Probabilities, murderers, victims, and the beliefs involved

Started by inavalan, October 15, 2022, 02:20:42 AM

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Quote"If you do not have questions I will end the session.
("Do you want to say something about my dream, in which I get shot?")
It was, as I believe Ruburt has mentioned, a result of deep contemplation on your part about the bookstore murder, but in a larger context, involving probabilities, murderers, victims, and the beliefs involved.

The men were all united—that is, they agreed to the circumstances. No one was trying to run away, and in a way the murderer was performing a service. Any violence or hatred serves a purpose beyond itself, so that man in a way often performs services of which he is not consciously aware.

I am not saying that man is being manipulated, but that in a larger framework, even his seemingly evil acts have constructive meaning. A man who kills with hatred will have his hatred to contend with, but he is not able to kill anyone who has not decided to die—and to die in a particular manner; that is, someone who wants his death blamed on another, who would not commit suicide, who would not choose a long illness—someone who is ready to die but does not want to deal with the circumstances, and wants indeed to be surprised by death.

Now: in those terms, and in the terms of this discussion, specifically, all assassins are paid assassins hired by the victims. Again, in the terms of this discussion, many murderers are overwhelmed by a sense of guilt, and the murderous act pinpoints the reason for the guilt—so the victim pays the murderer by giving a clear-cut, unassailable reason for a monstrous guilt that was before formless, and even more frightening, since it seemed to have no particular base, but an overwhelming vitality.

Now all of those issues, in one way or another appeared in your dream, where for the sake of understanding you became the victim. You then discovered that you were still "alive"—as of course the murdered victim does.

Many such people feel before death that the body is a shell from which death will free them—and here you have a verbal symbol: the shell of the body, with a gun shell, and the soul being propelled out of the body, though that was not part of the dream. But if there is order to being, then there is order—and even the most chaotic-seeming episodes must and do have a larger meaning, and a constructive purpose.

End of session."

—TPS5 Deleted Session September 20, 1978
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Although I don't always write it explicitly, it should be inferred that everything I post is "my belief", "my opinion" on that subject, at that moment.


An interesting relation of information.

The most important and useful point is that the murdered has agreed to be murdered by the murderer.

Seth has provided an example of how it might occur. But many many different circumstances exist beyond someone simply wanting to die.

And the example has a point that should be contemplated. If someone wants another to murder them so they don't have to commit suicide, and people create their own reality, then the person is still committing suicide.

Seth was responding specifically to her request about her dream. The answer should be taken in the specific and not the general.

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