2018 STARZ TV Series: "Counterpart"

Started by LarryH, December 28, 2021, 01:01:34 PM

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I just finished the first 4-episode DVD of this series. The world several years before has split into two probable worlds. Both worlds share the same past, but then go their separate ways, including each living person. There is a portal between these worlds, and both sides have some control over this portal. Rules are very strict as to who is allowed through, though it seems those rules can be broken. One world has sinister intentions toward the other. The one with sinister intentions is also being devastated with a world-wide pandemic, wearing masks, putting their hands under ultraviolet light, avoiding hand-shaking, social distancing when someone coughs (note, this is a 2018 series)! When someone crosses over, they sometimes meet their counterpart. In Sethian terms, these two versions of the same person would be probable selves, whereas I believe Seth would say that a counterpart would be a different person. I find the show fascinating so far. There are two seasons.

By the way, much of the first episode takes place in a hospital room with a woman attached to a ventilator that I designed.


Wow Larry, it sounds interesting, thanks for the heads up. I see it's included with my Amazon Prime, so I'll check it out. The trailer looked good, and Rotten Tomatoes gave it 100%. And a little synchronicity involving your respirator! The pandemic part seems creepy.

Have you seen this? It's from an old Simpsons episode, supposedly 10 years ago. The Simpsons has a reputation for predicting the future. ;D Hysterical, but also a little creepy. Spoiler: Pay attention to how the cats multiply. Too funny.