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Started by Marianna, November 16, 2021, 09:32:11 AM

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Hi Deb and ALL,

I noticed that recently more and more movies appear - about dream state, after life, time, and so on.
I cannot even say, I watch a lot of movies of this sort, but I noticed.
Well, check this one out. It has the Groundhog concept, but a different look at it.

I also noticed :) my different taste in entertainment - hardly ever watching earlier favorite dramas and murder mysteries. And switched mostly to comedies, feel good movies or classical audio books.

Strange things :)
Does anyone have similar experience? 
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Thanks for the heads up on the show. I did watch a trailer, it looks cute but also with some hints of some substance. Hard to beat Groundhog day though, it's a classic.

Lately I've been trying to lighten up my book/show/movie selections, I figure during these stressful times I need to avoid anything too negative. So.. yep.  ;D


You are right Deb! Lightening up entertainment :) in heavier times.

I didn't get the scientific part though - why people in the 'time loop' are awake and the rest - asleep.
There is also a cube inside a cube there. Cubes, numerous, inside a larger cube was something that Seth mentioned, explaining to us 5th dimension or smth. similar. :)
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I'm still holding out for Russian Doll Season 2.

"Russian Doll was one of many shows whose productions were halted by the COVID-19 quarantine back in March 2020. Production on the show began once again one year later in March 2021. According to an Instagram post by Natasha from June, the season finished filming and is currently in the editing stage."




Netflix. Have you not seen it? I thought you were part of that topic a couple of years ago, but I guess not.

It's very Sethian, sort of Groundhog Dayish, but with dark humor. I totally loved it.


Yes, Deb, I remember. The word Russian is in the title, how can I forget? I haven't tried it then, Maybe wasn't in the mood for dark humor :)
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