Seth Material Q&A: The Spiritual Inner Journey of Self Awareness

Started by usmaak, June 26, 2021, 11:03:33 PM

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Seth Material Q&A: The Spiritual Inner Journey of Self Awareness: Original Seth Class Member Answers Your Questions, Barrie Gellis

Talk about a bit of synchronicity.  I recently signed up for Amazon Unlimited on a four month free trial that they were giving away on prime day.  As soon as I signed up, it looked at all of the hundreds of books that I've bought for Kindle in the last 11 years and chose this one to suggest.  I clicked Ok and then forgot about it.  Tonight I was going through some books and found it and decided to give it a try.

I can't say enough good things about this book.  I'm sure that the author is someone that is known in these circles.  He was a member of Jane's class in the early seventies and has been studying the Seth material for most of his life.  I struggle with truly understanding what Seth says sometimes and he just has a way of explaining the material that makes sense to me.  He simplifies it without taking away from it.

This is a fantastic book and I can't recommend it enough!!
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Thanks usmaak, Barrie is a familiar figure to some of us. He used to post on this forum but he seemed to lose interest when his archnemesis left here. They would banter back and forth, and it was upsetting some members. I actually thought it was funny, they follow each other around the WWW, trading barbs. You might want to search on his name on the home page here to see what comes up.

I bought Barrie's book when it came out and I agree it's a good one. Glad to know it's now available on Kindle. I still need to finish the book... that and the dozens of other books on my too long must-read list. What's interesting to me is that Barrie stopped going to the Seth sessions after about a year, maybe less, while other members stuck with them for years. He basically said that Seth told the group not everyone needs Seth, look into yourself for answers, and he took Seth at his word.
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Well thanks for letting us know @barrie ! Nice of you to stop by.

BTW did I ever tell you I met Voidy Paul a few years ago? I was in London for a couple of days, on my way to somewhere else, and we got together for a couple of hours. He even made me lunch.  ;D

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