Started by Deb, February 24, 2022, 02:53:53 PM

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Just saw this on Facebook from Chris Galpin, the creator of Apparently he's been working on improvements to the database, and has released this new one. List of improvements from Chris:

Quote from: Chris GalpinHello group. 😊 I have a little treat for you: Search engine version 2.
Old one will remain live until this one has been tested for a while.

Here's a tiny list of improvements:
* full source formatting: underlined text!!!
* colored term highlighting
* proper noun capitalization in key-terms
* click key-term again to do a global search
* dark theme if your PC or phone is set to use dark themes
* session range search e.g. session:[300 to 350]
* three types of beautiful link previews for Facebook & elsewhere
* added books TSM & SDPC

This little upgrade took 410 hours. The code was old and stale, adding features "on top" would have only compounded issues—it needed a maintenance update. Then adding features was pleasant and easy.

Also there is a second announcement... but I will wait a day or two. 😉
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Quote from: Deb on February 24, 2022, 02:53:53 PMI have a little treat for you: Search engine version 2.

Thanks Deb, this is great. I searched findingseth for "universal consciousness":

And the new search engine:

The most obvious difference is the color highlighting in the new engine.

The new engine found the important Session 453, which was missed by the old engine:

"Any consciousness is therefore innately aware of its basic identity. The inner self knows what is behind the stars and planets that the eyes views, but the ego would be swept aside in panic. This system spoken of earlier, the sun and original 9 planets, in your terms, have long ago passed into and formed other universal systems. The whole cosmic structure however was the materialization of one original thought, for the thought, the real reality, must always exist before the representation of it.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

The subjective reality of one man, left alone in the universe, would emit enough energy to seed another. That sentence is not distorted."

—TES9 Session 453 December 4, 1968

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This is awesome good news!

Thanks for sharing Deb!  :)
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I'd love to use an offline version of this search engine. But I doubt that this is possible technically.


Quote from: steff74 on March 29, 2023, 05:33:53 PMI'd love to use an offline version of this search engine. But I doubt that this is possible technically.

Sure there is.
You would need all of the books in digital format, and all you need is a search engine. Tweeked to your standards. All linked on your hard drive instead of a website and online database.

All your digital books would have to be searchable.

I wish I had one myself. But mine would include all cd's too.
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I do have most if not all books in digital format. While I can search that directory for specific words or phrases, it will only tell me which books to look in—not as efficient as the online Seth search engine. Some day I'll get that master db together...


Yes, @Deb, "if this then that" will be required.  ;D
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