Scientific experiments for dream existence, What REM is

Started by strangerthings, September 09, 2022, 01:16:17 PM

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Scientist examining for dreams

"With yourself and Ruburt, I was amused to think that a scientist was conducting experiments on a serious level in order to discover whether or not dreams actually exist.

This is indeed an example of an endeavor of this sort that is too often carried on, with energy expended in the search for a reality that is known by any nincompoop to exist.

The reality of dreams themselves can only be investigated through direct contact. Their reality cannot be probed by scientific devices, for dreams in this respect are as nebulous as the spirit, or soul, or inner self. Dreams are directly experienced. They have no meaning outside of their relationship with the personality.

As far as your system is concerned, they cannot be suddenly made flesh, to dwell among you. REM sleep or no REM sleep, your dreams exist constantly, beneath consciousness, even in the waking state.  The personality is constantly affected by them. Their existence has its own dimension which is connected to the physical organism. It is impossible to deprive a human being of dreams, for even though you deprive him of sleep, this necessary mental function will be carried on subconsciously.

Dreams are an example of mental activity that has its origin within the physical organism, but exists in a dimension which is not mainly physical. Dreams are an example of the inner self's basically independent nature.

The eye movements noted in the beginning of REM sleep are only indications of dream activity that is closely connected to the physical layers of the self. These periods mark not the onset of dreams, but the return of the personality from deeper layers of dream awareness to more surface areas."

- The Early Sessions Book 4, Session 194

I found this to be quite informative and freeing. There have been many experiments done to test dream states etc but here as we can see Seth calls them "nincompoops". Dreams can ONLY be investigated via direct contact!

I can't tell you how many experiments I have seen where the investigators say "oh they are now dreaming because they are in REM sleep." Well now we know it is nonsense. I will take this a step further and say all dream measuring devices are included here such as measuring your waves to determine what sleep dream state you are in and what it means. Apparently these scientists are nincompoops.  ;D
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