Using Your Subconscious Ability: Tricks and Simple Suggestions

Started by strangerthings, May 30, 2022, 01:08:57 PM

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TES 4 Session 177

    "There are some very simple suggestions that I can give to our confused Jesuit that may be of some help.
    "These are tricks known to both Joseph and Rubert, that quite beneficial for all of that. You may give directions to your subconscious when you are in your normal waking state, and it will follow them. You may for example suggest before sleeping that the next day, while you are involved in your working situation, the subconscious will be involved in working out designs for you for your own projects.
    "This will give you the satisfaction of making the time twice as valuable. You can indeed suggest to the subconscious that it carry on in such a manner regardless of your conscious concern. As a result the ego can apply itself to the job at hand while the subconscious works for you and your inner purposes. This is very practical, and works without much difficulty.
    "You may give any suggestions and they will be followed. Do not however strain yourself trying to figure out whether or not the suggestions are being followed. Give them, then turn your attention to other matters. You may obviously also direct your subconscious to react only to constructive suggestions from any source. This is in fact an excellent habit to cultivate."
    "There are many ways in which you can use these tricks to your advantage. I do not exaggerate when I tell you that one simple psychic manipulation can save you much difficulty. It sounds more difficult however than it is."

    "You can learn, even a Jesuit can learn, to change the focus of your attention within seconds. Practice is all that is required, but the practice itself will show results. When you fear any difficulty with your particular physical problem, you can immediately turn your awareness away. This is no Pollyanna gibberish."
    "As soon as your focus of awareness is switched the physical symptoms vanish. It requires a knack, but it is simpler than it sounds, and you can master it. This only requires that you give suggestions to your subconscious. Tell it that it knows how to perform this manipulation, and suggest that it do so the next time you are in difficulty."
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This is heavy stuff.
I thought around how I would address my subconscious.
Dear subconscious, I want you to manipulate the psyche. You know what I mean. Just tell it that every thing is just fine. And oh, I forgot to tell you that under no circumstances you have to listen to strange suggestions. Just keep it the way we do it. And if my shoulder gives me trouble I want you to shift my focus on rearranging my living room. Thank you. I love you.

This might actually work...


I would, if I may, suggest instead of saying "strange" say constructive. Many things might seem strange to you but are beneficial and constructive.

Instead of saying, "manipulate", maybe leave that out altogether.

You want mutual integrity at all times. Flow is healing.

Work with some phrases that gear you toward a 10. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest of integrity.

When the energy brings a smile to your "heart" and within you, I think you are on your way to a more beneficial outcome.

An example only:

"My dearest subconscious, (or whatever)

I want you to consctructively turn my attention away from focusing on my shoulder when I think of its pain.

When I am feeling stressed out and worried I want you to give me suggestions on things I enjoy or bring my attention to something else constructive."


"Tonight in my sleep I want my inner self to heal my shoulder."

"Tonight in my sleep, I want a dream as to why my shoulder hurts."


My name is ________, and this is my body. I was not born with this pain in my shoulder and it has my full permission to leave now.


Doro you might find pain somewhere else if the problem is not noticed or resolved as to its cause. This is why I suggested the "show me the cause" in the dream state.

It may not show in a dream and it might through persistence of desire to know, and perhaps it will show itself to you at some point afterwards.

It might be telling you to relax or slow down. We need our shoulders to move arms and lift and hold things. Maybe you carry too much weight psychologically? Maybe you think caring for others feels like sacrifice. Honestly I do not know.  I have a few experiences from others with certain symptoms and certain issues and I am going off of those.

Also the saying "I have too much weight on my shoulders" is a psychological expression.

Forgiving yourself also and to relax. We can be so hard on ourselves when we carry guilt or anger toward ourselves also.

After all we are our own harshest judge, jury and executioner. Sometimes our inner conversations sound like a prosecuting attorney lol

I am again throwing some mud on the wall. Seeing what might stick.

You might simply need to treasure yourself to a relaxing massage session as reward for your new steps in life and how far you have come! Celebrate YOU. And give thanks to YOU.  :) This often becomes overlooked! And YOU DESERVE IT.
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Thank you for your answers. You hit successfully with both of your posts when throwing mud on the wall 😊.
Without going into details I found that I am walking around with cognitive limits, like blinkers we see on horses.
I feel somewhat hampered in the use of simple suggestions stated by Seth.
Of course it is with all things we learn, I have to practice.
I perceive the whole dream - and unconscious world super interesting and mysterious. It feels like my mind can't grasp it because it doesn't have the tools. At the same time my desire to dive into it is very big.
This is why your suggestions helps me a lot to get a start on things.
I remember learning English at school at the first time and the sound of the language and how it felt. This is simular. So I know you give suggestions and it's funny how everything is fitting.
As I understand more and more how to use the "instruction manual" through your translation I am able to go on.

Sometimes simple explanations are making my day.

You wrote :
After all we are our own harshest judge, jury and executioner. Sometimes our inner conversations sound like a prosecuting attorney lol

And how right you are!
I can't remember saying to myself : oh that was really good, you are doing well.

I am very curious how it is going on applying your suggestions. I already writing down my dreams but I didn't pay attention every night before sleeping what I think or talk with my subconscious. New journal. New approach.

Thank you for your time and very helpful input!!!

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