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This subject is like the chicken and the egg. But what people forget is that even the egg is a precise set of frequencies that had to start with one before the two began. Seth would call this ONE the idea.
What is the one? Our nonlocal reality or heaven or god or all that is or our source--where we vibrate as energy beings BEFORE initiating the steps to get here. You name it. Yet, since there is no time, this initiation is happening now. This initiation IS the big bang!!! We are full of big bangs.

Since writing on this site in February I have read a few more books. Everything on this earth that vibrates has to come bursting forth from the one before it becomes the frequency of two.

Just read The Quantum World by Ford. Highly interesting that this physicist uses the word magical to describe the constant bursting forth of quarks which are actually the rotating basis for the protons and neutrons. He describes our multidimensionality as superposition--the mixing of many different states of motion within an electron or the whole atom. He says "what is the momentum of an electron? It is a mixture of frequencies and each one is different. The very act of measurement selects one among the many mixed momenta. This is where superposition and probability join hands. They are stirred together with different amplitudes, one for each momentum. The electron literally has all the momenta at once. If your head were an electron, it would be spinning simultaneously in opposite directions, along any axis you wish to choose." "a Single electron or photon can be moving in two or more different ways at the same time."

He says "It's like a grand game of hide-and-seek. The moment the system is observed, one component of the mixture is magically extracted while the other components equally magically, vanish. Which component manifests itself is governed by probability--the fundamental probability that is part of the quantum world."
He says "According to the inverse square law, the electric field of force gets larger and larger as the distance from the particle gets smaller, reaching infinity when the distance reaches zero." So infinity is the nucleus where the proton is-- which he says has a life of 10 to the 25th power in years! Yet people still think that they die.
The photon is a fundamental particle of truly zero mass and zero size and is a force carrier for electromagnetism. It is a point of light. The universe is filled with low energy photons, the cosmic background radiation left over from the big bang. Which Seth would say is now.
So the constant pulsating of everything is the magic. That is constant creation. We are constantly choosing to be here with the force of our intents. We are the force, the gluons, that keep the protons and neutrons and electrons in the mixture which is our bodies. This Harvard physicist is saying that we are magical. Wow. And still people think that they die.
Of course this physicist mentions nothing about Seth. He doesn't know where energy comes from, but at least he says everything rotates. But it is great how he explains the red and green and blue quarks as points of light that are constantly rotating as force carriers. Every time a quark interacts with a gluon, the quarks color changes. Funny how physicists still must hang on to mass even though quarks are points of light. This author says quarks possess mass, color spin, electric charge and incessantly emit and absorb gluons. And gluons are points of light with color and no mass. An atom contains dozens of particles, all in a mad dance of motion, creation and annihilation.
He writes "The red quark emits a red-antiblue gluon, becoming a blue quark. This blue quark absorbs a green-antiblue gluon to become a green quark. A blue quark absorbs the red antiblue gluon to become a red quark. A green quark emits a green antiblue gluon to become a blue quark. This dance  of emission, absorption, and exchange of color happens billions of times each second." That's us !!!!

J.J. Thomson discovered the electron in 1897 as a point of light. Electrons emit light when they jump from one quantum state of motion to another. They live forever. They are fundamental and have nothing to change in to.
And still people think that they die.

A quantum jump is really a mini explosion in which what was there before vanishes, to be replaced by what is there after. Sounds like THE big bang to me.

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It is more like 0 and 1

They exist together simultaneously as ONE and are TWO


E=MC2 is the same as saying 2CM=E which is something from "nothing" or physical life forms from the unseen reality.

And 2 is TWO is OWT

and 2 is B is Be which mirrors Ebb as in the ebb (B) and flow (R). Contraction and Expansion. BiRth. BaRd. BReak (water breaks).

and 2 is B which is Isis (Imagination, Unseen in physical reality) pregnant with Horus

which is also Unseen reality pregnant with all possible anythings.

Horus would be akin to the Inner Child and the T is the cross you bear  (physical life) as in OW T (puns!) as well but that is a different topic.

Multidimensional Parental Properties is what I call this. Simply because the O and A or the 0 and 1 are not only parents but all things mimmick this so far that I have had the honor of experiencing and learned. As with the 1, it is also each one of us and all of us and oven thoughts or beliefs, and the O or the 0 (letter or number) is the Unseen reality and our physical atmosphere and even All That Is.

So there are concepts within concepts much like dreams within dreams.

(These I have yet to disprove and I have tried and it fits the Seth Material so very spot on)
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