Telluric energy currents

Started by strangerthings, September 09, 2022, 02:01:41 PM

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My theory is that it is a give and receive system. As above so below. So-to-speak.

Simulataneous system of free energy.

I also theorize that megalithic structures were built to harness this energy, as well as gothic churches and many old world "castles and mansions" and were meant not for selfish gain but for energy for agriculture and living well and independently so!

Why we use "windmills" ( ugly harmful murdering beasts),
solar ( the acids to wash clean the panels are so harmful to our earth system) and
electric vehicles (which take GAS to charge and can be remotely controlled) is beyond me.

A system of telluric energy seems to me a MUST in exploration of use! These energies are not only collected from Earth but also the constellations which is no surprise to me that many old world megalithic structures are aligned to certain constellations as well as cascade churches and living water monasteries are also built on top of these currents. Who removed them, destroyed them and remodeled them and WHY!!!! Many people displaced where once they had beautiful public gardens now owned by the world's "elitist nincompoops"!! Many living water sites now have flouride running through them!

Give and receive!

Here is a link on telluric energy:
(Copy and paste into browser without quotes)
" telluric"

Here is a video discussing telluric energy:

(MANY successful experiments have been done so just look up telluric energy currents in your favorite search engine and explore this unique energy.)

Other unique people to explore are Eric Dollard and Bruce Cathie and of course many independent inventors.
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