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Started by Stella Wong, January 08, 2015, 10:29:47 PM

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Stella Wong

I am wondering how's eveyone working on the belief ? I want to share one of my doubts recently and wanna hear your thought on it.

I thought it should be easier to start from the health first as it doesn't involve other people which seems making it complicated. I have started for a few months and feeling myself as a healthy person. In fact I successfully cured myself from stomach pain for a couple of times by doing self hypnosis. But then I caught the flu twice during these period, I remember I raised this question in Rick's online class before, he said he normally not care about this minor illness, and the belief works apply on overall health which prevent us having bigger issue. Or mayber these minor illnesses are necessary sometimes to us.

I have been sick for a few weeks, still coughing at the moment. Honestly I feel a bit discouraging when I got  the flu as I don't know what I have to learn or go through from this, also I couldn't find any limited belief there. I know this is minor illness but it's not a good feeling when you cough in the middle of the night.
So do you have similar experience or thought? Looking forward to your views.



Stella, first off I'm sorry you've been sick! I have such mixed feelings about health because there's the OLC part of me that believes that we get sick because our immune system is compromised (a lot of times due to stress, which tends to side-track our immune system). I've been reading a lot lately too, about gut health and how 70-80% of our immune defenses are in our gut. At least in the USA, many people have poor digestive health due to antibiotic use and a daily lack of fresh and/or fermented foods that are loaded with probiotics.

Then there's Seth's explanations of some dis-eases being the result of some inner conflict or belief. He does however also say that sometimes getting sick is the body's way of making adjustments or maintaining stability and balance. He talks a lot about this in NOPR, maybe look in the index under Illness. I think he even said that some viruses have a therapeutic value preventing other illnesses, so there's that. (see session 631 in NOPR)

This may sound weird, but I've been talking to my self when I have an injury of some sort, just as a test. For instance, one day I sliced my finger with a very sharp knife. It wasn't a big cut, almost like a paper cut, but it hurt and bled a little. I put on a bandaid, held it tight to stop the bleeding and told my body that it had a job to do: please quickly heal the cut on my finger. I knew it would heal anyway, but I wanted it to heal quickly. I SWEAR the next morning the cut was gone. I've done that a couple of times since.

I'm sorry I'm not of more help. Just yesterday I decided to make a collection of Seth quotes about sickness, health and healing. It's a very interesting topic for me, because I'm trying to reconcile my two systems of belief.


Hi Stella!

I've been working on health beliefs too. There was this flu going around work and I imagined myself immune to viruses. I never got the flu- one of two in an office of over 20 people. On the other hand, I fell in the steps and hurt my hand. The steps were very slippery, but a person just before me went down without falling, so it seems obvious even more that the fall was indeed created by myself. Still don't know why, but as Seth repeated many times, my point of power is now, so I need to concentrate on what I want. I try to imagine myself healthy and full of energy every day.

Here is an interesting quote Dae wrote on another subject, but it concerns this one as well:

"It's not that you heal the organ or disease, When you understand that you are forming literally billions of bodies a second in the now, THAT BODY NEVER EXISTED!" ~Bashar and seth"

I find this idea quite interesting and refreshing. It can be the platform to many new avenues in ideas and what can be possible in this reality.

Hope you will be feeling better soon!


Hey Stella, that's a really provocative topic you brought up.  Really glad you did.  When it comes to belief work, sometimes it seems the most obvious for us to work on is either health or money because the results seem like they'd be the most tangible.  But here's where you got me wondering.  Even with the zillions of reasons why we experience what we do and all the ways that we're living our beliefs for our soul's learning curve, could yet another reason for getting an illness like the flu be for the sheer experience of it?  Maybe all we need do is acknowledge it, even thank ourselves for the experience and then release it.

Okay, honestly, I don't know if that's making any sense except as a different way to confront a bout of crappy health.  It's like the whole mindfulness thing.  After you acknowledge whatever it is (e.g., bombarding thoughts when you're trying to meditate; fearfulness when you walk into a strange situation), then you can let it go.

Hmmmm, maybe I'm applying something to the belief about healthfulness that doesn't apply.  But thought I'd throw out my ramblings....

Stella Wong

Dear All,

Thanks for your input and words.
I was in fact struggling on whether I should go to to doctor or not, I did go once and it didn't help much, then i decide to to let it flow and believed that I would be recovered soon. Then I just kept coughing everyday and no sign of getting better. Finally i went to the doctor again and I am almost fully recovered now. So it's not like what it should be, right? But i found that when the symptoms of the flu affecting me, my mind and hence the belief also became weaken, doubts appeared and maybe that's the reason why I still need a doctor and the medication in the end.

