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Started by Mark M, May 08, 2022, 09:23:27 AM

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Mark M

On Monday, November 16, 2015 6:58 AM, Mary Dillman wrote:

Mark and Sue,

It appears that the Seth III level was impossible to translate.

Jane discussed a Seth III experience in the June 26, 1973 class.

Unfortunately, that discussion was not on the transcript that I have.

However, I found and transcribed this from one of the tapes I have.

(Sue: it was on Wade's CD 24B, Tr 2). (I believe Rick Stack has released

this on a CD and I don't have his copies - it's possible that he

included it on that CD and the related transcript. If you have it, Mark

could you check it out for me?)

The experience that Jane relates in her class happened when a group

visited from Rochester. I have tapes from their visits but this one was

missing - someone borrowed it years ago and didn't return it. I haven't

been able to track it down....

*/([Jane:] ...Because I couldn't translate what I was getting. It started

out at the Seth II level after Seth had spoken for a while. It said, "We

are Seth and we speak to those portions of your being who have not known

physical lives or rather we speak for those portions that have not known

physical lives. For each of you have counterparts who are aliens to

physical reality and those counterparts watch. Those counterparts helped

form your system and seeded your entities which has grown apart from

ours, though still belonging to them. We have a different reality yet we

keep in touch with you. Translations are difficult. Your emotions are

like flowers from your being, springing from your being, alien to us.We

marvel..." something, she couldn't get all of it. Then this is my, what I

was saying. I'm getting something beyond this, I don't know how to get

through. If I get this through I'm going to shit. I'm trying to get it

translated I can't get, I can't get. I can get now, eye. A simple eye.

And there's pupils with pupils within pupils. But the eye speaks, that's

e-y-e. And I can't get what the eye looks like, there's something

beyond. I have to sit back up, try to get to that pyramid again. I'm

afraid I'm going to get into some kind of crazy sound thing and I don't

know how deal with it. Rob said it was Seth II? No, no. [Tape stopped.])/*



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In the Preface to /Adventures in Consciousness/, in a single sentence,

Jane refers to achieving the Seth III state twice.

Have either of you ever seen anything further on this?

Perhaps, for one thing her experience here did not involve any dictation.


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It's interesting you bring this up now Mark, because I just recently (like 3 days ago) finished proofreading Mary's interview of Marge Hopkins, member of the Rochester Seth Group (excerpt below), and she also mentions Seth III coming thru a couple of times. It's a real shame that part of the recording went missing from the tape. Hopefully some day it will turn up. Most of the people Mary interviewed are dead now, and who knows what happened to their Seth-related treasures.

I also brought up part of that quote briefly here, but the quote I had was shorter and it was attributed to Seth II (from Richie's presentation notes), so I decided to do some digging. It took some time, OneDrive's search engine sucks, but... this is what I found. Reading it again, it actually sounds to me like it was Seth II speaking and then Jane, as hard as she tried, could only get a visual from Seth III.

What I don't understand is whether Marge's tape is the same as Wade's tape (such as a copy). It would be doubly strange if they were in fact different recordings but both have Seth 3-related audio missing. I'll look into that. Marge had her own Rochester Group Class recordings, but she also would come down to Elmira for some of the Thursday classes. I suspect the tape Marge mentions is a copy from a regular class.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
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Mark M

Thanks, Deb.

I was asked on FB Messenger:

'How many times did Jane Channel Seth 2 in the all the various books?'

I replied:

'I don't have a number, but some in the ESP class, some in Speaks, some in pers or deleted sessions. There was an unrecorded Seth III brief "session."'

That had me dig up my Mary Dillman reply.

If anyone has an answer to his Q, let me know.



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