Sun and /or moon worship

Started by strangerthings, April 20, 2022, 05:26:52 PM

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I've listened to this cd so much that I have an idea about "sun worship ". I don't think it's worship at all hearing and reading all of this I think it is a respect for our greater selves. A respect of our own being that BE BEING.

This is why when they wake up one of the first things they do for example the people that I know in Peru that I posted about on this forum... They greet the sun with respect and joy and love every morning. People of many ancient cultures have done this and the people who do not understand what is going on claim it as worship or they do understand what it is and well I'm not gonna get into that lol

The moon, deserves our love and attention because perhaps it is a collection of our ignored parts that are flickering out one by one and committing suicide. I realize that Gurdjieff (sp) says the moon is a collection of negative energy but I don't think that's the case according to Seth here. What I am understanding in this material at the current moment is that I think they are like unfreed thoughts of our mind that are ignored.

 ..: "you ignore cells within as minute and grant to them none of the functions of creativity and development that are your own.  Yes... let them flicker out one by one and let them commit suicide or drop off of the edges of their own existence . And what happens to the proud moon of your brain.  in your terms. Their existence is sacred as is your own. "
Cd 29 track 2

He uses the word "THEIR" existence is sacred.
He is referring to the ignored cells that we grant no life to. 

SO...... what are the cells we are ignoring?!
Skin cells flicker off one by one.... is that it? He does mention however they are the ignored cells within.

What cells do we ignore within?
If we stopped ignoring them what would the moon be? A second sun?


Just pondering....