The moon and sun

Started by strangerthings, April 20, 2022, 05:45:53 PM

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Cd 29 track 1 , Seth talks A LOT about who Seth is. That the intellect and intuition are wedded as man and wife and are one. He goes on about how we have separated them and catgorized them. Karma, dogmas, denial.

".... you hear the words I speak and yet these words speak to you beyond the reality of the words. And the words are selves that wiggle within your being and that urge themselves to speak. Sounds you will not hear for centuries, as within your being the small fossil selves grow and look for the moon that is your brain and lie in inert desire beneath the sun that is your own being."

(......) fossils of your selves  that still in other terms contain memories of the selves that you are.  And as they wander In what seems to you to be a dark world As they seek toward a sun that in other terms is your brain as they wander over unknown cliffs in dark worlds seeking for recognition. So do you now wander within worlds of greater selves that you are...Seeking for the rays of other suns that are the brains of your own greater being."
-Cd 29 track 1

"You are not nonbeings in a god dream. You  speak and the God listens. You ARE the God that listens from you ...THAT God ...THAT all that is... learned what is happening in your corner of reality. You send messages through a fabric of time and space that is a FABRIC ..In those terms only now,THAT God  [,,,,,,] as again the smallest cell In your finger or toe send back messages to You as to what is happening in that corner of your universe and you ...even if unconsciously make adjustments and changes so you send back messages in those terms only now and using that analogy, to that God as to what is happening in that corner of the universe and he or she or it, makes adjustments accordingly. Only you at your present state are not aware of the reality. The joyous intimate alive BE of the cell within your toe. It escapes your notice.  You are not aware. You take its being for granted.   Without at all understanding it's reality. But again in those terms the Godhead of which you are a part of is aware of your being and your reality and takes your messages seriously. And so there is a constant give-and-take in which your reality constantly changes the reality of the Godhead or Godbody of which you are a part. You are not closed in. Can this energy be closed in? And can you possibly hear this voice and not recognize it as your own?

He goes on talking about fossil selves finding translation of your being and this voice (Seths) being a liberation of your fossil selves then he talk about the moon in your brain and the sun that is your being after a little bit more talking About how we ....: "you ignore cells within as minute and grant to them none of the functions of creativity and development that are your own.  Yes... let them flicker out one by one and let them commit suicide or drop off of the edges of their own existence . And what happens to the proud moon of your brain.  in your terms. Their existence is sacred as is your own. "

(......) he goes on to talk about the archaeology of our being and the mental civilizations that are our heritage and our birthright.

[,,,,,,] I dont know what this word is sounds like beeging , begin ?! lol I dont have my transcript here right now. 

Now "the moon and sun of your brain and of your being" is mentioned in a couple other cds....

He also in track 2 mentions that we are dreaming of our entity and our entity is dreaming of us and same with the smallest cell in our toe, that it dreams of us and creates reality and we dream of it and create reality and both are creating reality as they do this.

Seth says consciousness is where you are looking. He doesn't say it in the cd but he does say that in other areas.

This cd is.... AWESOME
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"Be yourselves and do yourselves "Just honor"..  and doing yourselves "Just honor" do you give direction to selves yet unborn to fossils that are thoughts still unfreed from your own mind. And enjoy yourselves and the gods of your being in which you are forever safely. "

-cd29 track 1
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