Balanced Relationships

Started by myststars, May 02, 2017, 12:04:11 PM

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QuoteOnce again, the Pleiadian energy is coming up to help humanity. This time, we explore the idea of what "balanced relationships" really means beyond a superficial level. This card represents the healing of an old Pleiadian wound that had to do with some habits and patterns their species had when it was young. One of these old habits was to focus their energy outward and away from themselves. This played out in various ways such as: trying to fix the lives of others, or being helpful to others at the expense of the self, or seeking comfort and an unrealistic utopian reality. All of these patterns came from their core patterns that we have explored in the past of never wanting to see the shadow and focusing on distractions so they never had to feel pain.

Many humans have learned that if these types of patterns are carried into interpersonal relationships, the relationship is usually doomed because one is not operating from an authentic expression. Humans will then end one relationship and begin another, but with the same underlying patterns intact. This continues until the person wakes up to the underlying patterns. Thus, the theme of "balanced relationships" in this card's energy is not referring to the superficial relationship between beings. Instead it refers to the deep core relationship with oneself.

Until a person goes deep within and sees oneself clearly without judgment, these patterns stay in place. But a miraculous energy shift happens when this process of clear seeing becomes the primary focus. At first, lots of old pain arises that is necessary to navigate. Eventually, if the inner work is done, the old pain releases and a picture of the true reality becomes more clearly focused. Usually, one then sees how they have treated themselves. Have they given in to the tyrant within them that is always seeking perfection and control? Have they given all their energy to others until they have nothing left for themselves? Have they befriended their shadow? And most of all, have they embraced their own magnificence from a universal (not egoic) point of view?

Once these aspects of the human self are seen without judgment, the crucial inner relationship begins forming. There are many ways to define this inner relationship. One might see it as the relationship between the human and the spiritual self. Or it can be defined as an integration of the masculine and the feminine. In many ways it is a divine marriage that occurs between previously separated inner parts that are now allowed to come home to wholeness.

This represents a pivotal point in spiritual development, because no longer can a person look to another person in a relationship to fulfill them. It now becomes clear that one has to look to oneself to become whole; from there, relationships of equals naturally develop. However, many people find this can also be a place of loneliness because in not seeking others to fulfill you, you learn to only accept relationships with those on the same path. You see that while you may walk in the world interacting with others, there is no need to tolerate relationships for the sake of pure companionship. You learn that the relationship you have with yourself is mirrored in the relationships you have with others. Thus, one must choose wisely indeed.

As the Pleiadians matured, they learned all of these lessons and eventually mastered the relationship art, both with others and with themselves. Humans have this potential as well, once you learn to disentangle yourself from the false notions of what relationships "should" be and learn to operate from your authentic selves. This card carries the energy of the 3rd era Pleiadians, which means that these relationship masters are assisting you with your awakening process as it relates to how you connect to others and yourself. There is still much work to do within yourselves before you see the full transformation in the outer reality. Be bold, have faith, and know that this path has been walked by others before you. They now guide you and help you to come home to yourselves.
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Very interesting! Thank for sharing!