The nature of identity; dependence and independence; expansion

Started by inavalan, August 06, 2022, 12:09:04 AM

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Quote from: TES6 #273The nature of identity is strongly dependent upon the innate ability to draw upon, utilize and direct psychic energy.

There are as I have told you no limitations to the self. It grows by growing, and by constant use of its abilities. It can be said that all consciousnesses and all identities are but one. This in no way negates the existence of any given identity however. All identities are more dependent upon each other, and yet more independent, than you imagine.

Various aspects of the personality exist whether or not you are aware of their existence. When you do become aware of their existence, your awareness in no way negates their independence. You simply expand psychically. Portions of the self live a more or less independent existence, both while the dominant personality sleeps and is awake.

When and if the dominant personality becomes aware of this situation, it automatically expands. It consciously contains experience that was previously subconscious. Now. The inner ego is quite familiar with the existence of the physically-oriented ego, but the physically-oriented ego is not usually familiar with its inner counterpart.

When through training the ego becomes more aware of this inner self, the whole personality benefits. The whole self as it exists at any given time can be glimpsed through studying the actions of the physically-oriented ego, as seen in physical manipulation, and in studying the activities of the inner ego as seen in dream experiences. Obviously some training is necessary before this can be achieved.

Later you may be able to follow this inner self even while the physical ego operates in its normal manner, but this is much more difficult if overall personality balance is to be maintained. It should be fairly obvious that identity hardly resides exclusively within the physically-oriented ego. In one sense, identity is always a becoming, and it can never be a static, finished thing. For it knows itself through change, and that which is finished cannot change.

You see I would like you eventually to progress to a point where you can manipulate almost as freely within nonphysical reality as you do within physical reality. And of course be conscious or aware of the experience.
Although I don't always write it explicitly, it should be inferred that everything I post is "my belief", "my opinion" on that subject, at that moment.