Karma according to Gary Zukav and Stephen Hawley Martin

Started by Sena, December 06, 2022, 04:02:06 AM

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These are two writers who are very hot on the topic of karma.
This is a quote from The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav:
"The law of karma is an impersonal energy dynamic. When its effects are personalized, that is, experienced from the point of view of the personality, they are experienced as a reversal in the direction, a coming back to the intender, of the energy of his or her intention.....The person who intends hatred for others experiences the intention of hatred from others. The person who intends love for others experiences the intention of love from others, and so forth. The Golden Rule is a behavioral guide that is based upon the dynamic of karma. A personalized statement of karma would be, "You receive from the worldwhat you give to the world."
Karma is not a moral dynamic. Morality is a human creation. The Universe does not judge. The law of karma governs the balancing of energy within our system of morality and within those of our neighbors. It serves humanity as an impersonal and Universal teacher of responsibility."

The following is Stephen Hawley Martin on karma:
"Let us now consider the process of evolution of a human soul. When a new human soul starts out, the number of foolish or evil actions, thoughts and words the soul is responsible for far exceeds those of the good variety. This is understandable. It is also where the law of karma comes into play, as a basic learning tool provided by the universe. According to the law of karma, which boils down the law of cause and effect, every thought, word or deed must produce a definite result, good or bad, and the result must be felt by the person responsible. Experiencing the law of karma is one of the ways we learn. It is one reason many lives in physical form are necessary. We usually do not live long enough for all our acts and deeds to play out in a single life." (from "Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? Elon Musk & Nick Bostrom Think It's Likely: Life After Death Book Three (Life After Death Books 3)" by Stephen Hawley Martin)

Kindle edition: https://amzn.eu/bOVncms

Seth/Jane roberts says something similar, but each writer has a different emphasis:

"Nor does karma say anything about an eye for an eye, nor is there in karma any suggestion of punishment. Karma is merely in the physical plane, the result of personal development, and represents the maturing realization that we are all psychically and physically part of All There Is, and that when we wound, it is not another that we wound but ourselves." (from "The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material" by Jane Roberts, Robert Butts)

Kindle edition: https://amzn.eu/1G12uwQ
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Karma is one of those subjects that many people believe they understand, and share their beliefs with the conviction that it is the truth. :)

I pretty much side with Seth on this subject. Obviously, different people understand Seth's words differently.

I find the following quotes quite clear, especially the longer quote:


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Although I don't always write it explicitly, it should be inferred that everything I post is "my belief", "my opinion" on that subject, at that moment.


I've gotten to the point where I think I understand/embrace Seth's explanation of Karma. Seth never appeared judgmental to me and I've felt that ATI and reality are not as well. There's no payback or punishment involved, it's a matter of developing understanding and empathy through a wide range of personal experiences. We demonstrate we don't relate to something, so we experience it to develop an understanding. We learn.

Very nice validations or interpretations from Zukav and Martin. Karma to me is a sort of built-in self-leveling tool. As Zukav wrote, "Morality is a human creation. The Universe does not judge." That feels so right to me.

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