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Started by Deb, August 31, 2021, 06:39:38 PM

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Some scientists examining objective (and therefore subjective) reality:

"In 2020, physicists realized that recent quantum technology advances had made it possible to create Wigner's Friend test in a real-world experiment. In essence, we can create different realities, and compare them in a lab to see if they can be reconciled, or cohere, in one system. And researcher Massimiliano Proietti of Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, along with a handful of researchers, said they performed this long-awaited experiment for the first time: Creating distinct realities, compare-and-contrasting them, and discovering that they are, in fact, irreconcilable."

The explanations presented in the article are a bit beyond me at the moment. I'll just take Seth's word that we each make our own reality.  :)

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Quote from: Deb
Some scientists examining objective (and therefore subjective) reality:
Deb, this is very interesting. An experiment confirming the "thought experiment" of Schrodinger's cat, and very much in line with the Seth teachings on probable realities:

QuoteAnd the new research reproduced Wigner's thought experiment by using entanglement techniques for many particles at the same time.

This is a breakthrough experiment from Prioretti and his colleagues. "In a state-of-the-art 6-photon experiment, we realize this extended Wigner's friend scenario," they added in the report. And it raised some baffling questions that have forced physicists to confront the nature of reality. There might be a loophole to some assumptions that made this unknowable reality conclusion necessary, but if everything holds up to future scrutiny, it turns out reality does not exist.
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I think this is another step on the long slow road science has to take to prove that reality is not real or at least what we experience is just a reflection of deeper real realities. Seth said that our scientists will one day realise this and then the use of the inner senses will come to the fore. Only the inner senses can detect true reality the outer being designed to interface with the illusion.

There is so much evidence now that we live in an illusion but still the core of physicists cling to the dream that they will pen the 'theory of everything'. Not going to happen.
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