Deb, it's cool that the cut of your finger could be healed so fast. And did you do it like communicating with the finger or the cells there? When I was suffering from stomach cramps, I also talked with my stomach and the cells, telling them they are healthy and they have tremendous power and energy, ask them for a co-operation to performing the best for the sake of my mission in this life. Sounds silly but Seth said every single cell has its consciousness, so i guess communication with them is making sense.

Nathalie, I hope you hand is fine now. And about the quote, correct me if I am wrong, the billions of bodies are referring our cells? So it's talking about billions of cells die and born in every second, so we have a new reborn of ourselves at every moment. I think the most enlightened part is it means that it's never too late for us to change our beliefs! We can always change the whole situation as long as we want it. I hope I interpret it correctly.  :)

Pinky, yes maybe we should not focus on it and let it go but like what i mentioned above, maybe that's why i tried not seeing a doctor and thinking I can be healed naturally, but I coughed vigorously at 4 am every night that I finally give up my power to the medication. I don't know...i guess there's should be something we can work better there...

So one thing I am very interested to know from all of you, will you still go to do those annual body check? Have you ever thought to cut those expensive health insurance?


Stella, your questions are spot-on.  Let me add a story as food for thought.  During the last years of my husband's life, before he died of cancer, a friend encouraged him to see an intuitive counselor to work on getting rid of the cancer cells that were spreading throughout his body.  I didn't realize it at the time, but this counselor worked right along the lines of Seth's teachings, about beliefs and ferreting out fears and conflicting thoughts that manifest in our bodies.  She advised that we believe enough in our own power to stop buying any kind of insurance (which is a fear-based industry) and to get rid of pension and retirement accounts too.  My husband saw her for just a year and then stopped, didn't heed her advice (it was really hard to tell my stubborn husband what to do).  But his friend was a deep follower of the counselor's teachings (to the point of giving all her power to the intuitive, kind of scary) and did indeed stop all insurance, including medical, as well as spent her retirement funds.  Honestly, I don't know what happened to my husband's friend, but she took the plunge and I'm hoping she's living well and healthy.

I will keep my health insurance and continue planning for my retirement but I can see myself caring less about needing to be under the care of doctors.  That started last year when I switched from being focused on aging and started rethinking it all per Seth's teachings.  It's been remarkable.  I'll probably skip my annual check up this year because I just don't want to hear my doctor tell me I should take more meds for whatever.  Since honing in on Seth's teachings, I've lightened up about my health.  A work-in-progress, but it's really good.


Hi Stella,

When I talk to myself to heal, my intention is to speak to my higher self, inner self, whole self, whatever you want to call it. In my mind (and okay, sometimes out loud) I'll say "body, there's a cut here, please heal it quickly" so in my head I'm drawing attention and energy to something that needs to be taken care of. It's hard to explain. I have so much to say about this subject but I'll save that for another time.

I do have medical insurance. I'm still on that fence where I believe Seth but my old OLC training still has it's hold over me. Sometimes I think I'm becoming a crazy old lady with my belief in Seth and I don't want to tempt fate or put my husband in a precarious position by dumping my insurance. I think if I was single and didn't feel responsible to others, I'd dump the insurance and take my chances. I've totally lost faith in Western medicine (and animal vets as well). In my mind, the entire medical and pharmaceutical businesses have become a hornets' nest of deceit, lies and greed. But, because I had breast cancer 10 years ago, I feel obligated to get a mammogram yearly. After my experiences the last two years, I'm questioning even that. Other than that incident (I understand where it came from), I don't tend to get sick any more. Maybe I get a cold once a year, although I've gone years without even that.

An interesting coincidence (and you know what they say about that), Anita Moorjani's newsletter today was about dealing with illness. I know you're a fan of hers (I LOVE that woman, read her book 3 times and met her last summer in Denver), so you are probably on her mailing list too. But just in case you're not, here's the article .


Pinky, your post reminded me of this.


Actually, I must admit that I never gave much thought about illness. I've not been around it much, or have I never paid attention to it? I was surprised to read so many of those worries in Rick's class. I mean I 've had my share of cuts and bruises, tendinitis, dislocated shoulders and even cancer, but no one in my family nor myself has ever been severely ill. My cancer was caught before it spread, so it was a one time operation. I heal slow but completely. It took 2 years for my hand to get better (mmm... two hand injuries almost back to back-different hand, but still, could there be a message behind this?) , but it is now fine. Everybody told me that it would never be the same again after the injury, which luckily didn't happen in my case. When I hurt my hand falling down the steps last month, I reached in my drawer to get my prosthesis only to discover it was the other hand! I had forgotten which one it was, even if I hadn't been able to use it at all for over a full year.

