Seth Quotes by Topic, Illustrated!

Started by DylansDad, December 09, 2021, 11:39:08 PM

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Hello Everyone,

This is Will Christie. I first read the published works of Jane Roberts as each hardcover came out in the 70's and early 80's. In early 2020, I began a personal commitment to read all the Seth channeled books again. I have partially completed that commitment, even thought I am a full time caregiver for my spouse, who has had Parkinsons for 17 years, suffers from Alzheimers, COPD and AFIB, among other ailments. This has become the major challenge of both our lives.

Nonetheless, I have slowly gone through online versions of the books, while keeping printed copies pristine. 

I discovered that the only way I could actually retain at least a percentage of the content was by making my study an interactive enterprise for myself. So instead of just reading and pondering, I began keeping online cliff notes on various topics. Then I discovered that it was fun to illustrate the points with photos and pictures (which I do NOT own) from the internet. Therefore, what could have been a relatively passive activity (of reading with much of the deep content floating out the top of my head!) became an active enterprise, as I worked on my cliff notes.

Now, I wish to share them with you. Perhaps someone will like them and benefit from yet another way to present the Seth Material.

Of course, nothing could compare with the brilliant work that brought us the online Seth Index.  By search word, you can pull up corresponding Seth quotes. This is genius!

What makes my little homespun activity possibly a small contribution is this:
1.I picked the Term used to organize the Seth quotes. In my version, the term I used does not have to appear in the actual quote. For example, I have used common metaphysical words like Akashic Records, Aura, and Out of Body Travel, although I do not think Seth used those common expressions. So perhaps you might find some material associated with my Terms that you won't find elsewhere because my Terms do not appear in the quotes (and therefore could not be retrieved online by those words).
2.I illustrate every page with paintings and drawings from the internet. I have no ownership of any of the illustrations, but hope using them will be acceptable because I have no commercial aspirations for this humble project. I created it for ME and now just offer it in case someone here might enjoy it.  Sometimes the illustrations are very reverent and serious. At other times, they are comical and frivolous.

OK. Now it is up to you. The address below will take you to a perfectly SAFE directory where the files are listed. Each is a PDF file. All topics are presented alphabetically, like a glossary. Due to the illustrations taking up file space, I needed to separate the files into various segments of the alphabet.
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Thanks. Will. I downloaded the first volume. It's a magnificent resource.

P.S. I have now downloaded volume 2. I liked the quote from "Nature of the Psyche" on "certain kinds of pain".

Volume 3: I like the dangerous and erroneous quote from C.S. Lewis (typical Christian): "No man knows how bad he is unless he has tried very hard to be good". My policy is, not to try very hard to be good,

Volume 4: "Ruburt has been reading Jung, though not consistently. The libido does not originate in the individual subconscious of the present personality. It originates instead in the energy of the entity and inner self, and is directed by means of the inner senses, outward so to speak, through the deeper layers of the individual subconscious mind, then through the outer or personal layers." (from "The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material" by Jane Roberts, Robert Butts)

Volume 5: "You are now poised, in your terms, upon a threshold from which the race can go many ways. There are species of consciousness. Your species is in a time of change. There are potentials within the body's mechanisms, in your terms, not as yet used. Developed, they can immeasurably enrich the race, and bring it to levels of spiritual and psychic and physical fulfillment. If some changes are not made, the race as such will not endure. (11:26.) This does not mean that you will not endure, or that in another probability the race will not — but that in your terms of historical sequence, the race will not endure." (from "The "Unknown" Reality, Volume One (A Seth Book)" by Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts)

Volume 6: "Truth contains no distortions, and this material with all my best efforts, and with yours, of necessity must contain distortions merely in order to make itself exist at all on your plane. I will never condone an attitude in which either you or Ruburt maintain that you hold undiluted truth through these sessions." (from "The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material" by Jane Roberts, Robert Butts)

How I understand this last quote is that Seth did not want the writings to be regarded as "Gospel truth". Some interpretation is necessary.
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Thanks DylansDad, I can't believe how much you've read in a relatively short period of time.

Thank you for this resource, I've downloaded them all and am looking forward to reading them.

a probable me

Thank you for this. I've really been enjoying reading the first one, and I think it's already been quite helpful.