never actually consciously tried to change my past, but I suspect that it can be done. Largely, like a lot of the things that Seth says in NOPR "Nature of Personal Reality”, about belief, I also suspect that belief plays heavily into this. That is, if you “don’t” believe that you can do this, then you probably won’t be able to.

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