I never had health insurance unless the law obliged me to. Maybe because in Canada we have a free health service- very very slow and ineffective, but free, I never felt the need. In Quebec you don't die in the streets, just in hospital corridors  ;) ( pardon my dark sense of humor tonight). I never went to any annual check up. I had no clue people were doing this. I figure if all feels good and nothing hurts, I eat healthy and exercise every day, all is fine and it is not necessary to see the doctor.  Same thing for the dentist. I go once every 3-4 years for a check-up more out of guilt than need. In Quebec dentists prone that you need to  see them 2 times a year. I have never understood why. My teeth are fine and healthy.

Since I traveled a lot I do not have a pension plan at the age of 45. I don't think I want one either. I hope I will always have interesting ongoing projects that generate enough money that I can live off them. For me retirement sounds like having one foot in the grave. Too many things to experience to "retire" before death.

Speaking of death, I have not been around it too much either. My great grandmother died at the age of 94 when I was 32. She was fully functional and coherent until the last week of her life. I was told after she died. She had a fever and past away in her sleep after a few days. My grandfather died when I was 27, but I was not allowed to see him at the hospital as he went a bit mad and was aggressive at times. I saw him only in a casket and that was weird, because I never got a chance to see him ill. It didn't look like him because he had lost so much weight. I still think that if I go to the house where he lives he will still be there. Same thing with my grandmother; she past away 3 years ago while I was in France. I took a plane to come and see her but she died while I was on my way. She also was hit by a fever and died within a week. I still have the reflex to call her sometimes. It just doesn't register that she is gone. So since death hasn't really been part of my life,  I do not fear for the lives of my family members. I never had. Maybe because all my life I was the one taking the most risks?

Since I've been back in Canada I find it mind blowing how people are paranoid with germs here. They disinfect everything everywhere constantly. After being in different parts of Africa, Turkey, middle east and Europe, it is really surprising to me how people can be so scared of being sick. Comments about being sick are made every where and still startle me as I do not think that way. For example, if I am cold and put a scarf there is always someone to tell me, " Yeah! That's wise! Wouldn't want to catch a cold!" If I am bored and see dust at work I will clean so it looks more professional (I work at guest services) , but someone always will say "good idea, we don't want all those germs from all those people to make us ill!". The thought never crossed my mind. I kind of look at this from the distance. It is so alien to me that it makes it easy to see the belief patterns these people are setting up. By the way, all of them got the flu I was talking about in another post. For me this confirmed Seth's theory " you get what you concentrate upon". Does that mean that the belief that we all make our own reality is finally making its place in my reality? :D


Bumblebee, I really enjoyed reading your post. Germs and sickness are big businesses in the US, I can't help think it's a conspiracy between doctors, insurance and pharmaceutical companies. The pharma companies are definitely more obvious about it. According to the author Dr. Bruce Lipton, the drug companies were behind the Genome Project--the "international research effort to sequence and map all the genes in the human body." We were led to believe that it would result in a better understanding of the body and therefore better medical care for curing and preventing diseases. But their actual goal was to patent every gene they identified so they could own the right to make new drugs and not deal with competing companies. Bruce tells a great story about it, I think he called it a Cosmic Joke because what they actually discovered was not what they expected and the results were kept quiet and hidden from the public.

But where I'm going with this is that Western society is focused on illness being the norm rather than good health. Doctors, pharmaceutical and insurance companies all put out the message that our bodies are fragile and susceptible to all sorts of damage and illness, it's only a matter of time until we succumb, and so we need to takes all these measures to protect ourselves. It just drives me nuts.

I love your attitude toward health insurance and regular medical and dental checkups!

I just finished reading an old book, written in 1979 by a doctor who had a lot to say with what's wrong with modern Western medicine (drug companies, the doctors themselves, attitudes towards health, lying and cheating on study results, unnecessary medical procedures to keep yearly quotas and funding). A lot I'd heard about over the years, but it was all gathered in this one book and certainly worth the read. It's "Confessions of a Medical Heretic" by Robert Mendelsohn, it's about $2 for a used copy.


Thanks Deb!

When do you find the time to read all this + post on the forum + tend to daily life??  :o


I about the same time you wrote that, I was thinking I need to get something new up on the forum because it suddenly got quiet! I work at home so can swing by the forum from time to time. I'm a part-time freelance graphic designer so I have more time that most. I still have a few posts in my email's in box that I haven't had time to respond to, from a few days ago, so I guess I'm not totally keeping up.  :-\  But I have been accused by a lot of people that I get more done in one day than they get done in a week. It's that time-is-an-illusion thing, I think.  ;)