Seth's sensitivity class: Secrets!

Started by strangerthings, May 06, 2022, 04:56:55 AM

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I don't think modern day sensitivity training and Seth's sensitivity training are at all in the same league! LOL

Ya'll go first  :P
I am however thinking what I have as a secret lol  ???
I am a fairly open individual... hmmmmmmmmm Or so I think but heck maybe I am not lol

He does say they do not have to be negative.


I stopped wearing make up ? lol because initially I was protesting my ex husband's wandering eye and I thought of myself as a beautiful woman and also because he did not ever want to do with me things I wanted to do and yet would do all this neat stuff with other people. I felt very insecure later in our marriage because he was an asshole. Hahaha yep I did that. BUT then I enjoyed it so much that I continued because it was sooooooo freeing! lol Then I just did not care anymore! Every now and then I find myself wondering if I look better with it or without it lol I have been known to put mascara and a tiny bit of blush and some lip gloss or chapstick on when I am a little sad and I am meeting up with family. That way I can hide!  And I also found that I hid with makeup and hid without it!

Oh my gawd lol


Well wow. I feel a little funny now lol

Screw it lets see where this goes!


– The Early Class Sessions: Book 3 Sessions 1/5/71 to 5/18/71
– ESP Class Session, March 2, 1971 Tuesday

[... 65 paragraphs ...]

I suggest now that when I am finished, for a preliminary starter, each of you tell a secret. Now you may have told this secret to your mate or to those closest to you or you may not have, but one that is not known to the world at large. And in a preliminary step in expressing modesty in this room, and in expressing your own experience and feeling, each of you, therefore, tell a secret and put your beliefs into action. Now some of you will doubtlessly choose secrets that are meaningless but even this is a beginning. I suggest, however, that you choose meaningful secrets for you will benefit. And when I run sensitivity sessions I do not fool around.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

...that I know your secrets and I will be interested in how long it takes each of you to get to them. No pressure is being exerted, however.

([Gert:] "If we feel that we give our secret honestly, would you let us know whether or not that's it?")

Why should I let you know. If you give your secrets honestly you know what they are and when they are given.

Now you can feel free at this time to pass, but you cannot always pass. What I want you to do is to admit here the things that are important to you that you have not told. That is important to you, not to me, and not to anyone else in the room, but it is highly important to you. You all have more than one secret and there will be plenty of time for the rest of them and then you can dance through the grasses and I will lead you with a merry flute, indeed; and then you will not need me to lead you with a merry flute, for you will hear your own music and be able to follow it. These secrets, you know, very important to you, very important to you, are very jovial in the nature of All That Is and hardly significant in the nature of reality. Their importance is only in the secrecy that you have maintained and their charge only in the secrecy that you have maintained. It is time, you see.

[... 15 paragraphs ...]

Now my sensitivity session with you has barely begun but we will continue at another time and I will not be satisfied with these tidbits that you have thrown out for me. You are so negatively oriented that you automatically think your secrets must be negative ones, you see, and you think of them in negative terms where they are not negative. This has to do with the charge that you have built up about them. They are not negative. You hide them because you think they are. When you feel free to realize they are creative you will feel free to release them. And until you feel free you may keep your silence.


Edited to add:

I honestly did not even remotely think I would actually tell a secret!  I posted this because I never knew there was a session like this! That took me half an hour to come up with a secret hahahaha

What a discovery! I am seeing things I really never thought about in this way.  Good golly!
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I seem to recall reading that session, and there was a LOT of discomfort around participating. At least Seth didn't say,"tell your BIGGEST secret or else"! Talk about being vulnerable... I'm thinking of Brené Brown's Daring Greatly, here—she's terrific in explaining why we need the courage to be vulnerable. In the right circumstances. Such as NO ONE needs to go on social media and start opening themselves up to the piranhas there.  ;D


I enjoyed doing it here lol

After I wrote it I saw so many strings attached to it. Strings of beliefs. It was rather freeing.

Its not that deep of a secret though.

I have some I would never say here  ;D

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