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Started by jbseth, January 09, 2021, 06:52:03 PM

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Hi All,

In the book, NOME, Seth talks about Framework 1 and Framework 2. In this book, Seth more or less tells us that Framework 1 (FW1) represents our physical world reality and Framework 2 (FW2) is the psychological reality, where our physical world is created.

In three paragraphs in Chapter 2, Session 815, of this book, Seth says some interesting things about both of these two frameworks but mostly he talks about Framework 2.  In these 3 paragraphs he says the following:

- We create our FW1 reality from our beliefs, desires and intents.
- In FW2 all intents, the intents of everyone are known.
- Nothing happens by chance; no accidental encounters, deaths, or births.
- FW2 information is available to all of us.

- At other levels of consciousness, particularly in the sleep and dreaming stages, the events of that (FW2) inner reality are present and
    easily accessible.

- FW2 operates with a loving intent, it is not impersonal.

- FW2 operates with the best purposes "of all" in mind, and not necessarily the best purposes of any one individual
   (I think this is what Seth means by Value Fulfillment).

- As a result of this:
    a) You can't get what you want, at someone else's detriment.
    b) You can't use FW2 to force an event upon someone else.

Here's what Seth says in these 3 paragraphs:

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Now, in addition to all of this, I discovered that in footnote 3 of this session, Rob talks about taking what he learned about Framework 2 and writing up 2 personal quotes for himself that he posted in 2 separate places in his house. He wrote these quotes for himself so that he could remind himself, daily, what Seth had to say about this topic. He also mentions that these quotes were tailored for himself and for his specific beliefs and needs. This, I think was a wonderful idea.

Here's what Rob wrote in this quote.

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Quote from: jbseth
I have the simple, profound faith that anything I desire in this life can come to me from Framework 2. There are no impediments in Framework 2. Framework 2 can creatively produce everything I desire to have in Framework 1 — my excellent health, painting, and writing, my excellent relationship with Jane, Jane's own spontaneous and glowing physical health and creativity, the greater and greater sales of all her books.
jbseth, thanks for this quote. It seems to me that Rob was being overly optimistic. He was not acknowledging Jane's serious problem with rheumatoid arthritis. This illness would have been a part of Jane's life-plan.


Hello jbseth,

In the first few years of my study of SS, NOPR and NOME, I spent a lot of time investigating my unconscious beliefs. One technique I adapted from the personal quotes method Rob used was to write out what I wanted over and over as a meditation or as self hypnosis. Examples: "Today I become aware of the limiting belief that needs the most attention for the higher good of me and all involved." and "I am now understanding why I chose (situation, event) from all the probabilities available to me."

I might spend 10 minutes or so a couple times a day writing out these suggestions to myself, and I did this almost daily for about 3 years. Although progress felt slow to none sometimes, the technique did have good results over time. The vastness of Seth's information is so overwhelming to me and breaking it down to a manageable task was key. That was about 30 years ago (!) and I now recognize the effort as a slow motion breakthrough. I'm still uncovering hidden limiting beliefs and it's a much easier process than when I started.

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Hi e3perry, Hi All,

That's a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us.  :)

I first discovered "Seth Speaks" in 1978 and have been an avid "student" of the Seth information ever since. 

While much of the Seth information is very "thought provoking" and "enlightening" to me, I've also found that a lot of it is also very practical. That is, many of his ideas can actually be used in a realistic sense. I especially found this to be true, in regards to Seth's ideas having to do with "beliefs"; that he talks about quite a bit in NOPR.

Back in the 1980's my wife and I played some positive affirmation audio tapes from Louise Hay in our automobiles, whenever we went somewhere. We did this for about 3 years or so and we both found it to be very helpful.  I've discovered from this that there are in fact many ways that can be used to change your beliefs. One of these being that you can also reprogram them as well.

It's been my personal experience that as I've gone through life, at least some of my beliefs have changed over time. Furthermore, this seems to be an on-going, life-long process.

It's also been my experience that, when I've taken the time to look at my beliefs, this has occasionally been very helpful and beneficial to me.

I think that since at least some of my beliefs are constantly changing, this idea of occasionally looking at my beliefs is also a life-long process. Furthermore, it's a process that's always available to me.  I'm the one decides whether or not to take advantage of it.

Ah, such is life.  :)



e3perry, I'm loving that phrase "slow-motion breakthrough".  :)