Author Topic: I'm attracting severe weather events accidentally  (Read 170 times)

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I don't know if many of you believe it is possible to change the weather using your thoughts and emotions, but I prefer to believe it does. I have a story to tell about various climatic events that I suspect were caused by me (don't judge me, I'm not trying to be self-centered). Well, my story: I have an obsessive passion for severe storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and weather. When I was a kid, every day I watched videos of these events around the world, and I kept watching and thinking about it. My relatives called me crazy because of that. With the years of studies, I got deeper into the field of meteorology and studied more topics, and more topics, until I decided it would be my profession. The knowledge in this area is so high, that I ended up creating a huge project on Wikipedia that has been viewed more than 500,000 times, and that I now know about events that no one knows today. Only during these years, I developed an obsession with these phenomena. The desire to have the experience was so great that I ended up having consecutive dreams of the same topic for 30 days in a row, and it still happens today. Now I am going to tell you what happened this year with me:

If you don't know, Brazil is considered the second place in the world for severe storms and tornadoes. And I can say that it is true, because here we have violet storms with giant hail and gusts above 130 km/h, and that was one of the reasons for studying this area.
There was a day when a simple storm turned into something extremely violent, scaring the whole neighborhood. These events always happen to me when I have an extreme desire. This year alone, 2 of these events have already occurred, even on days when there was no rain forecast. There was a day when I had a dream that there would be a gale at school, and the next day there was a violent gale that caused panic throughout the school and a power outage.

I think this may not convince you, but there's a lot of things that remain unexplained to me about this.

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Quote from: Avazord
There was a day when I had a dream that there would be a gale at school, and the next day there was a violent gale that caused panic throughout the school and a power outage.
Avazord, yes it is quite possible that there is a connection between mental turmoil and stormy weather. Is there any possibility for you to get counselling?

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Avazord, you are not creating these mass events alone, but you are definitely contributing to their creation. You may have been born into a place where these events happen more often because of a soul desire to experience them. Everyone who is affected by the storms participates in creating them and utilizes them differently for their own purposes. I also find storms fascinating and am thrilled by the awesome power of nature. I like to think that I would not create an event where my life or property are in danger, but I also live in an area that has frequent storms.

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Severe weather is in the category of a "natural mass event," as would be other things such as an earth quake, hurricane, tsunami, etc. There's a lot of great information about this in The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events. I highly recommend the book. Also, The Nature of Personal Reality has information on mass events.

Once you've read more Seth, you'll find he does say there is a connection between emotion and weather, we are not separated from nature. But people would create these mass events on a en masse with others on a psychic level. While some individual needs would be met by the event, a mass event would not be created by a single person.

"You each participate in the creation of each thunderstorm, each new spring, each flood, earthquake, and summer rain."
—NoPR Chapter 17: Session 664, May 21, 1973

I suspect Brazil had violent storms long before you were born into this life, so maybe you chose to live there because of the exhilarating weather. I'm a big fan of thunderstorms and blizzards and live in Colorado. We get both of them here.

"(11:28.) Those in earthquake regions are attracted to such spots because of their innate understanding of the astonishing relationship between exterior circumstances and their own quite private mental and emotional patterns."
—NoPR Chapter 18: Session 664, May 21, 1973

Because you had a dream about a gale, and then there was one, does not necessary mean you caused or attracted it. It could have been precognition. When I was 15 I had a vivid dream about a train derailing on a mountainside. The next morning there was a train derailment in a neighboring state. I was amazed, but didn't feel like I caused it.

Thumbs up to Larry who was able to say in a few short sentences where I was going with the above. :)

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Hi All,

My mother-in-law had Alzheimer’s for the last 10 years or so of her life. During the early stages of this disease, she appeared to be pretty normal but just a little forgetful sometimes. During the middle stages, her personality changed quite a bit. She was often either angry, scared or confused and for the most part had no idea who we were, but she could communicate with us, though many of her comments didn’t make a lot of sense. During the final stages, she was not communicative. I don’t think that she actually understood how to talk or what anyone was saying to her when they spoke to her. There seems to be virtually no awareness there. She didn’t seem to understand even the most basic of idea's, such as using the toilet. Her experiences with this, made me consciously aware of just how much, "Who we think we are" is really tied into our mind, personality and memory. I often thought about who she was and what kind of reality, she was creating for herself, as she went through this life changing experience.

In book 4 of “The Early Sessions”, in session 157 (TES4, S157) Seth talks about how each one of us creates our own unique reality. I think that some of what Seth has to say here is really pertinent to what Avazord is saying here.

I sometimes wonder myself, about how much ability an individual has in impacting or influencing some mass world event.

Do I think that this happens all the time? No, probably not. 

Do I think that this can never happen?  Perhaps, but maybe not. I'm not really sure about this one. It may be that some people can and do have some ability to influence mass events.

In TES4, S157, Seth talks about how mentally unbalanced people (people like my Mother-in-law, while in the later stages of Alzheimer's disease) create a different reality for themselves. This doesn't apply to any of us here.

However, he does have some interesting things to say about reality creation in this session. For example, he does point out that we tend to focus upon the similarities and ignore the vast differences that exist. He also says that each reality is completely unique for every individual.

Anyway, I thought this might be something that we might want to think about here. Here's what Set says in this session.

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