First dream of the night

Started by inavalan, September 21, 2022, 11:02:05 PM

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Quote"Now we all know that various kinds of experimentation is being done, are being done, concerning the dream state. However, very little work, if any, is being carried on along the lines I am about to suggest.

Ruburt's dream notebook has come along very well. In most cases however he writes down only those dreams which he remembers upon awakening. Suggestion will allow him, or will allow you Joseph, to awaken yourself as soon as a dream is completed.

The dream will be fresh. If your recorder is suitably situated with the microphone easily at hand, then you can speak your dream with less effort than is required to write it down. Of course records should be kept. The simplest part of the experiment will involve the use of self-suggestion in dream recall.

The number of remembered dreams should be much higher than your present system allows. There are some interesting elements however that I want you to look out for. I will not tell you much about them however, since your own minds should be free, and you should come to your own conclusions.

I would suggest however that the first recalled dream for any given evening be compared with the first recalled dream from other evenings, that the second recalled dream from any one evening be compared with the second dream from other evenings, and so forth. This should prove highly interesting, and if such experiments are carried on consistently over a period of years, then the results could lead to excellent evidence for the various layers of the subconscious and the inner self, of which I have spoken for so long.

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Particular notice should also be taken of characters and settings, and the approximate period of history in which the dream action occurs. If a dream seems to occur in no specific location and in no particular time, then these facts should also be noted."

—TES5 Session 206 November 8, 1965

I write down most of the dreams I recall, as well as their interpretation and guidance.

I noticed that my first dream occurs inside the first 20 minutes from falling asleep, and almost always has similar characteristics: same of similar location or layout, crowded with many characters, some known others not, agitation, an uncomfortable feeling or anguish.

I understand that it is my subconscious' symbolic interpretation of my leaving the telepathic network I focus during my awake state, and my transitioning through several states until reach a sleep state. I often briefly wake up after this first dream.
Although I don't always write it explicitly, it should be inferred that everything I post is "my belief", "my opinion" on that subject, at that moment.